So, Can Chickens Eat Strawberries?

chicken eating strawberries

It is no secret that chickens love all kinds of produce, fruits and vegetables alike. One type of treat that most chickens enjoy is a juicy, perfect piece of fruit. However, certain fruits and in particular berries can be harmful to chickens. How about strawberries? Can chickens eat strawberries? Yes, chickens may eat strawberries, but … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Bread?

chicken eating a slice of bread

Bread is a staple food item, enjoyed by many people in all sorts of regional and cultural variations around the world. It is also known by most that birds tend to love bread and breadcrumbs. Most of us have fed ducks at a lake or seen a cagey crow making off with a hotdog or … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Corn?

chicken eating corn

Corn is one of the “veggies” (actually a grain) that pops up everywhere. It is in every snack and is a fixture at every meal. It is also a regular ingredient in all kinds of animal feed. This begs the question, can chickens eat corn? Yes, chickens can eat corn. Chickens are able to digest … Read more

Chicken Tractors: What You Need to Know

A Joel Salatin-style chicken tractor with Cornish cross chicks inside

If you’re looking for a way to give your flock an easy and nutritious diet, then the chicken tractors are just what we’ve been waiting for! These lightweight trailers can be moved around every day or every few days so that they always have fresh pasture to feed upon. Not only that, but chicken tractors … Read more

So, What Is a Chicken Tractor?

A Joel Salatin-style chicken tractor with Cornish cross chicks inside

The chicken tractor is a mobile coop that you can move around in your yard to cultivate the earth and weed it out. The scratching motions from chickens will loosen up to an inch or so of soil, helping remove pesky weeds while also fertilizing your soil. It can be tough to picture exactly what … Read more

So, Should Chickens Eat Cantaloupe?

Anyone who keeps animals will understand that the biggest, and often most expensive task is feeding them. Buying commercially produced animal feed is convenient. This type of feed has the nutrients required to supply a balanced diet for your animals. However, we often have a surplus of homegrown products. Any surplus is great, we can … Read more

Welsummer Chicken Breed: A Full Review

Raising chickens is a great introduction to homesteading. My husband and I jokingly refer to chickens as “the gateway drug.” We started with a flock of two dozen birds, and since then, have grown to raising several hundred chickens (including meat birds and dedicated layers) each year. When you think about popular chicken breeds, there … Read more