The Best Way To Remove A Tick

(Sorry it’s hard to see, that was as close as my camera would focus.)

So, I was washing Jada’s hair and found a tick stuck fast at her hairline. I’ve heard lots of different methods for removing a tick, and I remember my dad used to always light a match and stick it to the butt of the tick whenever I got them as a kid, but I wanted to make sure that I removed it the BEST way.

I’ve heard that if you burn the tick, or upset it while trying to remove it, it could regurgitate saliva and blood back into where it’s biting, which would easily spread Lyme Disease (among other diseases) if it has it. I didn’t want to take a chance.

After doing some reading, I decided to just pull the tick straight out as this is actually the recommended method of removal. I used alcohol to clean a pair of sharp tweezers, then my husband lifted the tick up with them, got the head of the tick in the tweezers, and quickly pulled it straight out.

A tiny piece of her scalp was still attached to it’s mouth, so we know we got the whole thing. When I was growing up, I was always told that a tick will grow a new body if you don’t remove the head when you pull it off (this has since been proven to be a myth). Still, you do want to make sure you pull it out as close to the skin as possible so that you don’t leave the head burrowed beneath the skin.

I cleaned the bite with rubbing alcohol, and flushed the little critter down the toilet. Don’t ever try to squish a tick, as it could spread disease. Just flush it.

Jada was a trooper, and was more interested in examining the tick than worrying about us removing it. She had been following the goats into the woods earlier, I’m sure that’s how she got it.

I’ve been diligently checking the kids for ticks every day now.

Do you have a favorite way to remove a tick?

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  1. I can tell you how the ER removes ticks and also how our doctor who held a community information program on ticks, removes them. We have woods all around us and are overrun with ticks.
    Simply take a 2×2 gauze pad and squirt a heavy amount of thick liquid hand soap on the gauze pad. Place the pad over the tick and slightly apply pressure on both sides of the tick. Then apply slight pressure as you rub the gauze pad in a circular motion — IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION of a clock. I have since removed many ticks from my husband this way and it truly works so easily removing the entire tick.

  2. Ticks CANNOT grow new bodies from the head being left in your skin. That is some crazy myth! They are not like lizards that can grow new tails. Please stop respreading this myth. They die when you pull the body off. You should keep an eye on the spot but in most cases the head will fall out later.

  3. I grew up in the mountains and we used to have to pull them off of our dog and cats quite often. That never really bothered me too much (of course my mom did do most – I only had to do a few). I never got one but when my daughter was about 18 months old, she got one on her chest near the collar bone. Of course when I tried to remove it, I did not get the head – then we had to go to Kaiser to get the head out. It was a HUGE ordeal and she ended up with a scar from the experience. I hate the little buggars!

  4. the first time I had to remove a tick, it almost made me pass out! I was so unused to anything “rural” I went to the doctor about it, after calling a few phramacies, and quickly learned (at least where I live) no one really knew anything about them much and werent worried! after that, I sort of lost my heebiejeebies a little. now, 17 years later,(and older) I just grab them off and flush them.

  5. We live out in the boonies. We have a yard but it’s nothing to go out into the yard and come back with a couple of ticks on us. If I go berry picking, I’ll have a dozen or so.
    The worst are those little tiny seed ticks. Most of the time you don’t feel them until it’s too late.
    I use a drop of oregano essential oil if I have one burrowed in. Ticks don’t like the oil and will back out, making them easier to remove. Once out, I use a different oil to detox the bite area.

  6. Ticks scare me to death! It’s the whole lyme disease thing that makes me worry! My husband actually just found one two days ago when we were having a bonfire in our backyard (in the middle of town. I thought ticks was only a woods thing?), he just pulled it off as you suggested, but I’ll be sure to check him to make sure the head got pulled! I didn’t know that they could grow a new body! Thank you for this!

    • They CANNOT grow a new body! She states that was a myth. Please people read up on things. Knowledge is power. These little pests can cause serious damage.

  7. I HATE ticks…. We have a pasture (over grown) and when the kids play out there we often have a tick or two to remove. I wonder if I will ever get over the GROSSness factor!!


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