Showering In The Dark & A Good Neighbor

Last night… last night the Lord revealed His humorous side to us.

I was trying to work on something on my computer, and Jerry was behind me working on his own computer, listening to a podcast which was totally distracting me. I could not concentrate on what I was writing, and was quickly angered.

“Can’t you turn that off?” I demanded.

“I’m listening to it.” He casually replied, seemingly oblivious to the irritation in my voice.

“I can’t concentrate!” I growled.

No reply.

I did my best to plug my ears, but after about 30 more seconds I exploded.

“UGH! I wish you’d just turn it off so I can work!” Then I joked, in a frustrated-angry-pregnancy hormonal-temper tantrum sorta way, “I’m cursing your computer!!”

Jerry laughed and retorted, “I’m cursing your computer too!”

So I stormed out of the room and decided to take a shower while I waited for him to finish listening to his show so I could get back on my computer to work.

The hot water was calming. The steam relaxed my hormonal rage. I still tried to be mad at him though… for being so thoughtless, you know.

Then all of a sudden everything went dark.

Pitch black.

Great. We’ve lost power, I thought.

But the water was still running, still hot. I quickly rinsed and turned it off before it could turn cold. Which would have really made me mad.

“Jerry!” I yelled, allowing my frustration at him to melt away with my helplessness.

He came almost instantly, and brought a lit candle with him.

“Did we lose power?” I asked, dripping and getting cold.

“Not completely. Just in the office, and the lights in this bathroom.”

“What?” That was odd.

“The water’s still hot. Do you think it’s gonna get cold on me?”

“Nah. It should be fine.”

So, I turned the water back on and finished my shower in the subtle glow of candlelight.

This is actually pretty nice! I thought to myself as I went back to relaxing in the steam. Who needs lights anyways?

Jerry stepped back into the bathroom with me and mumbled something about getting his computer to come back on.

“Your computer is off?” It hadn’t registered that the mystery power outage which only effected the two rooms we were in and not the rest of the house, had also turned off his computer.

I laughed. An evil, triumphant laugh.

“I cursed your computer!” It was all coming back to me!

“Your computer is out too.” He announced, just as triumphantly. “I cursed your computer back, remember?”

I laugh-groaned. NOOOO! Not my computer too! I’ve got work to do!

We both laughed, though. The coincidence was too funny to not laugh.

I believe the Lord was teaching me a lesson for being so short tempered. How could I still be mad?

When I got out of the shower Jerry was busy trying to figure out how to get us back online. He flipped the breakerbox, messed with this and that… nothing worked. It wasn’t the breaker.

Great. My first live Podcast was the next day. I had to get online!

It was no use though. He couldn’t figure it out. So, we went to bed early, and laid there talking for a while about what our strategy would be in the morning.

We would move my computer to the dining area. And *hope* that the internet cable would reach where I’d be at, and would work.

First thing the next morning (this morning) Jerry started working on the problem. He decided to make a phone call to a neighbor up the road who is an electrician. He called him for advice.

Our friendly neighbor was kind enough to take the time to answer all of Jerry’s questions, but when it became apparent that it wasn’t going to be an easy fix, he offered to come over after he finished another neighbor’s well pump problem. When I overheard this part of the conversation I interrupted, “Uh… Jerry? We don’t have any money to pay him.”

Realizing the truth behind this slight oversight, Jerry thanked our good neighbor for his help, but was honest in sharing that we could not pay him and that he’d just try to work on it himself.

But this man, our funny country neighbor, blew off this last statement and said, “Don’t worry about it, man! I just wanna make sure you guys are okay!” Which I thought was mighty kind of him.

Two hours later he was in our home working away at solving the mystery problem. I couldn’t help but laugh as I caught parts of his conversation with Jerry and the kids, who were engrossed in what he was doing to our light switch. This man is the most country talking man I’ve ever heard in my life! And he’s SO loud. He cracks me up!

I sat on the couch folding clothes, watching and listening, and doing my best to keep Titus from dragging out every toy he owned to show the man. And trying to keep my grin to myself as I listened to our neighbor explain to the kids what he was doing, “Yew see this here wore, it’s as thee-in as a harr…”

(Can you even tell what that is supposed to mean? It’s hard to write with a southern accent, lol! But I swear this is exactly how he said it.)

He was sweet to take the time to pay attention to the kids though. It took him and Jerry about an hour or so to finally figure out the problem. Something having to do with a light switch in another room?? Weird. I know.

Before he left, though, we loaded him up with two big boxes full of cookies and crackers. My husband works part-time stocking for a snack foods company, and often brings home discontinued items to keep the food from being thrown in the garbage. Most of it we don’t eat though, so we either give it away or trade with the owner of a local sub shop for sandwiches.

Our electrician neighbor couldn’t believe how much food we were offering him. He tried to be polite and decline, and offered to just take a box or two of crackers, but we insisted that he take it all. It was sweet to see how happy he was with the trade, saying it was more than he’d worked for.

But we thanked him for his kindness, for coming out and helping us without expecting a thing. And Jerry and I were both thankful to be able to give him something in return.

What a blessing it is to know a good neighbor!

So, the moral of this story is…

Know your neighbors, build a relationship with them, be a good neighbor yourself, don’t be afraid to offer goods for services and barter…

and don’t curse your husband’s computer.

10 thoughts on “Showering In The Dark & A Good Neighbor”

  1. HA!!!!!!! Love it!! God is so amazing! He never hesitates to put us in our place does He?! 😀 So happy you have a great neighbor! We had a neighbor help us with our plumbing like that last year. WHAT A BLESSING!! 😀

  2. Go up to the Dollar Store and buy yourself a set of headphones for your hubby to listen to his program on the computer. I bought a set for our home for $2.50. Yep, that cheap and they work. Just be careful with them as they want to break where you adjust them for your head!

    Great you got to spend time with the neighbor, and great you had a trade for him. It all helps!

  3. Hey Kendra 🙂

    I think part of why happened was allowed was also the Lord allowing you to see something of the truth in the words of Scripture that says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21)

    Our and others (especially those the Lord has given authority to in our lives) really can bless or curse people – in truth there can sometimes have been things spoken over us that we really need broken or to be freed of…
    I have experienced this in my own walk with the lord 🙂

    If you would like, a very good Scriptural teacher that looks at this is Derek Prince… You can download some of his studies or radio bible studies for free from after registration… (if you would rather not register, if you send me a mail I can also email them to you 🙂 )
    Two series from him I would really recommend is “From curse to blessing” that looks at the Scriptural basis of blessings and curses being very real, and some of the ways curses can operate in believers lives to hinder them (ungodly words being spoken out over us, especially by authorities or ourselves being one of those), and also how we can have freedom from them because in Christ who became a curse for us, and then also “The Power of Proclamation” that looks in a about the power of words, especially when in submission and faith we speak what God has said and said is true 🙂

    May these things bless you as the Lord has used them in blessing me!


  4. I was able to figure out what your neighbor was saying, also. What a blessing it is to have great neighbors. We are fortunate enough to live in a great neighborhood where we all help each other. Deanna, how true it is about being hard to accept help sometimes – yet we love the opportunity to help someone else out. Makes you stop and think. Kendra, I am loving this blog! You do a great job.

  5. I think he said “You see this here wire, it’s as thin as a hair..”

    I’m originally from the suburbs of IL and moved to the countryside of NC. Still not used to the accent.

    Funny story! Love your blog!

  6. It is funny how God teaches us to be humble. How many of us would rush to help a neighbor in need but will refuse to let others have that opportunity. It is really hard to accept help sometimes but it allows others to grow in virtue. Hope your podcast went well.


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