Pregnant Goat: Everything You Need to Know

pregnant goat

Baby goats are about the cutest little things you will ever have romping about in the barnyard. They are bundles of energy and want to investigate every single new sight, sound, and smell. The days and weeks after the new kids arrive are full of fun, but getting them here isn’t always easy. Goat does … Read more

Goat Bloat: Quick Fixes and Prevention


It is one of the most dreaded things that every goat owner fears: bloat. Bloat is a dangerous condition that can affect goats of all ages where the rumen becomes bloated with trapped gas from the digestion of food. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but in most cases, if the affected goat … Read more

Why Is My Goat Drying Up. Mystery Solved!

a goat eating some alfalfa

I’ve tried to do everything right, but for some reason our milk goat has been giving less and less milk, to the point that yesterday I thought she was completely dried up. What I surprise I got this evening though, and what a relief to finally know what the problem has been!

How to Free-Range Goats

“Okay babies, I’m gonna let you loose. Please don’t take off, okay?”

I braced myself, fully expecting them to run out the door and away through the woods, laughing “See ya later sucker!” as they went.

I opened the gate and stepped aside…