Something is Destroying Our Spinach. Help?

I’ve been super discouraged by our spinach crop this year. Something is completely demolishing what was initially a beautiful bed of leafy greens.

Isn’t it sad to look at?

I’m not sure if it’s mites, leaf miners, or maybe aphids (although I haven’t seen aphids on the leaves)? Or maybe it’s a disease of some sort? Perhaps the plants are lacking nutrients?

Whatever the case may be, I only got two smoothies and two salads out of our entire planting before it was unharvestable.

I tried spraying some organic pest spray on the bed but with all the rain we’ve had it’s been nearly impossible to keep it sprayed.

If you know what’s causing this damage to our spinach and you have an organic solution, I’d love to hear from you!

Is there still hope for a harvest?

11 thoughts on “Something is Destroying Our Spinach. Help?”

  1. I’ve wondered about using the soapy or neem oil spray on the leafy vegetables. Of course I always wash my greens before I eat them, but will there be residue on the leaves? Unpleasant effects? I’ve heard of using baking soda in the water spray to discourage powder mildew (but that’s for my squashes’ foliage, which would be terrible to eat).

  2. My spinach did not do well either, in fact I don’t think I picked but only a couple of leaves before it went dormant and died. I think this plant just doesn’t like me. However, last year we had a good supply of it, but not as good still as lettuce varieties. Too much rain and from cold to hot might be our issues. I’m going to try that again in fall and cabbage as well since ours got drowned.

    • Yeah, I think I’ll try again in the fall as well. Maybe we’ll have better luck. I’ll plant somewhere else in the garden just in case it’s the soil.

      • Your leaves look burnt try growing under 30-50% shadecloth. Also, when planting tomatoes put a banana skin in hole before plant, the rotting banana gives off potassium which tomatoes love.

  3. Wow! I’m now wondering where you are. I’m in Maine and the same thing happened to my amazing rainbow chard! I’d love to know what is doing this too. The chard did not wilt at all, it just transformed from perfect into looking like your spinach image posted here.

    • I’m in the southeast, Mary. Interesting that you had the same thing happen to your chard. I’m curious to find out what it is. I didn’t have much luck with a google search.

  4. it looks like a fungal wilt more than a pest issue. You still have time, I would get a totes container, prepare it for drainage of course, fill it with organic planting medium and start over.
    Maybe in a different local. As soon as the spinach sprouts start spraying with a mix of organic dish soap, organic oil(I use olive) and water 20% soap, 1% oil(surfacent) and 79% tap water.
    Agitate before use. Then just spray the greens daily. I think you will have better luck.


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