61 Board Games for Your Homeschooled Children

board game

Homeschooling with board games only increases the level of fun involved with educating children at home, it can also vastly enhance the learning process. Learning should be an adventure filled journey of discovery. Adding board games into the actual curriculum, and not simply regulating them into an hour or two slot on family game night … Read more

How to Start Homeschooling

dry erase board and posters on homeschool classroom wall

Homeschooling and homesteading just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sure, each one is good separately, but together, well, now you have something really special to sink your teeth into. Millions of Americans across the country are homeschooling their children for a vast array of reasons – more now in our modern … Read more

Legal Aspects of Homeschooling

Disclaimer: this is not legal advice.  The advice given in this article is for information purposes only. You made the great decision to start homeschooling your children, but now what? The initial steps you take to remove your children from public school (or not enroll them when they become school age) are the most important. … Read more

Don’t Rush Potty Training

little girl on the potty

I know we’re all in a hurry to get our kids out of diapers. But please don’t rush potty training if your child isn’t ready for it. I made that mistake with my first born, and have since learned the error of my ways. Here’s my advice on waiting to potty train…