Strawberry Peach Smoothie

more 005 (Medium)I know it isn’t exactly smoothie weather anymore, but I don’t need hot summer days to crave a refreshing smoothie! I have been searching everywhere for a good recipe that didn’t require bananas, OJ or yogurt, ’cause sometimes I’m out! I tried this combination and it was SOOOOO good!!!

Simply combine about a cup or so of frozen strawberries, a cup of ice cubes, and a half of a big can of peaches (maybe a cup’s worth). I also like to add a little bit of the peach juice as well, maybe 1/4 cup. Sweeten as desired. Blend and enjoy!

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  1. that sound delish!! I like to put ground up flax seeds, kelp powder(very tiny bit), raw honey (little bit), kefir (like yogurt, but even better for you!) fresh pastured farm eggs, frozen blueberries, cinnamon, nutmeg and blend what ever other fruit we have on hand! Sometimes I’ll even steam spinach and throw it in! (Don’t use raw spinach as it isn’t the best for your thyroid when it is raw).
    The kids love it-they don’t even know what’s in it and it is a powerhouse of additional vitamins, antioxidants and stuff!
    If it is for breakfast I’ll even put in their cod liver oil and other vits as they can’t taste it!
    You’ll have to try one of these sometime!
    thanks for the idea of peaches!

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