Day 1, Monday:

Today I decided I was finally going to give those homemade shampoo & conditioner recipes a try. My stash of toiletries has dwindled, and it is time to make it on my own.

The recipes were super easy to make. I used two chamomile tea bags in the shampoo recipe, and grated a head-to-toe bar of soap that my friend Ms. Addy made since I didn’t have any soap flakes. To the vinegar rinse “conditioner” I added about five or six drops of Sweet Orange essential oil.

I put the shampoo in a spray bottle as was suggested, but the sprayer gave off such a fine mist it would have taken me forever to saturate my hair, so I unscrewed the lid and poured some over my wet hair. Worked much better, but I ended up wasting a lot too. Plus, some of the solution ran down my face and into my mouth. Bleh!

It was a little different ’cause it didn’t feel like there was really anything on my hair. No lather, or thick creamy-ness to rub in. Nevertheless, I did my best to massage the watery liquid into my hair.

After working the “shampoo” in well and rinsing it out, I followed up with the “conditioner”. I’d poured it into an empty conditioner bottle, so I just squeezed that over my head. Again it ran into my mouth. Note to self: Keep your mouth closed next time! I let that sit for a couple of minutes, then rinsed it out.

Observations: I was very pleased that my hair didn’t smell like vinegar, neither wet nor after it dried. I also noticed that there was hardly any residue on my scalp, unlike normally. And I was very pleased, and a bit surprised, that my hair was actually easily brushable. I have pretty thick, long and wavy hair. Normally I use a lot of conditioner and have a lot of tangles to pick out. I was amazed at how clean my hair felt, and soft.

As an added measure, instead of just picking out my hair like I usually do, I brushed it with a large flat brush for several minutes. I read that when you brush your hair a lot it stimulates your scalp to produce natural oils which are then disbursed over your hair as you continue brushing, making your hair more shiny and less frizzy.

When it dried completely it was a little flat. I’m gonna stick to using a pick instead of a flat brush. I like my hair wavy.

Day 2:

Skip. I normally only wash my hair every two-three days. Otherwise it gets too dried out.

Day 3:

The shampoo had been stored in the fridge, so it was CO-O-OLD pouring over my head!! I kept my mouth closed this time though! It felt like there was still residue on my hair after I rinsed. Maybe ’cause I tried rinsing in cooler water, since I’ve heard that’s better for your hair. (I love HOT HOT HOT water!) The shampoo smelled a little funny to me too; not bad, just different. The smell didn’t stay in my hair though.

The conditioner poured on like water again and I wasted a lot of it. I gotta go buy a good spray bottle. Again, it worked nicely. I had some tangles that didn’t come out so great this time, but a little olive oil worked them out nicely. My scalp is nice and residue-free!

Hoping the chamomile in the shampoo really does lighten my hair up a little, and that a nice shine will be noticeable by the end of a week or so of this regimen.

Day 4:


Day 5:

Shampoo felt like it left more residue this time. I’m wondering if the soap flakes are thickening the solution since it’s being refrigerated. Not sure if I rinsed out the conditioner well enough, as I smelled the faintest hint of vinegar for the first time after I dried off. Feeling like I need to jump in and rinse off again better.

Day 6:

Just rinsed my hair today. Still felt a little residue-ish, but brushed out nicely with no additional conditioner.

Day 7:


Day 8, Monday:

Before hopping into the shower, I poured my shampoo solution into a glass jar so that I could make sure there wasn’t anything funny growing in there before I dumped it over my head. All was fine. But the smell was noticeably stronger.

Tonight gave the worst results of all. After following the same washing procedures throughout the week, this time when I got out of the shower not only did my hair feel like it had a scummy build-up on it, I could see the soap residue on my hair!

Not good.

Maybe it’s the kind of soap I used in the shampoo recipe. But evidently this recipe is really only good for the first day. After that, the results continued to get poorer.

I’m gonna have to shower again in the morning, and wash my hair well with a traditional shampoo. I might make another batch of the conditioner rinse to use though. That seemed to do really well.

So, my overall conclusion…

Obviously I won’t be making this exact homemade shampoo recipe again. I would like to experiment with others still.

Anybody have any recommendations on which kind of soap flakes I should try using next time?

I do like the vinegar rinse. I’ll probably keep using this one for now.

No, I didn’t get any comments on how shiny my hair looked, like I’d hoped. Probably ’cause the residue problem actually dulled my hair more than anything! Ugh.

What about you? Have you tried any homemade shampoo or conditioners? Have you tried the “no poo” thing? I’d love to hear how you’ve been experimenting as well!