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Goat Bloat

July 22, 2011 Kendra 28

This morning I found Smiley standing in her pen, something obviously terribly wrong.

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The Many Names For Pigs

July 8, 2010 Kendra 14

Do you know the difference between a gilt and a sow? How about a boar and a barrow? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either! This post is for you…

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Is It Worth It To Raise Hogs For Meat?

May 31, 2010 Kendra 10

You’d think that raising your own hogs for meat would be cheaper than buying pork from the store, but actually there are several factors to keep in mind when figuring whether or not it is a good investment to make.

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Closing This Chapter…

May 24, 2010 Kendra 16

There comes a time when you just have to admit that you are in over your head, stop what you are doing, and appreciate the lesson you learned from it!