Tending To The Strawberry Plants


My strawberry plants are doing well, all except for that bunch that I just kinda threw together in one pot. They are getting nice green leaves on them and actually looking like living plants now! I’m beginning to have some hope for them. I’ve been keeping them outside during the day so they get lots of sunlight.

Since it was so nice out today, and I had some more potting soil, I decided to transplant the crowded bunch into separate planters. I made the pots out of newspaper, and they worked very well!


I felt bad just neglecting the poor plants like that. I knew I had to make it right with them. I dug them out of their pot of hardened soil, trimmed their roots to 4 in. and gently re-potted them. Now they seem happy. I watered them a little and brought them in for the night. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and warm, so they should get plenty of sun when I put them back outside for the day.

Hopefully they will perk up in a few days and be nice and green like the others.

It’s hard work having plants! They are like little babies needing tons of attention. Until the danger of the last frost has passed and I can get them in the garden I am having to bring them in and out of the house every day. I am so anxious to get everything planted outside for good!

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  1. I love strawberry plants! I had planted one last year in a low container (ok, its a wagon … like the red flyers) and it did really well last year. I left it outside because of the container it was in and even tho we had 2 inches of ice in January it is still alive! More than that, it had grown quite a bit last year, and all of the starts that it produced are still alive! Such a hardy plant!

  2. Well, I got a one day reprieve from the freezing temps, but the wind is too high to keep the row covers on! I worked (repeatedly!) yesterday afternoon setting the hoops and the covers, but they just wouldn’t stay! (I did know to keep the covers from touching the plants! Thanks Kendra!)

    Today, I’m off to get some straw and spread that over the plants. Gotta keep the snow/frost off of the plants!! We are expecting thunder snow (thunder and snow, go figure!) Going to be a rough couple of days, so I think this solution will work better!

  3. Mine are starting to look better too. We also started up some tomatoes inside. Can’t wait, in about a week, we should be able to plant outside!

  4. Mine are in the raised bed now, but we are expecting night time temps around freezing. I guess I will cover them up with an old sheet overnight. They are perking up and getting green leaves now, so I don’t want to wreck them!

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