The Fate Of Ms. Porkchop

I’m sure some of you guys have been wondering what ever happened with Ms. Porkchop. She was scheduled to go to the butcher this past Monday. Well, unfortunately for us, and fortunately for her, we were unable to get our hands on a trailer to haul her in.

So, here she is, enjoying another day and another watermelon, completely oblivious to her pending doom. Guess we’ll have to wait till we can track down a trailer before we can take her anywhere.

But you know… you guys are gonna think I’ve lost my mind… we are actually considering just selling her. Yes, after all of this work, and all of the lip smacking thinking of the good eatin’ we’ll soon have… we are experiencing a possible change of heart. (Key word: possible.) Not because we feel bad eating that which we have raised, but for Spiritual reasons which we have begun to contemplate.

Perhaps I will write a post on this soon, after we have learned enough to have an opinion, and I will open the comments section up for discussion. But whatever we end up deciding, it’s looking like Ms. Porkchop is here to stay for a little while longer!

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  1. Diane – thank you so much for that last comment. I read the comments just to see what was up w/the pig and instead I think you have swung my focus right back on to my own life. I can identify w/all that you are saying…I have found myself complaining that my hubby doesn’t get into all this new stuff, but he gives it a chance b/c I have all this ‘research’ about why it’s better…I keep saying I want him to lead but then it’s me who is running out in front, dragging the family along…I needed to read what you wrote =) Thanks! I hope to re-adjust a few priorities…

  2. Not to stir up anything stinkier than Ms. Porkchop, but . . .

    One more thing ~ in our family, as well as the majority of the families that we know personally who are seeking to “get back under the law”; it is the wives who are leading the way. It starts innocent enough, as in seeking healthier alternatives in our diets, or trying to become that “meek and quiet” woman God wants us to be. Generally, the husbands want their wives to be happy and go along with whatever the wife’s new “revelation” is. The wife has these new “revelations” usually due to internet research or wanting to church with so and so and they do this; rarely Bibical study.

    Usually, because our poor dear husbands are tired from working hard all day to provide for his family and allow his wife to stay home with the kiddos; the husbands allow their wife to take the reins of spiritual leadership. A lot of the issues our family went through, was not because my husband felt led to make some changes. Instead, unfortunately, it was me pestering him and wearing him down about what he deemed was trivial issues, that he would “allow” me to make changes in “our rules” and then I could piously say that my husband “prefers” that I do so and so. Hindsight is 20/20. And all the time I was walking around telling extended family that we were not legalistic because we didn’t rely on these things for our salvation. Yeah right!

    We wives would do well to remember EVE was the one that was deceived.
    Just sayin’. : )

  3. I thought Diane’s entry was interesting, because I just read two testimonials online last night that sounded similar:


    “Thank you for your website.

    I want to tell the entire world what I have gone through the past three years…. to warn people of the occult calling themselves Messianic.

    I am Jewish (by birth, not by faith), but a born again believer. I was ensnared into the Messianic movement about three years ago, because I didn’t think there were any Jews in the world that had been ‘saved’ (had never met one, nor heard of any, until then). During these three years, I was under such bondage (following the dietary laws, the Feasts, the Sabbath), that ‘His’ yoke was not light, but became very heavy. I became trapped into legalism.

    Thank God Almighty, that He showed me mercy and love and opened my eyes to what I now know (the messy in the Messianic) religion is false religion and occultism. I could go on and on about the ‘rest of the details’ and of what I had to endure with the loss of blessings, no longer being under ‘His’ hand, that is, His protection, which meant being separated from the Almighty God, and being blinded by false teachings. This went on for three years! Curse after curse, I endured – believing I was in the right – how could the elect (the Christian) be fooled???

    I am not sure you will ever read my email, but I thank you, nevertheless, for your website. If only now, I could show it to my friends that are still in the Messianic movement…..they won’t believe, though, because no one ever believes me and they will remain, where I had been.

    It may take me a while, to un-learn and undo the false doctrine that has been penetrated into my mind (I would go so far as to say an attempt was made to try to make me accept the mark of the beast), so I do ask for your prayers (and also for my friends that are still involved in this ‘new age movement’), that I (and my friends) can break free from the harm and robbing of our lives that have taken place and will take place.

    In love and forever grateful.”


    “Praising the Messiah and thanking Him.
    I just want to let you know you are on target all the way. I agree with you and just wanted to let you know this. I don’t know why people, whether Messianic or Gentiles get caught up in the Law when we are under grace, the promise given to Abraham, we are heirs of the seed who is Christ Jesus.

    More people need to study Galatians—the whole book. I feast in the book of Galatians and that is where I rest in love of Jesus the Messiah. He is the only way. Enjoyed your article so much.

    I just came out of a Messianic Congregation; I was only going three months, but there was so much that went against my spirit that was not according to Scripture.

    The Holy Spirit told me to get into Galatians and study it. These were things that I knew and I also knew that is why my soul was not rested at this congregation. They are trying to mix, by following the Law and living under grace for which I never saw any signs of. I felt under bondage, it took my joy and I was crying all the time. I am sure glad I am out of there and out of their practices that lead away from Jesus.

    I live by faith, as promised to Abraham the Seed who is Jesus. Praise the Lord.”


  4. Kendra,

    I can fully appreciate your searching to glorify our Lord in everything we do. However, I want to caution you about “traditions” of men. We just came out of a 10 year “circus” of trying to be ever more obedient and doing everything holy and pleasing to God. So many friends are (as we were trying to be) dress wearing, head covering, some are attempting to be jewish, on and on and on. What we have found is, all our works are as filthy rags. Only through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord, are we redeemed. See 1 Timothy 4:1-5 and Gen 9:3.

    Here’s an article for you:

    This is not meant to incite anyone, just want to provide some insite (no pun intended) from someone who has “been there, done that”. : )


  5. I agree with Shannon! There are some great books about not eating “unclean” foods. One of my favorite is “What the bible says about healthly living”. I can’t wait to read your post about what you learn!

  6. It may be for the best, everyone has to follow what they believe in, but I know for myself even if I was the biggest meat eater around (which I am not) a pig is on the ‘unclean’ list, and they don’t even sweat… I have so many uncles and other relatives who have lived on a heavy pork diet and have had heart surgeries, I have lost a few uncles to heart problems too. It is always up to an individual what they choose to feed themselves, but I think it may be a wise choice to steer clear of the ‘other white meat’. Besides, she is cute lol.


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