Scored Some Free Canning Jars

jars-mediumOver the weekend I was prowling Craigslist, and I noticed an ad for Mason jars in the Free Stuff section. It was from the day before, so I was sure they were gone. Nevertheless, I emailed with my interest. Later on I hadn’t heard anything, so I gave the man a call. Luckily he answered!

I asked him if he still had the canning jars, and he said he did. He said he had about 9 emails requesting them, but he hadn’t responded to any yet. I said, “Well, I live in (same town as him) too, and I can come and get them right now if you want.” He said, “Okay, come and get them.” Yay!!

He gave me directions, and I loaded the kids in the car and hit the road. I always get a little nervous meeting strange people when I’m by myself, and especially with the kids. I called my house and left a message on the answering machine giving directions to where I was going… just in case I ended up missing. I also called my husband to tell him where I was going.

The man I spoke with evidently had a problem giving directions, ’cause he was way off! I drove for 45 min. looking for his house, when it should have only taken me 15. And dumb me forgot to write his phone number down before I left the house, so I couldn’t call him. Finally, I called my sister and asked her if she could look on Craigslist to get his number for me. And just my luck, he had taken his listing off, so his number was no longer there. Bummer.

Thank goodness for modern technology! My sister suggested Mapquesting his address, and sure enough she was able to lead me right to his house. Nowhere near where he had told me! Anyways, I was able to get the jars from him; two boxes containing a dozen wide mouth mason jars. Cool.

They were dirty from just sitting in his attic forever, but I don’t mind! My dishwasher will take care of that, no problem 🙂 Gotta love free stuff!

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