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In preparation for next Monday’s podcast, I thought it would be fun to ask what questions you guys might have for me to answer on the show. I realize that not all of you are able to listen live and call in with your questions, so now is your chance to ask what you’ve always wanted to know!

Leave your question for me here in the comments section, and I’ll answer as many as I can during Monday’s show. Ask about anything and everything, the more questions the better!! The only question I am not able to answer is where I live… obviously for privacy’s sake.

So let me have it! What would you like to know?

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A city girl learning to homestead on an acre of land in the country. Wife and homeschooling mother of four. Enjoying life, and everything that has to do with self sufficient living.


  1. I e-mailed you, but I would like to know about chicken feed. What is a good brand if you are wanting to get a natural feed without medication and such in it? What stuff is necessary to medicate chickens for and what is not? I am sure you can go much more in depth.

  2. Is Jada excited for another baby? her reaction to Xia was the best Ive seen!!
    Are you prepared for 4?
    And seriously how in the world do you do all that? 🙂

  3. Yup, add me to the club that wants to know your plans of how you’re going to balance everything (kids, school, garden, critters) with the new babe.

    In part, because I didn’t fare well at all that first year (mine are currently 7.5yo, almost 5yo, almost 3yo, 13mo) – although granted my hubby wasn’t around to help, but still. 🙁

  4. How do you spend so much time in the garden with your little ones. The older ones help and play, but I’m talking babies. I try to squeeze in SO much at naptime.. all the daily chores that I can’t do with baby, and you still have time to homeschool?! Same with crazy canning days. It’s hard with babies around!

    What is the status with your husband’s job?

    I find myself using movie time sometimes to get things done (and then I feel guilty). I know you dont have a tv so what do you do when you just need quiet time or calmness? Do you ever wish you had a tv for movies?

    I have 3 boys— almost 4, almost 3, and 4 months old just so you can get an idea of where I’m coming from. Then again, my brother has 10 children so I must have it easy!

  5. I have the same questions as some of the other commenters above regarding your time. I have two young sons (whom I am planning to homeschool) and a small growing homestead and I feel like there simply isn’t enough time in the day to do all that needs to be done. I would love to get an idea of your daily routine to see how you manage to squeeze it all in.

  6. Here are a few questions. They are just the first things that popped into my head.

    What is your daily routine?
    How are you preparing for the new baby?
    How do you and your husband divide responsibilities?
    What brings you the greatest satisfaction with all of the lifestyle changes you have made? What is your biggest source of frustration?

  7. Hello Kendra,
    You should have a podcast on home schooling with a thread for discussion. There are always a lot of questions as young families move through the years of home education.

  8. Kendra~

    I would like to know a few things. I’m a mother of one and a homeschooling mom whom stays very busy but….

    1.) How do you get it ALL done? Do you get up super early before the kids or what? Any tips to share there?

    2.) Can you go a little more in depth about your home schooling?
    What curriculum do you use? How many hours a day do you spend schooling?
    What do you do about children with bad attitudes and completing work?

    3.) Do you guys have family bible time regularly? If so is there a particular study or book you would recomend?

    4.) Do you have a degree? what field did you study? I know you said you went to college before on here. (this has nothing to do with home schooling capabilities) I’m just curious ! 🙂

    5.) Do you sometimes run out of ideas of things to cook on a tight budget?

    6.) Do relatives or other people who knew you before think your radical and a little strange for your life change?
    ( Just curious because I personally have had convictions as my walk with the Lord grows stronger and for an example I do not believe my kids should watch tv shows or that we should have cable tv.I have gotten alot of negative comments from family and peers about this subject.people I know have spread rumors that my husband and I are more than likely part of a cult and dont believe in TV.
    I’m like…. Excuse me??? we are not in a cult thank you! and sue me for trying to shelter my children oH! and I must be a bad parent because I don’t allow the media and the disney channel babysit my children!

    7.) Do you have Jaida memorize math facts?

  9. Kendra, I just wanted to share with you about a Goat catalog I just received in the mail. It’s called Hoegger Suppy. You can get a free one by calling 1-800-821-4628. It is filled with so much info on goats and not just stuff to sell although they have great stuff and a very nice story in the front of the catalog about how the company got it’s start. You will like looking at it and reading it since you’ve just purchased milk goats. Being a newboe myself, I’ve found it to be very informative and helpful. I thought you might enjoy it too.

  10. I wanted to share this link with you. http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2010/11/goat-101-milking-equipment.html She inspired me that we don’t have to have the “perfect” milking equipment to still meet the standard of quality and purity we desire. I use my stainless steel mixing bowl for a milk pail, but I felt I was doing it “wrong.” Reading her post helped change my thinking. This doesn’t mean I don’t still WANT those pretty supplies/equipment offered in the catalogues, but I now see that they really aren’t NEEDS. HTH! 😀

    • Thanks Michelle. I’ll have to check that out. I’m using a stainless steel mixing bowl with a lid on it right now for milking too 🙂 It was working fine, till this morning when it got kicked over and spilled everywhere. Bummer. You make do with what you have though!

  11. I was so excited because I thought someone else had interviewed you! We have to think up the questions?! Oh no! I don’t know what to ask. Just tell us everything! LOL!

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