Saving Money on Baby Powder

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I never really used baby powder until recently, when I discovered how essential it is to preventing diaper rash from cloth diapers. This stuff is AMAZING. But I use a lot… as in, I really cake that stuff on… with EVERY diaper change.

It would definitely be costly if I was buying bottle after bottle of Johnson’s baby powder.

I have a secret though. Some of you may already know this…

Pure cornstarch, the stuff you cook with, is the SAME thing as baby powder. Sure, it doesn’t have any aloe or scent added to it, but neither did the original stuff. It was straight up cornstarch.

I have a little baby powder bottle that I just keep refilling with cornstarch. It’s much less messy than trying to sprinkle it from the box.

And it’s so much cheaper.

And that’s how we do things around here.

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  1. Using talc if you do a basic search on google consisting of ‘baby powder and cancer’ will instantly stop you. While cornstarch is better in some instances it should not be used on lil girls as it is known to cause yeast problems. Arrowroot is your best choice and as mentioned above adding a lil essential oil helps it to smell pretty and fresh.
    We don;t even use cornstarch in the kitchen anymore. Arrowroot or tapioca is far healthier and non gmo.

  2. I just made baby powder for my new baby due in 2 weeks! So this post caught my eye. I used arrowroot with lavender flower powder for scent. I have a small coffee grinder I use to grind my herbs and spices, which is what I used to grind a handful of lavender flowers into powder. It smells so good, I can’t wait to use it!!!

  3. FYI, cornstarch is genetically modified….unless labeled otherwise. That is why it is so cheap, no offense.
    Arrowroot powder is a good substitute but a bit pricey. I make my own deodorant and once my costly non gmo, non talc baby powder (mlm product) runs out I think I am going to try grinding oats to substitute. Thinking they are rather inexpensive and still organic.

  4. I found this post very interesting and especially all the comments. Just became a grandmother close to 5 months now and it’s always good to know these things. Thank you all.

  5. Only in the past few years has Johnson started using cornstarch in their baby powders – it used to be talc, which is horrible!!

    I always used cornstarch on my babies – great stuff!

  6. I used cornstarch with my first baby, and she had yeast all the time. I never put the two together until my second child was born and someone told me it can cause yeast in the diaper area. I never used it again and my last two children have never had any kind of problem.

  7. We do the same thing, except with arrowroot powder. If the diaper rash is caused by yeast, cornstarch will feed the yeast, but arrowroot powder will help treat it. Or so I’ve read. It’s helped us!

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