Redmond’s All Natural Almond Butter

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When the Redmond’s found out that their son was suffering from Mastocytosis, a disease which causes chronic allergic reactions, they knew that peanuts were one life threatening allergen they would have to avoid. They decided to take matters into their own hands, and Redmond’s Almond Butter was born.

I recently got a chance to sample some of this peanut butter alternative, and found it to be wonderful! The kids didn’t even notice the difference when I put it on their PB&J’s, and Jada has requested it on her graham crackers at snack time ever since we got the stuff. If you like all natural peanut butter, then you’ll love this.

Not only is Redmond’s Almond Butter created in a completely peanut free facility, it is also gluten free, has zero trans fat, no hydrogenated oils, no salt, no sugar, and no preservatives. Nothing but dry roasted almonds in 100% organic expeller pressed almond oil. And I love that they come in glass jars. I am sure this only enhances the flavor and quality.

Redmond’s is a fairly new company, and is still in the growing process. As of now, they offer Creamy Almond Butter and X-Tra Crunchy Almond Butter. They plan on adding even more peanut-free products to their line in the near future. They also hope to one day be able to raise money to go toward researching the cause and cure for Mastocytosis.

If you’d like to try Redmond’s Almond Butter for yourself, you can click here to see if it’s in a store near you. If you can’t find it in your area, call your local Whole Foods store and request that they carry Redmond’s Almond Butter.

But if you order online, Redmond’s is offering a special deal exclusively¬† for my readers… Place an order through, and receive a 10% discount just for mentioning my blog.

Thanks to Redmond’s for the samples they provided me, and for the discount offered to my readers! I wish your company the best of luck!

1 thought on “Redmond’s All Natural Almond Butter”

  1. Boo hoo! Redmond’s isn’t in the PNW…yet!;)
    We had started buying a brand of ‘organic’ almond butter from a bulk foods warehouse in our area but it needed stirring. What a time-consuming mess.
    However, now I simply re-wash my container and fresh grind organic almond butter at our local health food store. I adore fresh ground as it never needs stirring and it stays fresh in the refridgerator for weeks!
    Our family loves it and rarely eats peanut butter anymore (no known allergies, except hay!). AB is more expensive than PB, but it is so good for you and has a deeper, richer flavor. Gotta run…am making myself hungry…

    P.S. Your garden looks great (in spite of the animal ‘gardeners’), your vigilence is paying off!:) Great job!!!


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