Damping Off Disease – How to Prevent and Treat It

damping off disease on container sprouts

Damping off is a plant disease that develops from fungi or bacteria in the soil. Also commonly referred to as “dampening off” this crop disease almost exclusively afflicts only seeds and the newly sprouting plants they yield. Damping off disease typically targets vegetable plants and flowers, not fruit crop seeds. Damping off disease causes the … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Moles For Good

Moles, those burrowing little buggers can destroy your yard in a day. I have so many raised tunnels in my yard, we have made a game out of who can stomp them back down the fastest. They also drive my dogs crazy. They occasionally catch one but, my yard sure gets destroyed in the process. … Read more

The Most Deadly Predators On The Homestead

homestead predators logo

Keeping the livestock safe on the homestead, no matter how large or small the land, can seem like an insurmountable chore. Barnyard and even backyard livestock live under constant threat of attack. Before you can adequately protect your animals, you must discover what predators are lurking about and likely to attack..and then what you can … Read more