Neighbor’s Dogs Drama

January 15, 2013 Kendra 34

The unfortunate story of what happens when irresponsible dog owners let their animals roam onto other people’s property, and wreak havoc on their livestock.

Breaking up broody hens

When & How To Break Up A Broody Hen

June 5, 2012 Kendra 12

Letting a hen hatch chicks out naturally is an incredibly exciting thing to watch. But there are times when a sitting hen is just NOT something that you want in your flock. Here’s how I go about “breaking up” my broodies, and my reasons for wanting to do so…

baby chick in brooder

Mixed Up Chick

May 17, 2012 Kendra 12

After being abandoned in the nest, hatched out by an adopted mama, and moved indoors with a new flock, it’s amazing how this tough little chick has gotten by!