R.I.P “Sweetie”

More sad news this week. This morning, before church, two stray Pitbulls came onto our property and killed our goat Sweetie. We had only let the goats out like 30 min. beforehand.

As we were loading into the van to go to church, I noticed that the goat pen was opened. I called to my husband inside and asked him if he could put the goats up before we left. He wanted to leave them out while we were gone; he figured they’d be fine. I argued, “We should put them up. We’ll be gone for a while, and they might get into our apple tree or something.” He started walking toward the goat’s pen when he noticed that Mocha was already in there… alone, which immediately set off an alarm. We started calling for Sweetie.

Then something caught Jerry’s eye, and he noticed two Pitbulls down by the chicken coop. He yelled at them and chased them off. When he got over to where they had been, he found Sweetie, already dead on the ground behind the coop.

The dogs had also torn apart the wood on the backside of the coop, savagely trying to get in to the chickens.

I was up at the van getting the kids in their carseats when I heard Jerry gasping from behind the coop. I knew it was Sweetie. I walked down there to see for myself, and to make sure that she was indeed dead and not still suffering. Poor baby; she was gone.

Jerry stayed home just in case the dogs came back while me and the kids went to church. They haven’t come back yet, though I’m sure they will be.

I’m beginning to suspect that those two dogs may be the ones who stole my two chickens the other day. Great.

So now that we have these blood thirsty Pitbulls running around, I can’t even let the kids go outside to play anymore without worrying about them being attacked.

You better believe, the next time those dogs come onto our property we will take care of them. I can’t tell you how angry I am that they killed my poor goat; not to mention terrorized Mocha and the chickens as well.

What really upsets me is that I heard the goats bleating outside earlier, but I didn’t think anything about it. It didn’t occur to me that the only time they yell like that is when they see one of us (and they want more sweet feed). I should have realized that something was out there.


Anyways, while we were gone my husband dug a deep hole in a clearing in the woods, and buried Sweetie. We didn’t allow the kids to see her dead. But when we came home, we let Jada pick some flowers to put on the grave, and had them say goodbye.

I was glad that Jada didn’t get upset or anything. We just tried to explain that this sort of stuff happens sometimes. She felt bad for Sweetie though. We told her we would get another goat soon so that Mocha isn’t lonely. Poor Mocha. She was visibly upset, concerned for her friend.

I guess this is just part of having a homestead. Losing an animal is truly sad and frustrating. In a way, I thank Sweetie for giving her life though, as we are now aware of these mean dogs who could have done harm to the children had we not been cautious of them.

So, in all things, I praise the Lord.

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  1. I am beginning my own homesteading adventure and while looking at things online I came upon your blog and I’m very sad. Very sad you lost your goat, but especially sad that you are profiling a certain breed. I own American pit bull terriers and they can be as vicious and ferocious as any other breed. I hope in the future nothing happens to any of your animals. make sure you call animal control, they should be able to help.

  2. What a sad way to loose a goat. I’m hoping the dogs were delt with – will keep trying to catch up with the blog.

    We’ve lost 2 goats to a dog. My sister raises Blue Heelers (or use to). One of her males lived up here. Twice we’ve had a billy goat wander into their fenced in yard (dogs couldn’t get out, so how did the goat get in?) deep in weeds and grass. Blue Heelers are territorial – and he killed them (2 different events – some years apart).

    Loosing a goat to dogs is tragic. My daughters were very mad at Chico for killing Soapy. But nobody missed Little Britches – and he even had huge horns!

    Wild or tame dogs can become a huge problem. Many people let their dogs run free in the country – we’ve had a neighbor let her dogs loose and they killed many of our chickens and a few of our geese.

  3. I’m so sorry about your sweet little goat. You can tell just by looking at her how she got her name. That is so sad…and one of the reasons I get nervous to have animals. I’m protective enough of my sweet little chickens!

    Love your blog…

  4. Rest assured they will be back unless they have been dealt with by someone else. Once a dog (ANY DOG) starts killing livestock they become bolder, more agreesive and start working more in a pack mentality than individually.

    You need to contact the animal control and your local police department to file a report. If the dogs are found and the owner can be identified then you could get some compensation for your goat. In addition, the Police need to be aware that there are two potential dangerous dogs on the loose who pose a threat to society.

    I am terribly sorry that you lost your sweet goat and it angers me that people allow their dogs to roam wild infringing on others homes. I am a professional dog trainer and I see this all the time – owners who can’t control their dogs and letting these dogs intrude on others.

  5. I’m so sorry about Sweetie, I would be heartbroken. I would also be very worried for my kids. I’ll probably get blasted for saying this, but I’d be waiting for those dogs with a rifle!

  6. Kendra, my sympathy to you and your family–it’s really tough to loose an animal, and tougher still to explain it to your kids! These dangerous dogs are responsible for much injury and loss of life–please be careful with your children and yourself, OK? Once again, so sorry for your loss! Alexis

  7. Kendra,

    I am so sorry for the loss of you goat.

    I agree with you that you should take care of those dogs if they come back but I was also wandering if you have a Animal Control person you could call?

    My friends dog got out and killed a prize show chicken of one of her neighbors, my friend and her husband had to pay to have the animal replaced and was warned that if it happened again the dog would be put down.

    If it were me I would call and at least lodge a complaint, find out who the dogs belong too and see what can be done, before you take the law in your own hands, not that I don’t blame you I feel the same way.

    Good luck in whatever you decide!!

  8. Oh Kendra!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your goat. Sweetie does look really cute in the picture. I know I would be heart broken to lose such a beautiful creature of God.

    Last year we had chickens and some dauchsens came and had a feast. We were left with 2 chickens; one rooster and one hen. I filed a police report and found out who the owner of the dogs were. The police charged the owners for the value of the chickens the dogs ate. Maybe you can do that too. You just might be able to find out who those dogs belong to if you talk to your neighbors, or call animal patrol. Often times animal patrol will get repeat offenders and will know exactly who those dogs belong to.

    Either of the case, it is good to know now that you must be aware for your kids. So in that way it is a blessing and you know that God is looking over your little ones.

    God bless you and yours,

  9. How sad! 🙁 I’m sorry your lost your goat. I would definitely take care of the dogs, either myself, or by calling the pound. You’re probably right about them getting the chickens, as well. Hope they get taken care of soon.

  10. call the animal welfare people, they can set a live trap to get the dogs since they are running around and not secured which can be a violation for “dangerous animals” which pitbulls can be considered.

  11. That is so sad and just awful! But how true about Sweetie being the victim instead of your children. Can’t wait to meet the new goat! =)

  12. You seem much calmer than I was when the dogs killed my chickens. I am very sorry for your loss! Sweetie was beautiful! Definitely take care of the dogs and do what you can to protect the rest of your animals and your children. Pitbulls are dangerous dogs and can kill quickly. Be careful!

    I know you are sad, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Nancy M.

      I remember reading about the dogs getting your chickens. Oh, you better believe I was furious. We’re not going to give those dogs another chance to hurt anything else around here. Especially my kids! I just hope they come around again soon so I don’t have to keep everyone locked up for too long. Thank you for the warm wishes. That’s sweet!


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