Since I don’t really have time to sit down and write a thought out post, I’m just going to spew what’s on my mind. If that’s okay with you.

Over the weekend, we took a last minute trip out of state to visit my sister and her family, and my mom and my half-brother from California, who flew in to stay with my sis for a couple of weeks. I hadn’t seen my mom since I was pregnant with Xia, over three years ago, so she’d never even met Xia and Elias. And I hadn’t seen my thirteen year old brother since he was three.

It was good to see my mom, and to pretty much meet my brother. And it was good that my kids got to meet them. But I was quickly reminded that we live in completely different worlds.

We stayed for a couple of days, then had to come back home to get back to work. It was only about five minutes into our trip, just as we’d hit the dangerously busy highway, when our tire blew out. I was so grateful to have a husband who could fix the problem in no time! But as I sat in the car with the kids, I watched the other cars zooming past and I imagined some texting fool plowing into the back of us. I continuously prayed for our safety. Jerry later told me he was doing the same thing as he changed the tire. It’s scary sitting so close to the fast paced traffic like that.

I was so glad to get back home. My sister lives smack in the middle of the city, only a minute from the hospital. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Man, I do not want to be here if some major catastrophe happens right now.” It was such a relief to drive down our secluded gravel driveway through the woods, and to hear the crickets chirping and the frogs croaking as we unloaded the sleeping kids from the car and back into their own warm beds.

I’m such a homebody. I hate to be away for very long.

Yesterday was Xia’s third birthday. It’s hard to believe she’s already three. She is so incredibly precious!!! She kept telling us, “It’s my happy birthday!” This weekend we’re having a little birthday party for her. I tried to think of something fun we could do for little money. So, I planned a BYO (bring your own) picnic lunch at the park with all of her little friends and some family, and we’ll play and I’ll have made a cake. I think it’ll be fun. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

Baby Elias is getting some really mean teeth. He’s been running a fever, and has been pretty fussy. Poor baby. I finally gave him some baby Tylenol when the Hylands Teething Tablets had done all they could do. I hate giving Tylenol, but I know the fever he has isn’t fighting an infection and I know he’s in pain, so I’ve given it to him as I’ve felt necessary. It’s helped him eat a little more, and play a little.

We’ve got two milk goats coming in about 2 1/2 weeks. My friend has too many goats in milk, and has asked if we’d be interested in borrowing one for a while. Which is great! We’ll also keep another one of her goats for her for a week while she goes on vacation. We’ve got to get fencing put up, and housing and a milking station in order. We took down our old goat fencing to make a new chicken run.

Jerry has been without work for the past two days. We’re coming into the slow season, where there just isn’t any work for him to do. It’s good for me, ’cause we have a lot that needs to be done around here, but it’s hard financially. We always make do, though. From now until September they don’t expect to have much for Jerry to do.

I need to empty the freezer and can everything possible. I’m having nightmares that the freezer stops working, or that we lose power for an extended period of time, and we lose all of our meat and fruits that are stored in there.

I think something’s wrong with our well water. None of our dishes or clothing is getting clean like they used to. I need to look up whether we need to treat the water or something.

There is a basketful of tomatoes in the kitchen that needs to be processed. Maybe I should freeze them so they don’t go bad before I can get to them.

I stayed up until 1:30am last night (this morning, rather) reading The Hunger Games. My sister insisted that I borrow it. She was sure once I’d read it that I’d be even more motivated to learn more about foraging and stuff. It was a good read… but honestly it wasn’t the least bit motivating. It wasn’t at all about preparedness, like I’d imagined. She wild forages, that’s about it. If you want to read a book that will REALLY get you thinking and encouraged to be prepared, read One Second After. If you haven’t read it, you must.

Well, I’ve gotta get going. We’re hosting a Bible Study (Midrash) this Shabbat (Sabbath), so I need to get on the housework.

Enjoy your day!