Roasted Radishes (Greens and All!)


Cooking Radishes

Tonight, I wanted to make something we’ve never tried before. Roasted Radishes. Since our little bed of radishes has quickly reached harvesting time, I thought it would be fun to experiment with cooking a bunch to see how we like them. I’ve never in my life eaten cooked radishes. Nor have my children.

Tip: When harvesting radishes, do it before they get too big. The bigger, the hotter. Some of mine were about 2″ in diameter, and definitely had a bite.

I also really wanted to find a way to use the tops, seeing as the entire plant is edible. I’m all about getting as much food as possible from my garden. Radish greens are actually a little prickly, but once they’ve cooked down the bristly hairs are undetectable.

Excited to find a recipe that uses both the radishes and their tops in one dish, I prepared Roasted Radishes with Radish Greens for my first radish side dish.

The Recipe


The first thing you’ll need to do is wash your radishes and greens well. I like to use a veggie brush to clean my radishes. Then remove both ends, saving the greens. As you can see, I probably had between 2-3 cups worth of radishes here.

In the meantime, get the oven preheated to 500*, and begin warming 2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil in an ovenproof (I prefer cast iron) skillet over med-high heat.

Cooking radishes

Quarter or halve the radishes, depending on size. When the olive oil is heated up, add the chopped radishes, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and cook until lightly browned.

Move the skillet into the oven, and roast the radishes for 12-15 min, or until tender.

Roasted Radishes and Greens

Return the skillet to the stove top over med-low heat, and stir in 2 Tbsp butter to coat. Toss in the radish greens, and cook until they’re wilted; about 2 min.

At this point the recipe calls for 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice to be added. I sprinkled 1 Tbsp over all, and still think it was too much. Maybe a dash next time? Personally, I didn’t like to sourness it added.

Salt and pepper. Serve hot.

Roasted Radishes

The Verdict

Actually, it was good! I liked the radishes better than the greens. I don’t really like any cooked greens though. If you like cooked greens, you’d like these.

The kids ate them, and didn’t complain, so that was a good sign. They didn’t gobble them down and ask for more, but they did eat most of them. I consider that a success.

I’ll probably continue searching for the “perfect” cooked radish recipe. But this was a nice one to start with.

Do you have a favorite way to cook radishes? Do you also cook the greens?

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  1. instead of adding lemon juice, how about balsalmic vinegar? I have cooked the radishes just on the stove. I sliced them, put them in a cast iron skillet with a little oil and just a touch of water, and with a lid, steamed them till tender. I liked them. Didn’t think to put the greens in but I will from now on. I like greens. I did it on the stove because in the summer just too hot to bake in the oven here.

  2. I will save this recipe for next year. It sounds like a good idea to roast root vegetables. I have a recipe for various types of root vegetables roasted together, but I think they omitted the dependable radish. I am going to try it for sure! Thanks for the idea!

  3. No to the lemon juice, crisp fry a slice of bacon set aside. Then continue as you originally said, using the bacon drippings. Then crumble an add with the greens. Sprinkle with pepper vinegar, salt and pepper .

  4. It is my opinion that some things are meant to be eaten raw and some things are meant to be cooked. I think I’ll keep eating mine raw for now. Maybe use a little dip of ranch dressing to spice them up. Chickens will get my green tops. And I do like and eat all other greens i.e. collards, kale, mustard, turnip tops, etc. Love em all!

  5. I’ve sliced and fried the radish roots in butter with a touch of salt – really yummy! I’m still on the fence with the greens, though.

    Have you tried the radishes pickled? I did them one year and they were good.

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