Saving Money On Diapers

What’s the best way to save money on diapers?

Go cloth.


It’s a great way to save BIG in the long run, and definitely helps reduce waste. Cloth diapers can be expensive initially, but are definitely worth it in the long run. Especially if you are able to use them on more than one baby.

You can even make your own. A simple google search will bring up tons of patterns for sewing your own cloth diapers.

Where should I buy cloth diapers?

I found some great deals on some gently used cloth diapers on Check out your local site and search for the term “cloth diapers”. Ebay is another great place to find cheaper prices on cloth diapers. Though shop around, sometimes even here they are over priced. Also check out consignment stores, and other classified ads in your area.

What kind should I buy?

I would recommend purchasing a One Size diaper. Here are some reasons why:

  • You only have to purchase one size and shop one time.
  • Can be used for families that have more than one child in diapers.
  • Significant cost savings (over $2000.00 over the life of diapering versus disposable diapers).
  • Can be used again for the next baby.

Most One Size diapers will fit a baby 8-35 lbs. As far as brands go, there are tons of great brands. I use Motherease, just because I found them for a killer deal on Craigslist. Check out some reviews online.

Another inexpensive option is to buy prefold diapers. These are the kind that are flat and rectangular… like grandma used to use (often used as burp cloths today). They don’t snap together like modern cloth diapers, so you’ll need to use large diaper safety pins to keep them tight on baby.

What extras might I need?

If you don’t get an All-In-One diaper, you’ll need to buy separate diaper covers. I use the cheap Gerber ones from Walmart, and they work fine. But if you want to buy something a little better quality there are many to choose from.

Other ways to save on non-cloth diapers…

Wholesale Club: If you aren’t a member, you might consider joining a wholesale club like Sams or Costco. Or if you know somebody who is a member, you can go with them as a guest. These stores offer diapers in bulk, and you can really get a good deal compared to grocery and convenient stores.

Other Places: If you are into CVSing, you can occasionally get FREE, or very inexpensive diapers there with coupons. Sometimes you can even find some good deals on, or Ebay, when somebody over-bought and wants to sell their extras at a discounted price.
Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get in a situation where you are in desperate need for another pack of diapers! This is when you will fall victim to overpriced convenient stores.

Always keep a look out for good deals, and stock up!!

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