America. Land of the free. Right?

Well, I used to think so.

I had an interesting conversation with a new friend recently, about our country and where we are headed as a nation. He said something that has really had me thinking, “Name one thing that you can do without government permission.”


Have you ever stopped to think about how many things you have to get a license or permit for? Let’s see: Driving, Getting Married, Starting a Business, Selling Food, Firearms, Hunting & Fishing, Practicing Medicine (and many other professions including Ministers!), Building a House (or anything else on your own property!), owning a cat or dog in some cities, and even conducting a Bible Study in your own home in many cases! Come to think of it, we need a license or permit to do a whole lot of things that we ought to be free by nature to do.

Do you know the definition of a “license”? I used to think that it was used to prove something, but here is how it is defined by Wikipedia:

The verb license or grant license means to give permission. The noun license (licence in Commonwealth spelling) refers to that permission as well as to the document memorializing that permission. License may be granted by a party (“licensor”) to another party (“licensee”) as an element of an agreement between those parties. A shorthand definition of a license is “an authorization (by the licensor) to use the licensed material (by the licensee).”

Or how about this definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

1 a : permission to act b : freedom of action
2 a : a permission granted by competent authority to engage in aΒ business or occupation or in an activity otherwise unlawful.

Did you get that? Getting a license is asking for permission. We have to ask for permission from our government to travel. We have to ask permission from our government to get married. We have to ask for permission to build a home on our own land.

Does anybody else have a problem with that?

Shouldn’t we have a right to travel freely? Do we not pay taxes to build the roads we drive on? Why then must I ask permission to use the very roads I pay for?

Shouldn’t we be able to marry whoever we want without having to ask the government’s permission to do so? Did you catch that a license grants us permission to do that which would otherwise be illegal? Is marriage not a covenant between us and God? Since when does the state have the authority to tell us whether or not we can marry? That is a God given right! And did you know that signing the marriage license creates a legal agreement between you and the State, which gives them a right to any of the fruits of your marriage, including your property and your children!

(I truly regret not knowing more about this sooner, as my husband and I most certainly would not have naively gotten a marriage license.)

And why do we have to ask permission to build a house on our own land? Why can’t we simply buy a piece of land, build whatever dwelling we please on it, and live in peace? Is it not a natural right to be able to do so? Why do we continue to bow down and ask permission? “Oh, all powerful government, may I please build a roof over my head, and a home for my family? Please??” Why do we not demand our right to do so freely?

And they get even bolder by asserting rights over our children. We cannot even school our own children without asking permission from the state first!! And there is talk of requiring a license before one can become a parent. It’s coming. Watch and see. They are already installing government surveillance cameras in homes in the UK, to make sure that parents are properly caring for the children. Where will we draw the line?!

I bring these things to your attention because we have become so conditioned to accept “whatever”. We simply follow along, like good little Lemmings, and do whatever we are told to do without questioning the reason. It’s time that we make ourselves more aware of the little ways our freedoms are being striped away. Now is the time to begin bucking the system, standing up for our rights, and questioning unconstitutional laws.Β  If we do not begin to speak up now, it will quickly be too late.

I am sad to say that we are no longer a free people. Our freedom is just an illusion. And if we don’t start fighting back and draw that line in the sand, we will quickly see what few remaining liberties we have vanish away.