The Blueberry Bushes- One Year Later

baby blueberry bush

I’ve been forgetting to update you guys on how my blueberry bushes have done since planting them back in February of last year. Well, they did good for a little while. All of the stalks grew little green leaves. It looked as if they were well on their way to growing into beautiful lush bushes…

Until the goats discovered them.

Which, again, brings to mind my advice to you all to prepare your place before getting animals. Sure wish we’d fenced in these bushes!!

No matter how many times I ran the goats away from the bushes, they always managed to wander back over there when my back was turned. Pretty quickly, the little plants were nothing but sticks in the ground again. I hoped they’d come back. I prayed they’d come back!

Well, it’s Spring again. And after pruning the dead branches, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that nine out of ten are goners. I can’t help but wonder if I may have over fertilized them too, with all of the rabbit droppings I heaped on them. I dunno. Whatever the cause, there is but one remaining.

You better believe this little bush is gonna get the royal treatment!!

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  1. If you did not PROPERLY compost your rabbit manure then that was the most likely cause of death raw rabbit manure is powerful stuff. I also recomend to mulch around the base to help reduce water consumption and to help the micro life in the soil develop. #my2cents – a friendly farmer

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