Three Sisters Stew Recipe With Tomatoes

Three Sisters Stew

Three Sisters stew is filled with the protein, fiber, and vitamins that are necessary to keep the body strong for homesteading or survival homesteading chores. This ancient Iroquois recipe was created to make use of every last ounce of a bountiful harvest from their traditional garden guild growing methods. The Three Sister Garden provides all … Read more Three Sisters Stew Recipe With Tomatoes

Survival Crackers Recipe and History

survival cracker

Doomsday crackers, or survival crackers, as they are sometimes called, were created during the Cold War era after extensive research by the federal government. These shelf stable crackers are somewhat like hardtack crackers on steroids. Making and preserving your own crackers will provide a nutrient-rich and inexpensive food source that can be plucked from the … Read more Survival Crackers Recipe and History

Cardamom Honey Coffee Recipe – Quick and Easy

cardamon coffee

This recipe makes a very strong, sweet coffee. The preparation method below is with a French press, which is my favorite method of brewing coffee. A French press consists of an outer shell, a carafe which fits into the shell, and a lid with a filter screen plunger attached. The ground coffee is infused into hot … Read more Cardamom Honey Coffee Recipe – Quick and Easy

Delicious Mocha Coffee Recipe

mocha coffee featured

So easy to prepare and so good. Accompaniments sliced oranges chocolate cake Origins Café mocha, or chocolate coffee has been around since chocolate was brought to Europe from the Americas. Coffee and chocolate have an affinity for each other; the flavors blend with each other and complement each other. The term mocha originally referred to … Read more Delicious Mocha Coffee Recipe