Should Christians and Believers Be Preppers?

I’ve been surprised by how many people have emailed me asking how to handle a spouse or loved one who is of the mindset that Christians, or believers in general, shouldn’t be preppers (those who are preparing for harder times ahead). That somehow prepping implies a lack of faith. Unfortunately, it seems there are many people who think this way.

I’ve been contemplating this idea a lot lately, and feel the need to share why I truly believe that Christians especially ought to be the ones getting prepared for harder times. I find it naïve, and even foolish to think that just because we know the Father who is in control that somehow we will be spared from suffering.

Yes, Christians should definitely be preppers. In fact, the vast majority of preppers are Christian.

Believers, have you not read the Scriptures themselves? Do you not know the character of our God?

Yes, He is a loving Father. But does this mean that we are immune to bad things happening to us? Did Job not prove that even the most faithful children of God can endure incredible suffering? And yet there are those who believe that their faith alone will protect them from harm.

Yes, He promises to provide for His Children. But, that doesn’t mean that we can sit back and be complacent, and expect Him to give us all that we need. On the contrary! How many times in Scripture does the Lord warn us about being lazy?

2 Thessalonians 3:10- For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

Proverbs 6:6 –11 (NLT)- Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones. Learn from their ways and become wise! Though they have no prince or governor or ruler to make them work, they labor hard all summer, gathering food for the winter. But you, lazybones, how long will you sleep? When will you wake up?  A little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest— then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.

He never says, “Don’t worry my children. Sit back and relax and I’ll take care of everything.” Actually, He instructs us to be diligent and hard working, and then we will reap the benefits of our labor. His provision comes as a blessing to our obedience, not simply for our faith alone. He even goes so far as to call the unprepared fools, sluggards, and worse than unbelievers!

1 Timothy 5:8 (NIV)- If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has. – Proverbs 21:20

The Lord has warned us of coming hardships, of famines and natural disasters, of wars and plagues. He has shown us, His faithful ones, these things, in order that we might work at being prepared for them. He never says we will be spared suffering (though He will protect us from the fullness of His wrath). He tells us what is to come so that we will not be caught off-guard.

In Matthew 25 we read the parable of the ten virgins (if you aren’t familiar with the story, look it up and read it!). Five of these ladies were wise, and five were foolish. The wise virgins brought along oil for their lamps, preparing for the possibility of a darker time ahead. They did not know that the bridegroom would be late in coming, but they were prepared for “worst case scenario” just in case.

The foolish virgins did not bring oil for their lamps, and so were caught unprepared when the bridegroom did arrive late in the night. They begged for extra oil from the wise virgins, but the wise refused, knowing that they did not have enough for themselves and the others. So, the foolish had to go off in search of more oil and as a result missed the blessing.

Now, I realize this parable is speaking of a Spiritual preparedness; of being ready for the Lord’s return. But I find it interesting that Scripture refers to those who were unprepared as fools. Notice again that they were not praised for having faith that all would work out fine. Instead, they were left to suffer the consequences of their unpreparedness.

Friends, wake up and look around. Trying times are ahead. He has given us these warnings… why do we pretend they are not coming to fruition? Why do we prefer to turn a blind eye and disregard the signs around us? How can we say it is foolish to choose to prepare for these times while we are still able? How can we call ourselves wise and not be prepared with oil for our own lamps?

Just like the virgins waiting for the bridegroom, we know something is coming, we just don’t know exactly when. And we’d be wise to be prepared for worst case scenario.

Over and over in the Bible we read stories of the Lord giving a warning to His people to start getting prepared for a coming disaster.

He was faithful to tell Noah that a flood was coming, wasn’t He. What He didn’t tell Noah was not to worry about it ’cause He would magically send an ark for him. No! Noah worked on that thing hard, for years and years.

He stored up enough food to feed his family and the animals. He didn’t say to himself, “Oh, the Lord loves me. I don’t have to worry about these things. He’ll provide.” Instead, because of His obedience to the warnings of the Lord, and his diligence in being prepared, He and his family were saved.

What do you think would have happened to Noah had he sat back and procrastinated, or decided he wasn’t going to worry about it? Though I dare not pretend to know the thoughts of God, I have a feeling he would have perished with the rest.

In Genesis 41 we read about God warning Joseph of seven years of drought ahead. Again, He does not tell Joseph, “But don’t worry…” Instead, again, He tells him to store up as much food as he can. And because Joseph was obedient and diligent, he was able to save his people, his family, and many outsiders as well.

In Exodus 12, during the night of Passover, God warned the Israelites how to be prepared for the angel of death which was coming to kill all of the first-born.  Those who heeded His warning by painting the blood of a lamb on their door were spared great loss.

He also told them to make preparations that night to leave in haste, by eating the Passover meal, getting dressed, having their shoes on their feet and staff in their hand, and to be ready to escape their slavery to the Egyptians at a moments notice. Those who were wise enough to obey these warnings, and be prepared, were saved.

Throughout Scripture God has shown us that when He gives us a clear warning of things to come, He expects us to act upon these warnings and get prepared. Never does He warn us so that we can sit idly by and do nothing.

So what exactly does He warn us to be prepared for?

Scriptures prophesy of wars, famines and diseases, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis, planetary disasters, etc. becoming increasingly prevalent in the end times.

How can we be prepared for this?

First of all, we must have our Spiritual lives in order. I’m not talking about going to church every Sunday, praying before each meal, and doing a little Bible study every now and then. I’m talking about delving into the Word of God, devoting your life to obeying His commands, and developing a true relationship with Yahweh himself.

Next, prepare your household to be able to withstand famine, droughts, natural disasters and disease, and the effects of war, to the best of your ability. We cannot possibly prepare for everything, but we can do our best to be ready for what the Lord has clearly told us is ahead.

We might not know when these things will happen, or to what extent they will occur, but we are fools if we do not heed the Lord’s warnings as did Noah, Joseph, the Israelites, and other brothers before us.

  • Store up food in the good years. Do it while you can, and as much as you can. No excuses.
  • Plan an escape strategy, or a safe place to go to, in case of natural disasters.
  • Prepare to live without electricity. Our enemies now hold the technology to shut down our entire power grid in a matter of seconds. One act of war against our electronic infrastructure would cripple our nation.
  • Start eating healthier, making healthier lifestyle choices so as to better fight off diseases. Learn herbal remedies and basic first aid and depend less upon the pharmaceutical industry.

Please know, I am not here to fearmonger. I am simply stating truths from our very own Scriptures. These things are to come, they will happen, and we must do what we can to heed the warnings the Lord has provided us, so that we may help not only our own families and loves ones, but so that we can help others in need through these hard times as well.

So yes! Christians, believers in the Messiah Yeshua, followers of Yahweh, Scriptures are unarguably clear that we are to be prepared for what is to come to the best of our ability. And to trust that the Lord will take care of us beyond that which we have been warned of.

So stop making excuses, sisters and brothers. The Lord has spoken to you. What will you do with His warnings?

I’ll leave you with one more verse to consider…

Proverbs 27:12-“A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

Now is the time to start building your ark and putting back supplies to ride out the storm. Please don’t be caught unprepared.

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  1. I’m hoping to find other believers to help me prep for the Tribulation, that we might work together in spiritual unity in the love and wisdom of Christ to grow food, store supplies, prepare energy resources, medicines, and other necessary supplies. I live on 40 acres of land in a valley in the mountains of coastal Oregon forest with lush green pastures, fertile soil, year round clean running water. Those who need a place to live off the grid in the mountains and want to work with other believers seeking daily the Lord in prayer with wisdom and direction, being in the Word daily, in repentance and obedience to God, and having patience, to glorify the Lord in all of our actions with love and bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit, should contact me. If you feel the Lord leading you to reach out to me I can be reached at brik4166 at hotmail. I am a 56 year old mature man, who is a believer and living for the Lord the best I can in my isolation. I have a mild handicap with my foot but still take care of the place all on my own. If you have an RV or want to build a small cabin this would be a good location. I think the world’s economic system is getting ready to collapse as worldwide debt bubble is now at $270 trillion and there is talk of a Great Reset with a digital currency that will use AI to create the “new” economic and social system. May the Lord Jesus bless you in your life and direction!

  2. I am so appreciative of your post and the biblical content it holds. I think it’s important to cultivate the prepping mindset from a position that reminds us:
    1) if Christ is not coming back for us before the next disaster or emergency, we, as believers, have an obligation to administer the gospel to the hurting and confused during this time. Prepping really removes the “self preservation aspect” that may conflict many Christians when we look at it from a perspective of obligation and duty to survive and recognize a disastrous situation as a major evangelizing opportunity to advance the kingdom.

    I don’t know a poised way to discuss the aspect of self-defense and violence that will inevitably come along with this kind of situation. I really respected the way ‘The Book of Eli’ presented this contentious issue.



  3. I also have a husband that is not on board with prepping for hard times. He will do a garden and help me with canning, but that is as far as it goes. One thing I did was to get him interested in dehydrating and making jerky. He loves doing that. He also knows that I will buy using coupons to stock food as much as I can. He also knows I have a large stash of both toilet paper and paper towels as well as kleenex and napkins in out attic. That was the only place I had to store those things. He also knows that I have bought extra packs of socks, underwear and tea shirts as cotton has gotten high in price in the past. There are a lot of things I would like to do but I don’t want to do things without his knowlege but have done some things that I knew we would need incase of an EMP. He was against me buying a medal trash can to turn into an EMP cage to protect the things we would be needing such as radio, flashlights and such but did not stop me from buying one when we were at store. So he is ok on somethings but I have to word things carefully for what it is to be used for. This is how I manage to get him to agree on things even though he does not see it as preparing for harder times.

  4. Thank you for your blog.
    I find it quitte amazing that you talk about the ten virgins.the last couple of months i came across on this parable at serveral occasions. I think the lord is telling something. On every part of aspect of life. He also showed me the genesis diet more then once also as jeshua 1 6-9 going in His rest, being strong etc. I will start preparing from now. Thank you. Messianic torah believer john. Nederlands.

  5. Any advice on how to store when your husband thinks your crazy and won’t listen to you when you say the end is near. I want to start stocking but we have little in finances. I am also trying to be a good wife and have my husband be the head of the household.I am feeling like I need to go out and stock like crazy but I can’t. Please advise and pray for my family.

    • Nicole,

      This is actually a common problem in many households. There are a few things I would recommend that you do.

      1) Don’t be an alarmist to your husband, or you risk losing credibility. If he isn’t ready to be open to the possibilities of the future, then no amount of pushing from you will make him ready. He’s going to have to hear what you’ve been telling him from other sources before he seriously considers them. Honestly, as hard as it might be, you should probably just stop talking about preparedness with him altogether. If he’s going to come around, he’ll do it in his own time. I have found this to be the case countless times, even within my own extended family.

      2) Do what you can to start preparing your family on your own. Buy a few extra cans of food each week as you are able without putting a strain on your family’s budget, and start creating a little emergency stash. If you get money that’s your own to spend, or maybe birthday presents, use that opportunity to get preparedness supplies. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your family- it’s a God-given instinct.

      3) Start gardening and canning this year if you aren’t already. Even if you only have room for a small raised bed. Anything is better than nothing. This way you’ll be saving money, eating healthier AND putting food aside all at the same time. 🙂

      4) Learn SKILLS now. Skills are just as important, if not more important, than stockpiling supplies. Learning skills doesn’t have to cost you a dime, it won’t take up any extra space in your home, and shouldn’t cause a strain on your marriage. Some examples of things to learn: how to preserve food, wild foraging, herbal medicine, basic medical care, self defense, escape and evasion, hunting/trapping, bartering, gardening, seed saving, sewing, mechanics, surviving without electricity, building shelters, water filtration, basic wilderness survival… the list could go on and on. Start feeding your brain with useful information. Pick a skill to become really good at. Have a barterable trade. Seek out groups of like-minded folks to get together with and learn from- they’re out there! The internet is a fantastic resource for learning anything and everything you would want to know. When you’re washing dishes or cleaning house or driving your car, listen to podcasts that talk about preparedness or survival skills, so that you can be soaking up that information while you go about your day.

      5) If you have children, get them as involved as you can in learning skills and teach them the importance of preparing for any kind of emergency.

      6) Keep an eye out at yard sales for anything you can use in an emergency: candles, lanterns, lamp oil, medical supplies, good quality boots, camping gear, cast iron cookware, etc. You can often find these things for pennies on the dollar.

      7) Continue praying that the Lord will open your husband’s eyes, and then step back and let Him work. And in the meantime, just do as much as you can on your own.

      Try not to feel panicked. I have a feeling your husband will come around. 🙂

      • thank you so much! I am doing this now but it is causing him to think I’m crazy. We live in a subdivision so not lots of yard space but I have some fruit trees and we do garden what we can. I have been collecting heirloom seeds just need to learn how to harvest them for reuse. I am going to do just like you said and do what I can. I would ask for you to pray for my husband. I don’t think he has really excepted the Lord and he hates me talking about the signs of bad things to come. I know something is coming I feel like the Lord keeps poking me saying hurry up.
        I’m going to study as much as I can and learn as much as I can. Will do my best to teach my boys as well. thank you for the advice .

        • You and your husband are in my prayers. So many believers have been experiencing the same urging over the past several years. I truly believe He’s calling His people to get ready. Who knows what the future holds, but it sure doesn’t hurt to do what you can to try to ride out the storm if/when it arrives. Best wishes to you!

    • I am not concerned with end times as I know that Jesus will be returning! But I am concerned about surviving natural disaster, war and such so I don’t believe in sitting back and doing nothing! I trust in God to provide in times of trouble also!

  6. I am a single woman and looking to move to a location of christian homesteaders. Looking to buy some property with water and have christian preppers in my “community” How would I find these groups? Of course, I would be willing to relocate, but need help finding these groups and their contact info – thanks!

  7. I think, obviously, prepping is fine for a Christian to do. In my view, however, the problem begins at the point of whether or not to protect what is yours with violent means. If there is a serious problem (finincial, EMP, natural disaster, nuclear, etc.) and you are one of the very few who have prepared you WILL be attacked by those who did not prepare, period. What is the proper Christian response at that point? Are you to use violence and even kill other desperate, starving people in order to protect your family’s food? I believe you are all focusing on the wrong issue in your posts (and in the article itself). It’s not the prepping that may or may not be proper for believers to partake in, but what Christian preppers do AFTER the catastrophe. If you believe Christians cannot kill the starving people that will attempt to steal their food and supplies then prepping becomes nothing more than an excercise in storing up those provisions to help as many others as you can and NOT something meant to save your loved ones only.

    • Well said and my concern also. We as believers are called to lay down our lives for others as Christ did for us. That might mean sharing our last bite of food with them.

      But a second thought occurred , would I be able to kill the wicked who would take from me and from the weak because they are wicked bullies?
      I could see sharing and I ought to try to think of a way to be prepared to share something.
      Yes, I would be capable of defending to protect others from criminals who steal and loot to gratify their greed. I hope if I’m wrong that Jesus would forgive me. It might be hard but just like killing a pet in real life to keep from starvation would be sad, sadly killing a wicked person would be difficult but necessary because of the Fall.

      On another note isn’t Peanut butter very nutritious even in small quantities. I had thought about starting a store of it in cases. As well as rice and beans.

      Also wondered about sewage disposal. Water supply. Bottled water can only last so long. Medicine especilly antibiotics.

    • I think a Christian is fully justified in using violence to defend oneself; modern Christians have all to often twisted turning the other cheek to justify cowardice. A slap on the cheek then is the same as it is today; it was an insult. Jesus was warning His followers not to take something so petty as an insult and allow it balloon out of control. It was never a message of pacifism. Jesus is fully against unwarranted violence, but recommended His followers buy a sword for defense.

  8. Thank you for sharing this, this has come at such a time is this and is even more relevant for today. We have been in the process of being prepared for what’s to come. I don’t want to be that lady with no oil for her lamp, but in our cases no food for our families. I strongly feel that the time is getting closer and closer. And I strongly believe that before the Lord comes we are going to have difficult times, famines, pestilences, etc. We need not be naive or asleep, we need to wake up. Thank you for the verses and insight on this, I’ve been enlighten.


  9. Thank you for collecting all the quotes from the bible that are so relevent to the reasons for prepping. I have explained to family members before but with this in hand I am sure they will understand my reasons more clearly. I do not try to force my belief on them but they question mine quite often.

  10. Paroadi,
    How about the parable of the ten virgins? The ones who came prepared refused to share with the unprepared ones because they might not have enough oil themselves. Look it up.

  11. I read the comments in response to your article and some of the comments concern me. The Christian community scares me in the direction it seems to be taking. By my view we have become very self serving, concerned only with our well being, our situation while turning a blind eye to what we should be called to do.

    Many Christians seem to be building their bunkers and hiding from what they perceive is coming. This bunker mentality is making the faith irrelevant in many cases. If we live our lives outwardly and practice our faith by our deeds the community grows stronger lessening the need to prep.

    I guess my reaction to the comments is born more from my frustration with how the direction the country is going. We have become individuals in the extreme leading us to insensitivity to our fellow man. The “leaders” both in the secular and non-secular world use fear to drive us to their agenda. Listen to Glenn Beck and he would have us arming nukes in the bunker. Listen to the government and they would have us sending all our money to Washington to stave off impending calamity while keeping our heads down in the bunker. Listen to the religious leaders and Christ is at the gate and ready to judge us. My response to this is to reject the messages delivered and seek the truth through independent analysis.

    I view homesteading and prepping as an adequate response to the world as it exists. Farming, gardening and storing is most healthy for the body and mind. Food stores sell lots of poisons to hook us on it and to preserve their product. It is right to purge the grocery store food from our shelves as much as possible. Our bodies are a temple. Beyond that blow up your TV, throw away the paper and be free!


    • Barry,

      You bring up a great point. Prepping doesn’t have to mean secluding yourself from society. Something that my husband and I, along with some neighbors of ours plan on doing when the weather warms up is hosting a community preparedness cookout. We’ll be inviting everyone who lives within our immediate area to join us for a potluck/cookout, where we’ll talk about the importance of being prepared for disasters or emergencies as a community. We’re hoping to develop a network of neighbors which we can rely on to help each other in times of need. Community is definitely key to preparedness. We can’t do it all alone 🙂

  12. There is such a fine line between living the life God has for us and worrying about the future. I haven’t come to a good decision about this yet. We eat mainly all fresh food so in a disaster we would be in trouble.

  13. I have no problem with storing food. It is wise to do such a thing. My point is that we have become so isolated from each other that we forget that right here right now there are hungry families. In my area food pantries continue to run on empty. The Salvation Army is beyond capacity to house poor families. Homelessness is a real problem. Churches that choose to get involved with the homeless families are taxed in their ability to keep up. Most churches and the majority of people turn a blind eye. We are afraid that this may touch our family.

    In my life I have watched Christians become so involved in what the book says they forget what we are called to do. Love thy neighbor. As in the Sermon on the Mount the question was asked, Who is our neighbor? The neighbor is our community, our world. Whether a child in this country finds a bed to sleep on or an African child is fed our Lord’s command is satisfied.

    Christ came to the planet to point out to his people that living by rules outlined in a book is not what was intended. A new covenant was offered. That covenant has been corrupted by fear merchants. Fear is the trade used to move the flock. While the end may be near or the end may be far I am not afraid. God will protect his chosen. Live your lives without fear. Teach your children to live at peace. There will be a tomorrow. Live today for all its worth as this is all we truly have.

    • Barry,

      I’ve always respected your thoughts 🙂 I’m curious… if you think it’s wise to store food, what do you mean by “live your lives without fear”? What does that look like in your eyes, as pertaining to prepping? The impression I get from this statement is that it lends to the impression that storing up food is out of fear. I do not feel fear in my life. I have great peace with where we are. I don’t believe my children are living fearfully. I’m sure there are people out there in the “prepping” community who probably scare their children to death with scenarios of “what ifs”. There is a balance that needs to be present. That’s the wonderful thing about being a believer 🙂 We know we have nothing to fear, we know He will be with us through all of our trials, and we lean on His strength in the hard times. Everything you say *sounds* good… but I’m getting mixed messages. Should we prep, or should we live one day at a time?

  14. Why stockpile food and let your neighbor go hungry? Would we not be better off feeding our brothers and sisters and those who are in need? Would Jesus turn his back on people in need to only feed himself and his disciples? The Sermon on the Mount was a prime example of how he reacted when faced with a food shortage.

    The world is shattered in so many ways. What are you prepared to do to piece it back together? Would the creator wants us to stockpile our treasures or to give joyously?

    Live your life without fear and raise your children to reach out to our brothers and sisters.


    • Barry,

      I admire your generous spirit. And I know your heart is in the right place. My thoughts though, as I read your comment, were that I don’t know anybody who is truly hungry at this moment. I know “poor” people, and those who struggle, but they always have *something* to eat. Maybe they miss a meal, but they aren’t starving to death like people in other countries do. I’m sure there are inner city kids somewhere who are going without meals, but I feel like at this moment, in our country, *something* is almost always available to the hungry, whether it’s food stamps, soup kitchens, church charities… Yes, when I come across a homeless person who will actually accept my offer to buy them food (and not just insist on cash) then I am always more than happy to buy them a meal. BUT… I do believe a time is coming when there will be TRULY hungry people. And there will be no assistance available to them. Personally, I would rather store up food NOW in the plentiful years, and have it available to share in the bad years, than spend all of that money on giving food to people who have other meal options available at the moment. Does that make sense? There will always be hungry people. I’d rather save my stores for truly desperate times, which I believe with all of my heart are coming. It isn’t about fear, or hoarding… it’s about being wise. Perhaps the Father lays different burdens on different hearts so that all of the needs are met in a well-rounded way. You feed the hungry now, I’ll feed the hungry later, and the hungry will always be fed. 😉 We can hardly say one is “right” and one is “wrong”.

  15. This is a great post and great comments, Kendra. We are not preppers in the sense that we don’t have a year or more food stored away. We are preparing for the future by growing a garden with hierloom seeds, planting lots of fruit trees, keeping chickens, hunting and canning all our excess each season (including meat). I also can dried beans to have on hand.

    We’ve taught these skills to our children also. I’m fairly certain that most of our children don’t desire to use these skills as adults. And I’m ok with that. But if the Lord ever lays on their hearts to begin doing some of these things they will be prepared. It’s not wasted time.

    To LH above, I would say that maybe you believe what you experienced as a child is a waste because you haven’t needed to put to practice those skills. But what a blessing you will be to others if we do experience another Great Depression because you do know how to garden and cook. There is definately a balance between living for today and preparing for tomorrow.

    • Angi,

      GREAT point to LH! Thank you for adding that to the conversation. It’s so true that even if it seems useless now to know how to garden, can, wild forage, hunt, etc. that doesn’t mean you might not use those skills in the future. Blessings as you continue to learn to be less reliant on man, and more reliant on God 🙂

  16. Thank for for bringing this post to the forefront at this time.

    Amen and Amen!

    New International Version:
    In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

    Well it must be the Last Days AND I must be kind of young and kind of old (middle aged) because the Lord is giving me dreams and I have had two visions.

    Dream #1 dealt with the duration of the “hard times” which are coming. (People, this is going to go on for YEARS!)

    Dream #2 dealt with how long I have to get ready. (LESS THAN 3 years and two of those years passed as of Feb. 2013)

    Dream #3 dealt with food hyperinflation and SUDDEN SUDDEN SUDDEN changes that would leave almost everyone stunned and feeling disenfranchised (or to put it bluntly, the people will feel “ripped-off” and “I didn’t get mine!” and “What do you mean food is no longer available?”)

    But the world’s experts tell us all is well, the stock market has rallied and it is a bull market. Iran is a year away from perfecting their cache so don’t worry. China won’t ask us to “pay-up”. North Korea hasn’t got their act together yet.

    What are Christians saying? Some are triumphantly sounding the alarm to the body of Christ. Many have had visions and dreams of what is to come. Others are not one bit concerned. For example, my in-laws (who hold leadership in their church) will not even listen to the dreams/visions God has given me because this is not being discussed at THEIR church. (Don’t you have to first LISTEN to the dreams before you can JUDGE them?)

    Isaiah addresses this starting in Chapter 56:10 Simplified Living Translation: For the leaders of my people are blind to every danger. And these are the Lord’s watchmen, his shepherds! They are foolish and give no warning when danger comes.

    Mother-in-law would not hear me and she cut me short. She continues to fill some of her time with shocking sit-com’s and soap operas and took off on vacation to Florida. In her mind nothing is going to change because she does not want anything in her world to change. God let me know the time of warning is over.

    Not only did Isaiah warn, but so did Jeremiah, and in Jeremiah Chapter 14, I was shocked to read his account. Verse 1 explains that the Lord holds back the rain. In that day, there was drought in the land. (Oh wait, that is happening now…in fact in today’s paper, one local community’s water is so low that if the lake dries, their water tower only holds enough water for 3 HOURS!)
    At that time, crops failed, grasses dried up. Their was suffering.
    Why would God do this? In Verse 7 Jeremiah explains how the people have indeed sinned and rebelled against the Lord.

    Verse 15: Therefore this is what the Lord says about the prophets who are prophesying in my name: I did not send them, yet they are saying, ‘No sword or famine will touch this land.’ Those same prophets will perish by sword and famine.

    Everyone who thinks “all is fine” can go back to sleep now. Chances are these are the ones who will not listen.

    Isaiah also brought more words of warning, about drought, famine, and war from invading armies. But the people did not want to hear. In Isaiah 30: 10-11 Simplified Living Translation it reads: They tell my prophets, “Shut up! We don’t want any more of your reports!” Or they say, “Don’t tell us the truth. Tell us nice things. Tell us lies. Forget all this gloom. We’ve heard more than enough about your “Holy One of Israel.” We’re tired of what he has to say.”

    Over and over Isaiah and Jeremiah explained to God how the people would not listen and would not be warned. In Jeremiah 7:16 the Lord says, “Pray no more for these people, Jeremiah. Don’t cry for them or beg me to help them. For I will not listen.”

    Wow! May each of us desire to hear God (even when we don’t particularly like the word) and pray that God does not get so fed up with America that He turns away from our nation. Will we seek to draw closer to Him or push Him out of our life?

  17. I soooooo agree with this! I have heard MANY preachers and Christians pop-off a negative comment on this subject and I always wondered… “Where do they get that????” After much studying on this, I think I now understand their thinking. Many christian churches believe in the “rapture” and that we will not be here for the Great Tribulation. They believe that these “hard times” will be during the Tribulation and since we won’t be here, there is no need to prepare. It doesn’t really matter if you are “pre-trib”, “mid-trib” or “post-trib” because “No man knows the day or the hour”… and I like your words: “And we’d be wise to be prepared for worst case scenario.”

  18. I agree that Christians should be preppers, however, I have issues with Christians who have rooms full of food because they prepped and people in our own church family are lacking food. Yes, we should be preppared, but we should also be willing to use some of that “prepping” to bless others and provide for their needs.

    • Darcy,

      Some people choose to spend their extra money on vacations, the newest gadgets, and fancy clothes. Some people choose to invest their extra money in the stock market. And some people choose to use their extra, hard-earned money on food their family will need in the future. Why is the one who stores food seen as greedy, and the others aren’t expected to “share the wealth”? Yes, we should give to the poor… but that doesn’t mean we cannot have extra for our own families, nor that it is wrong to prepare for your own loved ones. I’m not sure why you assume that preppers aren’t blessing others as well??

  19. I grew up in a self sufficient, homeschooling, organic cooking and canning, Christian family. So many wasted years of our lives. So much concern with physical well being. Are you going to horde all the stored food to yourselves while your neighbors starve? There are so many fads and ideas the devil loves to use to distract people and keep them busy with the future when we should be living our lives to the fullest here and now to God’s glory. That is my little soapbox. Wanna have some emergency supplies for a power outage and a weeks worth of grocery. Need to hide away so much food you need a title- maybe a life that could be better used to God’s glory by investing your time more wisely and kingdom minded.

  20. The bible also says that the man who fails to provide for his family is worse than an infidel and the churches are loaded with them. These will be the same ‘believers’ who will kill you in a NY minute to take what you have worked hard to store. People have no clue how bad things are going to get and it is better to face these facts before one is slapped in the face with reality. Those poor children who have fools for parents! The bible also says that the wise see trouble ahead and prepare but the FOOL keeps moving toward it and perishes. That should be plain enough for even blind, deaf and dumb pew warmers. It is time to tell it like it is.

  21. Hi there,
    Our Pastor was given a dream/vision back in 2008 about some very bad times coming. To make a long story short, in Feb 2009, he preached on this vision and called it The Long Emergency. Since that time, the church has started a bulk food department for the congregation. They order through Walton… We personally also order through and Lehman’s. The church has also had classes on collecting water and purification, food storage and couponing.

    And speaking of David Wilkerson, has anyone see John Paul Jackson’s The Perfect Storm on the Sid Roth show?

  22. Agreed! Agreed! Agreed!! Another great post my friend! 🙂
    We aren’t just huge hoarders here, but we try to keep stocked for 1 year for our family. We use this store all throughout the year and replace each January. I almost always have at least a 1/4 of it all left. We then just use that first and then start our new supply. 🙂 Love the post, friend!!! Great job! 🙂
    Waiting on warmer weather so maybe we can treat you guys to the zoo?! (all of you b/c Josh really wants to talk with J) (hugs)–S

  23. I am wondering if your Christian friends buy insurance? I don’t know anyone who really expects a fire, flood, earthquake, etc. but most of us have insurance for at least a few of these things. That is what I use stockpiling for: hope for the best, prepare for the worst. But we preach to the choir here, right!

  24. I have always been taught to stock up for hard times. Hard times can come from a loss of a job, sickness, poor crop year…etc…

    I have always been a stickler about having a couple of months of food available in the house since I have been on my own. Most of that comes from my upbringing as my Daddy was a full time farmer and developed cancer later on. It is a great lesson to be proactive and not reactive.

    God does supply all of our families needs, he always has and always will. We have case and point of hundreds of ways he has provided, but we also had to do our part.

  25. Fascinating. I started stocking up in October/November of ’08. I thought it was just a reaction to the ’08 food recalls and inflated food prices. Now I have to wonder if God was using those situations to get my attention and spur me to action. Using a backdoor approach to open my eyes?

    I wasn’t a believer then, so my intentions were mostly selfish and self-motivated…but now the thought that keeps going through my head over and over is get ready to help people. I don’t know if that means feed them or teach them or use the garden ministry at church?

  26. Great post! I have always wondered about the “feel good” Christians and why they believe that God will take care of their needs no matter what. God will provide, but He also provides us with the means to prepare and care for ourselves physically. I realized this last year when I felt a panic over the direction of our government. Now with the last of my major debts paid off and just my student loan left, I can officially be off food assistance and medicaid. I applied for food assistance after my divorce three years ago when I couldn’t pay for food to feed my kids and pay my bills at the same time. I wish I would have known this info from this site or others like it sooner! I wouldn’t have had to do this. Now I can and I feel so blessed that I can. I also started to stockpile last year and am slowly moving toward lessening my dependence on electricity. Thanks for the great info Kendra!

  27. Lanna:
    If you are taking a poll as to when people heard from God to prepare,
    I’ll participate in your poll.

    My first instructions were to get out of debt. That took 6 years 11 months.

    Then in 1998, I heard God tell me 7 good years, followed by 7 bad years.
    He brought Joseph’s situation to mind and told ME to lay up a stock of food. I pondered, “WHEN do the 7 good and 7 bad start?” It’s not like I heard, “On your mark, get set, GO!” So I just started (THEN) gathering, and rotating canned goods, learning to grow a garden, then pressure and waterbath can, then dehydrate, then plant fruit/nut trees, etc. It became a way of life…and very rewarding I might ad!

    If the 7 good started right when I heard my instructions, then 2005 (1/2 way through the Bush presidency) was the last of the good. 2012 finishes the last of the bad. Then what? I don’t know. Maybe “Come up hither” and the great catching away?

    I’m so glad I don’t have to know everything. I’m just glad to take it all one day at a time and ENJOY each day. I am thankful God takes such good care of my family!

  28. Robin, just jump in with a good pressure canner! Granted, the first few times you’ll be as skittish as a kitten, but you’ll get the hang of it. I’ve had to learn my whole canning deal by myself (started in 2004) since my grandma died back in 2001 – now I’m the one friends come to with seemingly off-the-wall questions.

    StCJ, yeah, you probably don’t want to know what I was doing in 1998… Ah, to be young and oblivious again. 😉

  29. Excellent post Kendra. I couldn’t have said it better. I’ve been stockpiling for a few years now, but some times let my supplies get low (part of feeding teenagers). I agree now is the time to work hard on supplies. I’ve been trying hard to work a coupon strategy to lay in extra supplies and have gotten many things free or almost free over the last month. I also shop Aldi and stock their canned goods. Lately I’ve been contemplating getting a pressure canner, although they make me a little nervous. So far most everything we grow/raise goes in the freezers. Love these kind of posts!

  30. Kris, holy smokes, my huge urge to stockpile started in January 2009 as well! (we got laid off in June 2009 which I figured was part of that, but still) Or maybe that December before, I can’t remember, one of those months.
    I’d be very curious to see when other folks started getting that divine intervention/urge/whatever….

    • Lanna,

      FYI, Jerry and I started feeling a strong urge to store up food in 2009 as well. Never before in my life had it ever crossed my mind to store food. I know, when Kris said this, and then more of you have said the same thing about ’09, I thought it was crazy too.

  31. David Wilkerson has been talking about this issue for many years. He wrote a book in the ’90’s called, “God’s plan for his people in the coming depression” and it’s available for free in e-book format on his website. He talks about how yes, we trust God to provide, but God also gave us a mind and reason and will let you know what his plan for your life is and what you need to do if you pray and ask him for wisdom. And also about how we need to prepare spiritually for the trials that are coming. It’s a pretty good book–I’d highly recommend it.

  32. Another great verse is:

    Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of others and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.
    I Thessaliniaans 4:11

  33. I remember when Amy at Homestead Revival did a post on this subject. I wondered why anyone would question the prudence of preparation? After thinking about it though, I realize there are those on opposite sides of EVERY issue. I think it is strange that I am the ONLY one among my circle of believing friends that I know to be making preparations. I must be obedient to what God has made me responsible for, though.

    I have been a casual prepper all my adult life, after finding myself many years ago in the midst of a blizzard with no heat, no water , no way to flush the toilet….you get the idea. I’ve always kept a full pantry since, and several years ago, during a lengthy period of unemployement was glad for what I had put away!

    I too, believe I heard from the Lord a couple of years ago (2009? like another commenter?) about seriously laying away stores. I believe – like Joseph – we are in the ‘fat” years, and we have a limited period of time to prepare for the ‘lean” years. We may not have 7 years to prepare, as he did, and some may take issue with my calling these days ‘fat!”

    I am single, on the far side of middle aged, have a limited income and VERY limited space. I do believe God will honor our efforts though. Not everyone has a farm, livestock and large areas to store provisions. Even if we did, no one can be completely prepared for EVERYTHING. I believe that is where the faith comes in. If we make every effort to be obedient to that which we hear the Lord saying, I believe he will be faithful to provide in any area of shortfall.

  34. I am not “prepping”, I am obeying. The Father told me in January of 2009 to start laying in stores, and that’s what I am doing. Basically, building an ark, I guess you could say. Noah’s neighbors ridiculed him, and my friends and family started out that way. Now, I am teaching frugal living and food preservation classes through our city adult education programs!

    Trust and obey.

  35. To April:
    As to the feminine supplies, my daughter has 3 of those big plastic totes (kind of the size you would pack your Christmas ornaments in before storing them until next year) and has crammed them full of pads (still in their manufacturers packaging). She keeps them down in the cellar.

    She cuts everyone’s left over coupons for these items. She seems to be able to find pads/tampons on sale PLUS uses a coupon for great savings. She rarely pays more than 50 cents/package. I would guess she has enough socked away for several years.

    On a different note: Our community is expecting 9 inches of snow starting tomorrow night. We are in the south, and unlike the north, our municipalities are not equipped with enough snow plows to get the roads passable within two or so days. To be “stuck at home” for one week is not unrealistic. This is when it would be prudent to have lots and lots of food on hand. There was a run at area grocery stores, and that made the top news story in our area. People are not keeping enough food on hand for any “bump in the road” situation.
    God help America if we were to be hit with an EMP.
    People need to wake up and prepare. Thanks, Kendra, for your informative posts!

  36. I agree, and we are somewhat prepared. I buy food in bulk, and rotate it, and we can heat with propane, electric or wood. We freeze some food, but also can and dehydrate it, in the event we loose our freezer due to electricity. We grow a large majority of our food, including most our meat.

    My fear is, although we have stocks for us, what about our family and friends? Of course, any close ones we would welcome in, and I know my family would have sense enough that they would bring with them their food and supplies, but what about those (such as a sister in law or cousin) who buy their needs 1-3 days at a time. How do we provide for them or turn them away because they failed to provide for themselves. I’d hate to turn anyone away, but I feel we can’t have our children go hungry to feed the unprepared.

    My husband first laughed at me when I started stockpiling food. Mainly it was because we live in such a rural area I hated running into town. Then, we had a 10 day power outage with an ice storm. That stockpile came in handy, and as a result he built me some heavy duty shelving in the basement to organize it better. The second time it came in handy was when his company sent him out of state for training, and his payroll messed up. Instead of getting paid weekly, they paid him monthly in error, then switched him back to weekly. Playing havoc with our budget, and trying to pay the big bills, such as taxes, insurance and mortgage, left little for food–but, we had it in our stockpile.

    It isn’t hard to do–I just buy in bulk and eat the oldest first, and keep our freezer and medicines rotated also.

    One thing I am lacking on, is our “flammable supplies”, having survived a house fire, I am not too crazy about stocking up on items that will burn, such as female items (also, being a farm, mice like to nest in them!!)With 5 daughters, that is a biggie–any suggestions there I would appreciate! The daughters aren’t too crazy about the wash and reuse idea.

    • April,

      I know what you mean about family. I have the same concerns. All we can do is continue to tell them how important it is for them to be storing up food NOW. We’ve been sharing what we are doing with our family, and encouraging them to do the same. And slowly we have seen people start coming around, asking where to get started. This is good. KEEP telling your family how important this is!!

      As for feminine supplies, if they aren’t crazy about the reusable kind, then just keep stocking up whatever they like (if you can afford to do so. Watch for sales and use coupons.) If mice are a problem, I’d suggest storing these things in a plastic storage tub. I don’t know if your girls would feel comfortable about it, or if they are old enough for it, but look into the Diva Cup 🙂 At least they’d only have to deal with the “mess” once a day.

  37. Being good stewards of the finances the Lord has given us allows us to be “preppers”. When times get hard this will give us the opportunity to witness and show love and compassion for the lost. possibley to win that soul for Jesus! I think I have a very strong faith that the Lord will provide and care for us but we should be diligently working toward His return. Great post Kendra!

  38. Excellent post. The Bible is more that just for spiritual guidance, it is there for our well-being in every day life as well.
    I’m bookmarking this post and am going to re-read it as well as recommend it to others!
    Thank you!

  39. That was a very good post! I may not agree with all of it, but I agree we should prepare for things that are unforeseen. An example is electricity… if our electric goes out, we are out of heat. There are just so many things to prepare for just to make sure our family will have food, shelter and warmth. If we live the agrarian lifestyle we have to prepare or we would starve, unless of course we want to buy all our food. The bible does tell us to lean on Him and have faith in Him, but he doesn’t say we should not prepare for the things that are going on around us now. I believe he means to have us understand that he will help us in our endeavor to make sure our family is safe. Of course if we think we can prepare for when the end comes, it is true – we need to prepare our hearts and our spirituality and make sure we are doing as Jehovah God asks us to do. Then we will be safe when the end of this system of things come.

  40. On January 15th, I wrote this on another blog:

    I recently heard a godly man say that we are in the eye of the storm. The news says the recession is over. I say, NO! The recession was the first part of the storm. The depression is the back side. Right now we are in the quiet eye and in this limited season of calm, we can take prudent action (prepare).

    Another godly man reported that the depression that is coming will be larger than the Great Depression. Do you know how long the Great Depression lasted? My understanding is 10 years. Bigger than that? I can’t even think big enough.

    Each person will have to decide for himself/herself when enough is enough (stocking up). Just as Noah and neighbors had never seen rain, I believe we have never seen the magnitude of what is coming.

    I had a dream last week that hard times had been going on for a long time and that we were operating with 1/2 our current level. All of our needs were met, but inventory was MUCH lower than what I’m accustomed to. In the dream I thought how important it was that I had squirreled away every possible thing.

    Then immediately I woke up, very unsettled and thought, “I need to stock like my life depends on it, because it does.” (I felt I had been seriously warned!)

    Our security is in the Lord and not stock. But when I get some specific information and/or instruction, I know it is time to heed it.

    Many people may think a few cases of canned goods is all that will be needed. My guess is that most people have NOT stocked enough.

    This is our time to “press in” to God for specific instructions. I remind Him that when I lack wisdom, He promises to freely give it. Cash in on that promise and ask for instructions that are specific to what your family will need to do to be ready.

    God’s blessings and abundance to all who are reading this!

    • Jana,

      Have you read my How To Survive An Economic Collapse series yet? This should help point you in the right direction.

      The easiest first step I think for anybody to take is to go to a discount grocery store (we have Aldi’s here) and buy a ton of canned veggies, as much as you can afford. Seeing all of this food put aside is a great encouragement, and will help to get the ball rolling.

  41. 😀 I tend to fall back on he phrase “God helps those who help themselves.” Sitting back and waiting for things to get handed to you rarely works out – you have to be willing to work [hard] for it. 🙂


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