Since I’ve started keeping a garden journal and writing down the dates of our area’s frosts and snow days, I’ve noticed that for the past few years we’ve always gotten our first winter’s snow in mid to late February. Yesterday we got our second decent snow, a mere 4″ but enough to cover our driveway and weigh down the trees. Here is the view from the top of our driveway looking down. At the bottom of this hill, the drive curves to the left, then takes a sharp right to go across a wooden bridge and up a steep hill to bring us to the top of our road.

2015 snow right side driveway

It doesn’t take much snow to trap us at home. Our driveway being so steep can be very difficult to escape, even with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Most of the gravel road is shaded and remains pure ice long after the main roads, which have been salted, are safe to travel again. It makes me grateful that we have provisions stored away just in case we can’t get out for several days.

Oftentimes we lose power due to downed trees or cars colliding with power poles. My husband pulled the generator down next to the house and stacked the covered porch with split wood, preparing for power-outages, but we only had the lights flicker once. I was kinda disappointed. I actually enjoy it when the power suddenly goes out. Everything falls silent– fans stop whirring, computers stop humming, appliances go quiet– and the only sound to be heard is the occasional crashing of snow falling from the trees. I relish the peacefulness of time frozen.

small pond

The kids and I have enjoyed nature hikes through the woods, tracking animal footprints and watching birds foraging for food. We took a walk down to our pond to throw rocks at the ice to see if we could break it. I explained that although the rocks weren’t going through the ice it was still too thin to walk on. The dog made my point by walking out onto the ice and suddenly crashing through. We were all relieved when she finally scrambled back up onto the ice and carefully made her way to the bank. She ran around and shook it off, but we took her back to the house to lay by the wood stove so that she wouldn’t chill too much.


Elias in snow

Little Elias was big enough this year to really get out and have fun in the snow. He particularly enjoyed eating it. He also had fun sledding down the driveway with his daddy.

Titus and Jada building snowman

Jada and Titus did lots of sledding, snowball fights, and built a funny snowman. It was hard to get these two to come back in to warm up!

Xia drinking hot chocolate

Xia enjoyed building little snowmen of her own, but I think she was most happy to throw off all the layers of clothing and sip her homemade hot chocolate.


Later on we hiked to the top of our road and the kids played with the neighboring children who were out of school due to the icy roads.

My favorite part of being snowbound? My husband is home. There’s no going to work when you can’t make it to the main roads. I wouldn’t mind being snowed in for a few more weeks.

8 thoughts on “Snowbound.”

  1. Enjoy it! We get snow every year (love it!). But, this is our fourth drought year, so not only have we not seen snow, we’ve had almost no rain. No bueno! Makes for tough homesteading and a scary summer fire season.

    Have fun!

  2. Kendra, you are a true romantic at heart. Most people would look at the snow storm, power outages and cold as a bothersome nuisance. You on the other hand make it magical and special time and it would seem you look forward to it and are disappointed if it doesn’t happen. I guess that is why you have gravitated yourself and family to the way you live. It is a very special gift and I hope all those around you are embellished by the warmth of your soul and cherish your being. Stay warm…spring is knocking on the door.

  3. We also live out a long road and enjoyed being snowed in. I had plenty on hand, it was so nice not to have to go to town. Love your pictures.

  4. Looks like everyone had a great time. We’ve been snowed in a few times this winter here in WV. Thankfully we haven’t lost power, which is surprising because normally it doesn’t take much for our power to go out.

  5. You have a lovely driveway, and so secluded! Thanks for sharing these great pics with us. Here in SE Ga, snow is pretty much a myth, lol.


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