Promo & Giveaway: What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden?

**This Giveaway is now CLOSED. Congratulations to Julie A! And a big thanks to everyone who entered.**

Ever have a plant die for seemingly no reason, or have a problem in your garden you just couldn’t figure out?

I have lots of that every year. And it’s hard to look up how to fix a problem when you don’t even know what’s causing it!

Well, Timber Press is actually running a really cool promotion through the month of August, where readers can submit their gardening questions to the expert authors there. Once a week, a reader submitted question will be answered by the authors, and the person whose question was chosen will receive one of Timber Press’ problem solving books! Anyone who submits a question will be entered to win the grand prize: a brand new iPad!

One of the problem solving books being offered is What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden by David Deardorff & Kathryn Wadsworth. Timber Press sent me a copy to check out so I could share my thoughts with you.

What I like about this book is that it doesn’t only decipher garden problems, but it goes through just about every vegetable A-Z, tells you all about how to plant it from seed, and then lists potential problems you may encounter.

In the second half of the book you will find Family Problem-Solving Guides. In this section it lists all of the pests and diseases of each type of plant. Beside every symptom being diagnosed is a full color photo of what your plant will look like if it has this particular problem. Which makes it so much easier to say, Ah-ha! So THAT’S what that is!

It’s the kind of book that you can take with you out into the garden, sit down beside a troubled plant, and flip through the photos and descriptions to diagnose the problem. Very, very helpful.

And guess what… since I love you, and because Timber Press is so awesome, I get to offer one of my readers a free copy of What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden! Yay!

If you’d like a chance to win this helpful problem solving book, simply leave a comment below letting me know you want to win! Be sure to enter your best garden dilemma over at Timber Press’ Garden Problem Solver promotion, for another chance at awesome prizes!

I’ll choose one random winner on Sunday, June 24th at 9pm EST. Giveaway open to residents of US and Canada. Good luck everyone!


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  1. I know nothing about gardening and I would like some help about the garden I have at this current moment. If it’s God’s will I hope to win this one. Thank you!

  2. Good gravy, I could use this book. Between blueberry bushes with no blueberries,seeds that spout up and die off, and a five zucchini plants that grew only two zucchini’s last year, I could use any help I could get!

  3. Our family just built a greenhouse and planted in it and things aren’t looking so good. 🙁 We would love to win this book!

  4. Kendra, i would love to win this book, I am very interested in gardening, but I haven’t had much luck. Mostly because I don’t know what I am doing!

  5. PLease…Please…Please…Did I say PLEASE enough? I want to win this book. This is my first year vegetable gardening & I just don’t think the little guy is going to make it :o( I usually have a super green thumb, but my little raised bed is about to become a vegetable cemetery. This book would really be helpful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. I would love to win this book. Currently, I garden with my mom and we mostly use the “experimental” method! LOL. By next spring, I hope to have my own place and my own garden. This would be a very handy resource.

  7. Oh my goodness. I need this right now. I thought I was doing so well with the garden this year, but now it seems like almost every veggie is having problems.

  8. We are new organic gardeners and everything is an experiment right now. We would dearly love a book like this!

  9. I would really love to win this book. It is essential for me to get a green thumb. I do not have one naturally but truly value growing my own food and working with nature to get the best nutrition. I want to learn about plant health and how to create a healthy environment for the things that sustain me. We’re in the process of learning about permaculture and converting all grassy areas into food & herb gardens. Google searches only get you so far & often get you confused!

  10. I would really like to win this book, need help with the squash bore two years now unable to grown squash or zuchinni. I think this book could solve my problem. Thanks Ellen from Georgia

  11. This book looks like just what I need to figure out what goes wrong with my cherry tree every spring. Btw, Timber Press has such a great selection of books. I ordered their book on backyard gardening for chickens and just loved it.

  12. I would love to win this book, I have had trouble starting my seeds on my own and end up buying plants, I would love to be able to keep my own growths alive.

  13. I am so in need to this book – we are on year 2 of our garden, adn need some help combating the variety of things that attempt to kill the garden. Thanks!

  14. I would love to win this book. I lost my peas early in the season. My pepper plants are not growing very tall. I need help!

  15. Wow! That is so me! Well, I’m only a gardener-wanna-be but that is only b/c I haven’t figured out how to keep individual plants alive let alone a multitude of them! I would love this book while I stretch beyond my confidences and attempt to grow wholesome foods for my family!

  16. What a great book giveaway. I could definitely use this book. Living in the Pacific Northwest has it’s challenges when it comes to planting seeds; from slugs, to snails, to cabbage worms, to dampness, or just birds stealing my newly planted seeds. I can never really tell what the problem is until it’s too late. I praise God that we don’t live in a time where my garden would be the only way to feed my family. We are still learning – I can sympathize with our early pilgrims and the uphill learning curve they experienced those first years in America.

  17. I have some sort of thing going on in my garden this year that has me baffled. I usually have great gardens with lots of produce, but not this year. This year everything seems stunted and having a hard time. I had one cucumber that just shriveled up turned yellow and died. Not sure why since the other is doing quite well. I guess I need some help figuring this out. Gotta take some pictures down to the extension service and see if they know. This book would sure help me out. Are there pictures?

  18. I’d really benefit from this book! I have broccoli I planted in March. Seems to be fine except there’s no actual broccoli on the plants! Can’t figure that one out. Maybe some nutrient is lacking?

  19. I would love to win this book. Every year I seem to have something that dies and I don’t know why. This book would be great to have on hand. Thanks

  20. I am new to gardening, I had my first garden last year and hopefully I will do better with each garden. I get excited every morning to run out and see what new baby vegie I have been blessed with. How satisfying it is to eat a tomato sandwich made from your very own garden!

  21. I would love this book. I’ve been gardening since I was a kid, but I’d like to keep learning new and better techniques.

  22. My husband and I have been trying to build our house for the past 3 years, we have the framework up and are starting on building the floor but with very little money or time to work on it, its been such a rough go. We’d hoped to get the main floor part of the house done this year before the snow flies again but it doesn’t look like that will happen, so we’ll have to spend another winter in the older house on the dairy my hubby works on.

    So far the only good thing is that this year we turned over a section of our land to grow a garden in. Knowing little to nothing about gardening, we are taking this chance to grow enough vegetables to bring down the grocery bill each month. Already I noticed my eggplants are covered in some kind of bug! I suppose I can get this book at Chapters too and there’s lots of other people who’d want it.

    Anyway, I really enjoy your site. You’ve given me some of the best ideas I’ve found so far. This homesteading is not cheap or easy.

  23. I would certainly love a chance to win. My garden didn’t do very well last year. I’d like it to be better this year!

  24. I’d love to win that book! I’m a new gardener and every new attempt never seems to turn out the way I’d like it to.

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