There’s no doubt about it, keeping a home is busy, busy work! And the job is NEVER done. No matter how hard you work, you will never finish all there is to do. As soon as all of the dishes are clean and put away, a new load is ready to be washed. Laundry baskets are bottomless. And toys seem to multiply every time I turn my back. I have finally learned to accept that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to finish the job. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try!

One thing that really helps me keep on track of what needs to be done around the home throughout the week is to give myself a schedule of chores and activities to do. At first I tried writing down a list on paper, but I always ended up forgetting about it, or losing the paper in a stack of other stuff on my desk.

So, I bought a magnetic calendar board from Amazon (FREE with my Swagbucks!!), and created my own chore magnets to place on each day of the week. Using a pretty font for fun, I typed out a list of all of the things that needed to be done throughout each day and week, and special projects to be done sometime during the month, and printed them out onto Magnet Paper. I cut them out into strips, and placed them on the board under their proper day.

Some of the chores are to be done daily. Some are done once or twice a week. And like I said, some are special projects to be done once a month (like a sewing project or something). I didn’t make a magnet for every single step of my day (no, I don’t have to remind myself to shower… okay, maybe sometimes), but I did make a magnet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, just to give myself a sort of time-line for the day. The chores that are done daily are moved to the next day once they are completed. For instance, on Monday, everything from breakfast to dinner is listed. As I complete each task, I move that magnet over to the next day. This way I am able to see my accomplishments as they are achieved. It keeps me motivated. And every day I assign a special task to be done. One day I make bread, one day I do my couponing, one day I do freezer cooking, etc.

The key to making this method work is to put the board somewhere where you will see it every day, throughout the day! If you hide it behind a door somewhere, you’ll never use it.

Some days I still don’t get it all done. If I missed a job for the day, I just move it over to be done the next day. This way by the end of the week, everything should have been accomplished. But not always. Life happens. If I didn’t get the windows washed during the week, I promise, I don’t kick myself about it. If I choose to sit and play a board game with the kids instead of dusting the fans that day, I don’t consider myself a failure as a housewife.

When you have small children underfoot, you cannot take housekeeping too seriously. Things are gonna get messy. Just do the best you can to keep a somewhat orderly home, and your family will be blessed by your efforts. And don’t let your “jobs” get in the way of spending quality time with your kids while they are still small. When they are grown, they won’t remember the dirty dishes in the sink, but they are sure to remember the moments when you spent special time with them.

For those of you who are wondering, here’s a list of the chores I have on my calendar, in no particular order:

  • 7:30 Breakfast
  • Unload Dishwasher
  • Make Beds
  • Wash Diapers
  • Feed Animals
  • Lessons w/ Ty
  • Lessons w/Jada
  • Quick Clean
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • Bible Lesson/Prayer
  • Two Loads Laundry
  • Straighten House
  • Cook Dinner
  • Wash Dishes
  • Sweep
  • Make Bread
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Garden
  • Mending/Sewing
  • Couponing
  • Kids Baths
  • Freezer Cooking
  • Make Tea
  • Clean Microwave
  • Dust
  • Wash Windows
  • Clean Fridge
  • Dust Fans
  • Wash Sheets
  • Bathrooms
  • Scrub Shower/Tubs
  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • *Special Project
  • Prepare Weekly Lessons (I do have another chart I use for organizing homeschool work)
  • Write In Journal
  • Menu Planning
  • Pay Bills
  • Appointment
  • Canning

So what about you? Do you have a special way you keep your household organized? How do you manage the chaos in your life??