So, How Far Apart to Plant Squash?

corn peas and squash in garden

Every good harvest starts with planting. Squash is a popular and easy-to-grow vegetable with tons of varieties that can be planted in either spring or late summer. They have a reputation as maintenance-intensive veggies that are difficult to grow, but they aren’t as tough as most people make them out to be. One important factor … Read more

So, How Deep to Plant Squash?

guild companion planting squash tomato sprouts mint borage

Every seasoned gardener knows that the key to a successful harvest begins with the basics. Preparing the soil, taking care of soil amendments, and of course, proper planting. If you just want to scatter seeds like you’re feeding ducks at the lake, you shouldn’t expect any success. Similarly, you can’t dig a hole, toss a … Read more

Are White Pumpkins White Inside?

white pumpkins

When you think of a pumpkin, you probably immediately think of the classic orange variety. But did you know that white pumpkins exist, too? It’s true: that white, pumpkin-looking squash is not some special variety of squash, it’s just a white pumpkin! Sometimes what you see really I what you get, but this begs the … Read more

How to Grow, Harvest, and Preserve Ornamental Gourds

how to grow ornamental gourds cover

While many novice gardeners or homesteaders may look at growing ornamental gourds as a daunting challenge, these delightful plants are actually quite easy–and enjoyable!–to grow. If you’re interested in growing enough of these colorful beauties to decorate the homestead with this fall, consider the following tips to maximize your harvest. What are these Ornamental Gourds? … Read more