So, a while back I attempted something I’ve never done before- propagation. I took a cutting from our elderberry bush, and stuck it into a pot of compost hoping it would develop roots and sprout into a whole new plant.

And guess what. It worked!! (I didn’t even have to use a root toner.)

Here’s a reminder of what the cuttings looked like at first. Just a stick stuck in the dirt…

And here’s a picture I took of them today, about three months after planting…

Awesome, right?! I can’t believe how easy that was! All I really did was keep them watered, and they’ve sprouted right up! (If you missed exactly what I did with these, go read about it HERE.)

What makes this so exciting is that: 1) The possibilities are almost endless! And 2) This trick will be a real money saver, and could even bring in a little cash!

Since learning how to propagate, I’ve found myself eager to try my hand at growing other shrubs from cuttings. My mother-in-law’s gorgeous climbing roses, my dad’s rhododendrons, and various berry bushes and such that I have planted around the house… think about it! An endless supply of any shrubs I can get my pruning sheers into!

I can grow all the elderberry bushes I want, and sell them if I so choose.

I can take cuttings from my tea plants, my azaleas, my witch hazel, and grow more to plant here or to give away, or to make a little money off of.

I love that!!

So, if I want a dozen elderberry bushes around my property, I no longer have to buy the rest. I can get all I need from the two plants I initially purchased.

If you’ve never propagated anything and you have some shrubs you’d like to have more of, do give it a try! Learning this trick is a great way to build your landscape for free with cuttings from other people’s plants.

I just love it when experiments work. Don’t you?