Since a few of you have emailed me wondering about how the pregnancy is going I thought I’d give an update on baby #4.

I’m about six months along now, and everything is fantastic! I often forget I’m even pregnant being as busy as I am. However, an occasional kick or thump in my abdomen quickly reminds me that there’s somebody growing in there!!

We’ve thought of a couple of names we like:

If it’s a girl we really love Laya. Maybe Laya Michelle.

If it’s a boy I love the name Elias. Jerry really loves the names Isaac or Elijah, but he’s okay with Elias. Still haven’t found a middle name that sounds right with it though. Any ideas?

I’m wondering how I’m gonna set up the nursery since Xia’s still in a crib. She’ll be two not too long after this baby is born, so she’ll be in a toddler bed pretty soon. I guess we’ll put her in Jada’s room then.

Oh, since I’m talking about the kids’ rooms… I’ve been working on updating the photos of around the inside of our home, if you’d like to see what the kids rooms look like right now (before I change them up again!). I haven’t updated Ty’s pics yet, but you can get the general idea of what his room is like. (Still not done updating a few other rooms as well, but it’s in the works.)

If this baby is a girl obviously I won’t have to change the nursery at all. But if it’s a boy I’ll need to take some of the decor from Ty’s room since it goes with the boy’s crib bedding. Guess I’ll need to redecorate Ty’s room as well!

It’s hard for me to believe that in just three more months we’ll have another little one. I’m so excited!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It means SO much to me to know that my name (and this baby’s) is being lifted up by you wherever you are in the world. I can’t wait to introduce this precious child to you all very soon!!