Today, I find myself overwhelmingly thankful. Thankful to my precious Jesus for his generous mercy. He drew me out of a dark world that many people never have to see. Maybe, one day, I’ll share my testimony with you. But for now, I praise the Lord for loving me enough not to give up on me.

I am overflowing with thankfulness for my three beautiful children. They are my joy. They give me life. The Lord has blessed me with the three most precious gifts imaginable, and I give all that I am to teach them His love. Never does a day go by that I don’t rest my head on my pillow at night and thank the Lord for my children. I love them more than I ever thought it possible to love anyone or anything. Thank you Father, for the gift of motherhood.

I am incredibly thankful for having such a loving, devoted husband. No matter how aggravated I am, he is patient and kind. He has never raised his voice at me, nor raised a hand. He has never said anything to me that would cause regret. He has been nothing but faithful, and I praise the Lord for him. Growing up with an abusive, alcoholic step-dad, I was always afraid that I might make the wrong choice when choosing a husband. I praise you Lord, for blessing me with the perfect soul mate.

I am thankful for this new life that the Lord is leading us to. For the land we were blessed with, for a beautiful house to call home, for every opportunity which he has afforded us. I am thankful for such a wonderful, supportive family. And I am thankful for the people the Lord is putting in my life, to help teach us all that we have to learn.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t think life was worth living for. In another lifetime, my heart was clouded with hatred, bitterness, and rage. I despised myself, and had no care for the future. But He never let me go. He held my hand and refused to leave my side. He worked on my heart, and brought me the peace I desired more than anything. He has truly made me a new creature, and I am SO incredibly thankful for such a beautiful life as this.

Thank you dear Father, for all of the blessings you have bestowed on me.

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