Emergency Preparedness Part 5: Guns & Ammo

Alright, I know this is a touchy subject for some of you. But you know what, it’s necessary. And it may just save your life.

Whether you believe our country is headed toward hard times or not, I cannot stress the importance of considering having a firearm in your home.

I don’t want to get into a big debate, I’m just gonna tell you why I think you need to have a gun. Let’s talk worst case scenario… ’cause we all agree it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

If our country spirals out of control. If gas and food prices skyrocket, and even more people lose their jobs. If a natural, or man-made disaster happens. If rioting and looting begin to become more commonplace… would you be ready? Would you have what you need to survive, or would you have to go out among the havoc hoping to find the supplies your family needs after the fact?

Some of us are choosing to be ready for whatever may come by preparing to take care of our family in case of an emergency. Some choose to deny the possibility of something bad happening to us, and continue to go about a carefree life. But most scary of all, for me anyways, is knowing that there are people out there who are a different breed of preppers. Oh, they see the signs of trouble ahead, they’re sure there will be food shortages, riots, and hyperinflation. And they have a plan. But it isn’t to start storing up food and other necessities. No. Their plan is to take what they need from anybody they can rob along their way.

Do you hear me? There are people at this very moment who plan to attack your family and take what you have if things get out of control here.

Do you think they have a map of all of the “preppers” in their town and will only attack those with food storage? Ha. Hate to break it to you, but they’ll be going door to door. They will pick a random home. And it may be yours, whether you have anything for them or not. And if you are not prepared to defend yourself and your children or loved ones, your fate will be in their hands.

What really scares me is that I actually know people who have this mindset. My husband works for two of them. Unfortunately, Jerry has been very forthcoming in his beliefs, and has openly shared how important he thinks food storage is. Come to find out, these men think very much along the same lines as us, only on the opposite end of the spectrum. And they’ve been equally as open with him about their plans to rob and loot when that time comes.

These are not good guys. Jerry will attest to that. They have guns. They go to the shooting range often. They are preparing to hurt others. And unfortunately, I’ve talked with other people who are acquainted with others who have the same evil plan.

This is for real you guys. You have got to wake up and learn to defend your home. Do not be left completely at their mercy. Think of your children, if nothing else! They won’t just be after your food.

If you don’t have one, get a gun. Learn to shoot it. And store up ammo for it. Get it now, while you still can, while it’s still legal and accessible.

I’m no firearms expert… I’m hoping some of you are, and can share your recommendations. My father, who has been in law enforcement for over 30 years, suggested to me that a shotgun is the best home defense. I’ve also heard good things about having a high powered rifle. A hand gun would be very good to have as well, especially in your car.

Yes, you need to use extreme care when keeping a gun in your home. Keep the safety on at all times. Keep it loaded, but do not keep a round chambered so that it would go off if the trigger were to be pulled. If you have children, do not hide it from them and never tell them about it!! It is much wiser to show it to your children and explain to them the dangers of handling a gun on a regular basis. Let them become used to seeing it, but teach them to respect it. If you have small children, keep it out of their reach.

As far as home defense goes, take other measures to protect yourself as well. Have some sort of an alarm that would go off if somebody was on your property or breaking in. Think about getting an indoor dog to bark at an intruder. Maybe I’ll do a separate post on that later… but it’s something for everyone to consider. Get good locks on your doors and windows, and keep them locked.

Not only do I believe you should have a gun for defending yourself, but it could be lifesaving as far as food goes as well. Hunting wild game may become a way of life again. Like I said, I’m no expert. I’m just a city girl trying to learn her way around the country, remember? We aren’t hunters, although my husband is trying to learn to hunt. So, I can’t recommend a good hunting gun, but hopefully one of you out there can.

I can tell you that hunting isn’t easy, though! It takes practice. It takes skill. And it takes a lot of patience. So start now if you aren’t already.

Look. I don’t want to be a fear-monger. I don’t know what’s gonna happen down the road. I do know what the Father has told us in His Word. I do know what the end times look like… and it’s gonna be chaos. I don’t know when it will happen, but I know it will. And so, I am putting my faith in His Word and getting myself ready for whatever. There are still a lot of things we need to do, but we are at least working toward a goal. And having guns and ammo is at the top of our list of important things to have in our home. Equally as important, if not more so, than our food storage.

Are you prepared to save yourself and your home from those who would come to harm you? Would you know how to shoot a deer or other animal and clean it, if you had to?

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A city girl learning to homestead on an acre of land in the country. Wife and homeschooling mother of four. Enjoying life, and everything that has to do with self sufficient living.


  1. I want to put forth a few good options for those looking to acquire a firearms collection to handle most every need in which a gun will be called to serve.
    First and foremost – A rifle is the single most versatile weapon that can be used with accuracy and at the widest variety of ranges. That being said, the AR-15 (yes that “evil” black rifle so maligned in the press) is probably the most useful single rifle a person should own. It is the civilian version of the most commonly fielded weapon by our nation’s armed forces. Therefore in a time of crisis, the availability of spare parts and ammunition for that rifle will be in the most plentiful supply. If called upon to join your local National Guard detachment, or police force, in a time of emergency the man with an AR will find his weapon the most readily reloaded by the man next to him. The AR is extremely accurate at a wide variety of ranges. In most cases it will out shoot the man wielding it. While many may detract from the efficiency of the 5.56×45 caliber cartridge, it is despite the detractors a deadly round. It can be had in a variety of loadings, bullet grain weight and construction, to handle most any chore. The only true draw back to the 5.56 is its lack of barrier penetration. A standard FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) military type round will penetrate a standard cinder block but not much else. Against any human target it is devastating with proper shot placement. Only the best body armor stands a chance against it, and the vast majority of bad guys, or anyone else for that matter, do not own any level of body armor.
    Second – A handgun is the most portable, and concealable, means of self protection that allows defense at a range of more than a couple of yards. While a knife or hand to hand combat training are great items to have and know how to employ, they pale in comparison to the ease at which a handgun can be put into play by a well practiced shooter. The 9mm is plenty of round, and easily controlled by all but the smallest of shooters, with proper round selection. There are actually a few 9mm self defense cartridges that impart more foot pounds of energy on impact than the vaunted .45ACP. While I would never argue against a .45 as an excellent combat round, more 9mm cartridges can be carried for the same weight, and more packed into a magazine of the same dimensions, thus providing more firepower for the person carrying that round over anything larger.
    Third – A Shotgun, as it has been previously discussed, is an incredibly versatile weapon, and completely devastating within its range of effectiveness. The only cautions I would like to impart as to depending solely on a shotgun are that it is for the most part ineffective beyond 100 yards under the best circumstances, and they have a very limited ammunition capacity in all but a handful of the newest combat shotguns. The average pump action 12ga carries 4 or 5 rounds in its magazine tube, plus one in the chamber. Where as the average high capacity 9mm carries 15-19 rounds in the magazine alone. One final note would be that if you do go the shotgun route, it might be best to choose a 20ga as opposed to a 12. The recoil of 12ga shotgun cannot be handled by just any shooter. Follow up shots will be hampered by too much recoil. Practice will be reluctant if the firearm punishes the shooter. The 20ga carries 75% of the power of the 12ga for only 50% of the recoil. A 20ga 00 Buckshot load carries 9 pellets, just like a 12ga. It only loses a small percentage of velocity but is still exceptionally lethal. Just my 2 cents on shotguns.
    One final option – If you choose not to maintain a variety of weapon options it would be very prudent to choose a common cartridge that can be utilized in multiple weapons. A great choice for this is the lever action rifle and revolver. The .357magnum loaded with the proper bullet can take every game animal in the lower 48 with power on par with the 30-30 if not more so in some of the more expensive loads. While I wouldn’t take one alone against a grizzly bear, against everything else it is a very potent load. Carrying a well built revolver, Ruger or Smith & Wesson, as well as a quality lever rifle such as the Marlin 1894. Provides the owner with a cartridge that can handle multiple services, uses lower cost .38special rounds for practice (or self defense in smaller statured shooters), and can do so with great range and accuracy when employed via the rifle.

    No matter your beliefs, it is your responsibility to protect your own life, and the lives of those entrusted to you, to the best of your ability. While none of us ever wishes to be forced to take a life, the necessity may arise one day no matter how we work to avoid it. Take the care of your life and the lives of your loved ones into your hands. Practice, and share your knowledge with every person in your group with the capability to make use of it. If the primary defender cannot perform the task, then it falls to the others to take it up and protect the rest. Preparation is not paranoia, nor is it sin.
    Good luck, and God bless.

  2. Kendra,

    I have enjoyed reading through your articles. I realize that I am way late to the party to comment on this one, but I still felt the need to do so. Your article makes for a great starting point on a much larger topic. Yes, it is a good idea to have a firearm available especially for those ‘preppers’ (predators) that would choose to prey on their fellow man.

    The choices my wife an I made in selecting firearms was based on their purpose.

    – For self defense (everyday carry) we each have handguns that we proficient with.

    – For home defense we have a shotgun that we keep loaded with birdshot (no point in risking over penetration of a wall and risk injuring our kiddos)

    – For defense in the worst case, we have a couple of battle rifles. These are the rifles that the media loves to demonize, but I can say, especially from my experience in combat, that there is no substitute for an accurate battle rifle when life is on the line.

    The key for all of these weapons that is the shooter is training an proficient on how to use, maintain and repair the weapons.

    As for hunting, pick a caliber of rifle that is heavy enough to knock down big game, but light enough not to destroy the meat on small game. I’ve found that in the northern US that a .308 Win or .30-06 Spgfld is a great caliber. I’ve used both in the field and found that they get the job done.

    And to answer your questions.

    – Yes, I could (and have) bring deadly force to bear when life is on the line.

    – Yes, I can hunt and kill game when I want to eat, and know how to field dress and butcher it.

  3. For pure survival there are a couple of guns I highly recommend. A good .22 rifle like the Ruger 10-22 is one. A .22 rifle is easy to shoot, the ammunition is inexpensive and one can carry a great deal of it in one pocket. There is so little recoil from a .22 that you might as well say zero recoil and with good shot placement it will stop an attacker or bring down a deer. When you can find ammo for it, from someone who isn’t gouging on the price, you can buy 500 rounds of ammo for under $30 dollars. Walmart still sells 500 round bricks of .22 ammunition for less than $30, when they have it.
    A good shotgun is the other most versatile weapon available. Shotgun ammunition is more expensive but has been a bit more available than most of the handgun ammo. With the numerous loads available for a shotgun, it can be used for almost anything. Bird shot will kill most small game or stop an assailant, buckshot will stop almost anything and only the best body armor will stop a shotgun slug.
    For ease of carry and versatility a good handgun is hard to beat. A .357 magnum revolver will also shoot .38 caliber ammo. Because of the popularity of semi-auto handguns, the revolver ammunition has been a little more available than auto-loader ammo over the last year. I personally prefer a Glock. If you buy a .40 caliber Glock, it is light, incredibly reliable, and .40 ammo has been available when most everything else wasn’t. Also, with a .40 cal. Glock, you can buy a conversion barrel, Lone Wolf, Storm Lake, KKM etc. The barrel drops right into the gun and with .9mm magazines, will allow you to shoot .9 mm ammunition from your .40 caliber Glock. So for about $150-200 extra, you have more ammo options from your handgun. Glock does not make these conversion barrels and will void your guns warranty if you let them know you are converting their gun to another caliber. This being said, I have found the conversions to work very well and will allow you to use your gun on more types of ammunition if you can find one caliber but not the other.

  4. Tanya,
    My apologies if you think I am condecending or a troll. I will point out that to date I have not named called anyone with a contrary opinion or point of view. Name calling does not forward a conversation or exchange of ideas.

    You misunderstand me entirely. I to live in a rural place with no police. I have a gun, I will defend myself vigorusly. I live in an area that has all the social problems of gangs, drugs, etc. My only desire in this conversation is for people to think about what choices they are making and the consequences they have both to God, country and themselves.

    You are correct, my children are older. I have homeschooled my children successfully and I am looking back at the path I have walked. I can see where we have been successful and where we have failed. As far as failure in the context of this conversation I say live your life without fear and worry and to totally trust in the spirit.

    I have learned in life that nothing is black and white. Every issue has many sides with no one person or group having the answers to the problems that face us. It is however much easier to stay in the confines of a group and chant the tenants of that group and make believe they have cornered the market on virtue.

    As far as my reference to the spirit father, I do not presume to know the nature of God nor condemn others for their spiritual journey, I will leave that up to others.

    I will admit that I try to look at things in a different light. Life is not so cut and dry as many would like. If I come off as intelectual, sorry. As far as your slings in my direction, I will turn the other cheek and wish you peace.

  5. I have thought a lot about some the anti gun stance since I last posted.
    I have not taken anyone’s opinion lightly.
    beyond all the reason’s I carry, there is a caveat to the human condition.

    As I watch the societal shift around me and see many prone to violence or a return to our Savior their the ballooning group that every community is effected by.

    In our rural area we have had over 100 home invasions. Over 100!
    Reason? now not the economy per se.
    Drug addiction.
    With all the empty homes we have a plethora of meth houses.
    Paroadie are you familiar with the unpredictable nature of a meth addict?
    It is perfectly all right for you to rely on the police. I know they will not be at my home for about a 1/2hour.
    I never know what I can expect when I come home with all my babies in tow.
    It sound like your children are grown or mostly grown. I wish I could look at life so intellectually.
    for all here concerned. Do a little research about meth and it’s psychological and physiological effects on the human body.
    It really frightened me.
    But I don’t act out of fear.I notice you reference fear a lot. As if it puts you above us and we ( gun owners) are acting instinctually like an animal.
    Frankly. with or with out being aware of it. It’s a put down.
    You are beginning to sound very ethereal and social justice like. Who are you really and why are you here?
    I think Kendra is a wise little lady and you are here to dissent in a very condescending way.
    You might want to free your own mind. My God is not a “spirit father”
    I sense a troll. Paroadie has identified himself.

  6. Papa,
    Your analysis of defense of home not qualifing as a sin is an interesting point. It begs the question of original sin….. an abstract point maybe. We all arrive at our positions through life experiences. We become afraid of the “what if’s” as we see the horrible atrocities that happens around us, my definition of original sin reference. It is this fear that brought us the gun and this fear allows us to drop the hammer. In my opinion using a gun with fear constitudes a sin as we turn our back on trusting the spirit. Much better to drop the hammer without fear entering the mind then it is a truly defensive action.

    My arguement is more of a question regarding the journey that I find myself on. Much like the followers of this sight and others we are searching for a simpler way. An uncomplicated life in a very complex world is a very difficult thing to achieve. We can possibly find a healthier way to eat, a cheaper way to live but unless we free our minds our journey have fallen short of what we strive for, peace of mind and freedom for our family. In taking steps to free ourselves we must recognize what the meaning of freedom is.

    One of the chains that bind us is the chain of fear. We are driven by fear from outside our homes. While we live our lives we have allowed the prostitudes of the mind to steal our faith. In its place fear grows. These prostitudes of the mind are found in every corner of our society. Scores of prostitudes can be found in our polititians, business people, television, public schools and dare I say from the pulpits. We are in a fog of lies with no one but ourselves to lead us to the light. Freeing our minds from these prostitudes will allow us to truly get off the grid and find that simpler way of life. Long way around the barn but the question in my mind is what are we arming against. The prostitudes of the mind or a true threat?

    It makes sense to defend ourslves in today’s world, however we must turn down the volume on the prostitudes who separate us and divored us from each other. If we all turn down the volume and truly see our brothers and sisters for what our spirit father sees in us the need for arms will go away and we will achieve the freedom we seek on the homestead.

  7. Paroadie,

    I have a couple of remarks to your analysis of gun ownership for defense.

    First of all, no one has the right to kill, not even a police officer or a soldier. Having said this, we must consider the morality of killing and in order to do this we must consider sin, particularly grave sin. We sin when we turn our back on God’s law an His love. In order to do this, three conditions must exist: first, the matter must be grave, which killing is. Second, the sinner must have full knowledge of the grave matter, and third, the sinner must deliberately and willfully commit the act.

    It is in this third condition that questions arise. I don’t think any law abiding person(civil law and God’s law) has a premeditated intent to kill. In this regard, the instructors advice to shoot to kill is both morally wrong and civilly wrong and could result in the person being tried for murder. Although no one has the right to kill, everyone has the right to defend themselves when their lives, or the lives of their loved ones are being threatened. In exercising this right,a person can exert as much force as is necessary to stop the threat. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in the death of the perpetrator. However that death was not the intent of the defensive action and therefore not a sin. Any defense whether by gun, baseball bat, or a karate blow could result in the final result. So your argument that “if you own a gun for self defense, you have to be prepared to kill” falls apart in that I could argue that by investing your time and effort to learn a skill which is capable of delivering lethal blows also implies that you must be prepared to kill!

    Finally, I would argue that it is admirable that you and your family have prepared yourselves for defending your lives against a physical assault. But I would also argue that when a perpetrator enters your house with the evil intent of doing bodily harm, he has in his position a gun which is loaded and cocked and his finger is near the trigger. All the karate in the world will not be fast enough to stop him.

  8. Tanya,
    I wrestled with how to respond to your post or even if I should as I see this issue as more than defense home and family. I am very much in support of defense of family and yes Satan is doing quite well in the U.S.A. Turn on the TV and he preaches 24 7.

    My daughter after graduation from college has been called to the ministry. That call has brought her to the ghettos of South Africa at the center of aparteid region. Just what a father wants right? Her mission is to walk with the people and build trust between races. Needless to say I was very afraid for her. All the dangers born of extreme poverty are there. Her ongoing experience has been quite different from what I expected. The people in the ghetto’s of Soweto have taken care of her in the true spirit of Christian love. There culture and love of God allows them to love one another, feed one another, cloth one another and rejoice in what they have even though it is meager to say the least. They have all the perks of extreme poverty including hunger, disease, crime, bad health yet I have come to be envious of them. They rejoice at the sound of Jesus’s name. They take care of each other even if they don’t know you by name. People have value in their culture. I have come to realize that if we took one tenth of their culture an applied it here there would be no poverty or home foreclousures, etc. Instead we must have the latest and greatest gadget, phone or car. Our neighbors get foreclosed on and that’s ok cause we don’t know their names anyways.

    Armng ourselves is just a continuation of the wrong direction that we are going and somehow I think Jesus would not smile when looking at my 9mm.

    Defend yourself yes but let get back to what Jesus has preached in the New Testement. Start by blowing up your TV, throw away the paper… then rejoice in the blessing that we have.

    I’ll stop now.

    • Paroadie,

      I just want to say, what a testimony your daughter has!! My sister feels called to the mission field as well, and I know my dad worried a lot about her at first. But you know the saying, There’s no safer place than in the will of God. You must be extremely proud of your daughter. And what a lesson for us all!!

      And yes, everybody… blow up your TVs for sure!! πŸ™‚ I can’t even tell you what a difference it has made in our lives not having that influence in our homes 24-7!

  9. How wonderful to see so many women who understand the importance of being able to defend themselves, their children and their homes! I have spent years explaining to women around me why they need to know how to shoot. One of the excuses for a woman not knowing how that annoys me the most is, “my husband knows how, he will defend me/us”. I don’t know about anyone else but in our family, we are not glued together with velcro! There are times we are apart. Beyond that, if you are together and someone harms your husband are you going to stand there and let them finish him off and then come after you or your children or are you going to be able to protect him and yourself?
    Thank you for taking the risk to write this article and sharing it.

  10. Paroadie, I agree with you. I just want to point out the difference between neighbor or enemy.

    yes we want to help our neighbors. They may or may not ask- but they never take.
    Carrying a firearm to protect oneself and family is not an excuse to ignore our neighbor. We know about the “line”. Evaluate why you became numb to your neighbors. I don’t relate to that at all.

    My enemy is Satan and he has been very busy. I hear he’s a pleasure to work with, for a short time anyway.
    Look at the protesters in Wisconsin. They left trash all over the Capital. They had very little disregard for others. They might appear as average folks. But they subscribe to violence. That is the mentality many Americans have adopted. We have leaders calling for Revolution. If that were to happen innocent people will die.
    That is the enemy.
    Peter carried a sword. Jesus never preached victimhood. We are to turn the other cheek for His Name. We are to give our cloak For HIM. Good works are BECAUSE of faith. Being reviled for Christ is entirely different.
    Jesus never said lose your life in a crime. I have many little Christians to raise I will not succumb to rape or murder.
    I tell my children whenever I wear my firearm” let’s pray I never have to use it. Have God cover me with his wings and surround me with a hedge of angels.” my feet are fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace.
    And I believe I won’t have to use it. But I will……


  11. Crime is up and our brothers and sisters are struggling, it is true. I understand the need to protect ourselves from the criminals however if our response to this is to only to arm and build walls around our homes then we have lost what it is to be God’s children in my opinion.

    I use to have a carry permit and was armed most of the time. I was prepared at all times. I found myself looking at people I didn’t know as potential threats. This mentality allowed me to become numb to the plight of people and to only care about protecting what is mine and my family’s. I could have been one of the people who passed the gentile on the side of road.

    With the help of a pastor outside of my church along with one of my daughters who trusts God and puts her trust in action I have come to realize the sinful nature of my attitude. I have completely understood what laying down my fear means to my soul. Needless to say I have given up my carry permit.

    Christ said love thy neighbor as thyself…. In these times of economic distress we are being tested. Better to feed our neighbors then to keep them in the crosshairs.

  12. I saw a message on reloading.
    Lee Loaders. the cheapest you’ll find. But sometimes watching sales- Walmart sometimes has awesome prices on 100/ct 9mm.
    Sometimes stocking up is cheaper than reloading.

  13. I hear you and thank your father for me for his service. I understand the need to be prepared but I also see a separation between people that this , among other things, brings. With all the means of communication we have become isolated from each other. It is my humble opinion that if we take the steps to arm against our neighbors we must take equal steps in getting to know our neighbors. Looking back, in my experience raising kids and being involved in the community I am always surprised by the kindness of strangers.

    • Paroadie,

      You are absolutely right on that. There is a major disconnect nowadays. And getting to know your neighbors can be such a blessing!! I’ve talked about the importance of doing this before. We have got to know our neighbors. In the event that something catastrophic might occur, we have to be able to come together as a community and help each other. It stinks that we have to be so cautious of people we don’t know. As you said, *most* people are good. Unfortunately, it’s usually hard to tell at a glance. But yes, we all need to be getting out there and meeting our neighbors. Not just knowing them, but having a relationship with them.

  14. Kendra my dear you are right on!
    The days of PC Christ followers is over. I’m not sure why some Christians think their role is to be a wimpy victim. Some woman at my church act horrified at the idea of firearms. Why?
    In our state due to massive budget shortfalls our 3 maximum security prisoner have had to let go of 2,000+ inmates. Crime here has increased accordingly. Violent crime. There are no jobs for these inmates either,
    I do resent the lack of monetary stewardship in our country that has forced my hand in carrying a firearm. But I know I please our founding fathers!
    I have to survive to raise my disciples for Christ
    For more information:
    Check out Limalife on Utube- a missionary kid/now Mom with valuable insight
    or google The Christian Gun Owner- for obvious reasons!
    Crossbreed Holsters are the best, made my an unapologetic Christian! I love mine.

    I now carry everywhere I am allowed, it has taken awhile to grow confident, but with practice anyone can do it. One of my concerns is even returning home. I don’t know what might be waiting for me and my family. I certainly don’t want to meet my own firearm in my face.
    Firearms is not about fear. It’s about understanding true danger and being pro-life- for yourself.
    A criminal does not value your life. End of story.
    A prudent man sees danger…..Proverbs

    Take care and God bless!

  15. Although I take steps to provide security in my home I can’t help but wonder why we are all so afraid? Fear….maybe that’ the topic of another conversation.

    • Paroadie,

      I can only speak for myself in saying I’m not afraid, just aware. My father is an officer, and is head of the swat team in our county, and my entire life he has explained to me the importance of being aware of my surroundings, and prepared for the worst case scenario. It’s not about being scared.

  16. We don’t know the day or the hour of Christ’s return. A lot still has to happen according to prophecy. I wouldn’t hold my breath just yet.
    Read the Ezekial Option By Daniel Rosenberg (?)
    This book will have you digging through your Bible!

    Crime is up now.
    Sadly, even good people are desperate.
    God gave us brains and talent and skill. We are talking about survival. A skill watered down over the last 100 years. We are NOT an Evolved society. Many want to wait for the rapture.I am confused by that.
    it sounds like making a non choice.

    Read the Survivors Club. By Ben Sherwood

  17. We are big gun people at our house. My husband shoots competively, often carries concealed and we also reload. I will be getting a small carry gun for myself soon and I will start wearing it around our homestead, since we live close to the highway.

    HOWEVER, as my husband always says, if you are going to pack a gun with you, you’d better be prepared to use it and KILL if you have to, like another commenter mentioned above.

    You can’t just expect to flash your gun and for the intruder to necessarily leave. In fact, if you aren’t skilled with your weapon, it could easily be wrestled from you and then used against you… So I highly recommend that people take a defensive shooting course and become intimately familiar with whatever gun(s) they will use for home defense.

  18. I agree with you 100%. If you look at me you would not guess by my appearance that I believe in or would carry a firearm (I’m a born again traditional Pentecostal who has below the waist hair and wears only modest below the knee skirts, etc., etc.). My husband and I both have attended the concealed carry course and frequently go to the range to shoot our handguns. My husband is also a seasoned hunter and we have several other weapons in our arsenal just in case. We believe in the right to bear arms for the protection of our family.

    I would recommend the video Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Video/Program from the NRA. Here is a site that helps parents explain safety with guns to children: http://www.nrahq.org/safety/eddie/infoparents.asp

  19. “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” Thomas Jefferson

    “Never trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with guns.” ~Benjamin Franklin

    A couple of quotes from a couple of really smart guys.

    If guns bother you or make you uneasy then you should not have them in your home! My husband and I grew up with guns and we are very comfortable around them. My three sons all have rifles and handguns in their rooms. Even my 10 year has 2 rifles hanging up in his room. My husband and kids are big time hunters and they all know gun safety. (My husband is a safety fanatic from work)And yes, all of us, if we ever felt threatened in our own home we would unload on the intruder.

  20. Andrea ordered me over here, so blame her for what follows πŸ˜‰

    I’m an NRA Certified pistol instructor. In addition to the NRA courses, I also developed a course called Practical Defensive Pistol which teaches non-law enforcement citizens the tactics, strategies and skills needed to protect themselves in certain real-life situations.

    I’m not going to get into a gun vs no gun debate. It is very clear cut to me: A handgun in the hands of a trained individual is the most effective force equalizer available. One small framed individual, or one physically disabled person has the ability to defend themselves against multiple attackers with a handgun. There is no other technique, skill or device that offers the same level of self-defense. None other.

    If you are going to get a handgun, get trained FIRST. Then rent a number of guns to find one that fits your hands and physical abilities, before making a purchase. I can’t stress this point enough. Don’t buy a gun someone else thinks you should have. Buy a gun YOU are comfortable with.

    Most importantly, you MUST practice on a regular basis. Shooting skills are very perishable skills. Once a month is the bare minimum you should practice.

    PLEASE also do equal practice with your weak side hand. If you are put into a situation where you must fire your handgun at an intruder, you are just as likely to have to fire around a right hand corner as you are a left hand corner. Bad guys won’t be nice static targets aligned right in front of you.

    Practice like you will be expected to perform.

  21. As to gun safety, if you are wearing your gun on your side your kids arent going to get hold of it unless you let them. I am not delusional, I have been around firearms and explosives all of my life and I have never felt the need to shoot anyone! This does not mean that the time will not come for that to happen, all should learn how to handle and shoot a gun in these terribly hard and worse to come times. It is up to each parent to keep their children safe. I also feel that if children are taught about guns, their curiosity does not run wild. I shot a gun for the first time when I was 3 under the supervision of my uncle, who was one of the most learned gun collectors on the east coast. So maybe instead of calling ME delusional, some should take a good look at their own instructions to others on defense choices.

  22. Kendra,

    Yeah it is nice to know that my family can take care of themselves. My wife doesn’t touch the gun as I am in my office attached to the home. My kids have fired them but have no interest. They have learned respect for guns in their youth.

    Karate is a great thing. I’m 6’2″ and I can’t come close to them when we play. The mental aspect that it brings to kids and adults for that matter is amazing. For the girls I know it’s reassuring to be able to handle themselves in this disturbed world. It also calms their father knowing that any potential bad one will get more than they bargained for. One of their fellow students was jumped at her college in D.C. a few years back. She took the two out and got the police to arrest them. Of course they went to the hospital first. They must have been wondering what this little girl hit them with.

    The world is a scary place sometimes. I think with all the negative information spewed at us 24/7 it is hard to keep perspective. No doubt we must protect ourselves and the kids at all times but we must not lose sight that most people are good. It’s the one percent that you must guard against.

  23. Wow. All these posts are enlightening. What I’m getting out of this is we need to think about a variety of ways to secure our home and the poeple in it. I think it would be wise to have a MIX of weaponry, self defense training, and security measures (bars/alarms) in place. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket as far as safety, so to speak.

    I think one thing women have to keep in mind is, biologically, we’re wired to think of our children first. If the family was all in the house and someone burst in, I suspect most women would grab up their babies and/or stand between the attacker and their children rather than leave them in danger just to go fetch the gun. That’s why I would lean towards learning a variety of defense mechanisms, not just weaponry. GREAT STUFF TO THINK ABOUT IN THIS POST!!

  24. To Kim: I am not a black belt, my wife and kids are. I keep in line at home….lol.

    My point, even to the ones that have a gun in a convenient place next to the door, in a home invasion their mission is to rush you and control immediately. You grab the door knob and they bounce the door on your face. I am willing to bet that the majority of women would not have time to reach for a gun in the convenient place if attacked. I am also willing to bet that most men would be overwhelmed with this tactic. Keep in mind they will have weapon in hand as they come in. Unless you have the gun at the ready, in hand and cocked before you answer the door I think it you are deluding yourself.

    I live back in the woods and isolated from view of any neighbors and without a police force. When someone shows up unannounced on my doorstep I have my gun in hand. I don’t answer the door, I go out the back door and approach the person or persons from the outside. I don’t give them a chance to get in. Makes for great laughs when the Jehovah Witness folks show up but not condusive for making friends. I think for those who are in populated areas greeting people with pistol in hand is not prudent. I also think that if you compare statistics you would find that having loaded pistols around children is not a smart thing.

    Having a gun in your home especially with kids around requires careful consideration and should not be taken lightly. There is no doubt in my mind that I am in conflict with what I believe as a Christian. Christ taught us to love one another as thyself and having a gun puts us at odds with this command. It puts us in a place of suspicion of our brothers and sisters. Better to feed the poor then to shoot them in God’s eye I suspect.

    • Paroadie,

      I think it’s SO awesome that your wife and kids would be able to defend themselves hand-to-hand. I can’t help but smile imagining an attacker thinking your family would be an easy target, only to have your wife and children turn and kick his tail, lol!! I wonder though, can she handle a gun? Thank you for sharing how you answer your door, or better yet, how you *don’t* answer your door. I’m sure you’ve had some uneasy visitors!!

      You are right in saying that we can easily be overtaken at the door. I guess the lesson here is NOT to open the door for strangers. Period. If you open up for anyone who knocks, then yes, you are waiting to be a victim. I never, ever open the door for anybody I don’t know. I’m even cautious with the UPS guy. You have to be, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere, with nobody to witness anything going down. Answer through the window instead.

      Seeing as I don’t answer the door, I guess the scenario I play out in my head is somebody breaking the door down, or smashing in a window. In which case I feel I would have time to get my gun and shoot it. I can only pray with all my heart that I never, ever have to find out.

  25. I’m a huge supporter of gun rights. I am also a big proponent of gun safety. Our state requires a two-day safety course to acquire a FOID card. My son took the course when he was ten. It paid off, he knows how to safely handle and operate a gun. Three years later, he is now on the junior trap shooting team. He’s the designated hunterin our family if need be. lol! I hope these skills are never needed. Just as I would never want to use my CPR skills. Great post!!

  26. @ Kendra and April….I’m glad I could point out to you the burglar bar worries. When I was little my mom only let me start spending the night at my grandma’s once I could open the bars in a timely manner. Hers were tricky to open and so they timed me and taught me to do them fast. I felt so much better knowing I could do it if need be so if you go that route let the kids try them too. I rememeber you did fire drills with them Kendra so you could easily add in opening the bars. πŸ™‚

    I’m enjoying reading all these responses.

    • April,

      Yes, I would definitely have to teach the kids how to open the bars. I didn’t even realize they could be opened, I thought they were just screwed on and left there. Thanks for all of the info. I don’t know if we’ll go that route (probably costs too much for us!!), but it’s a great idea to hang onto.

  27. Thanks for the great post. We have several guns in our home not because we are fire arm freaks but because we feel the need to be prepared. We have a hand gun in our night stand in a lock box. The kids know about it and have seen it. We talk to them about it and that it isn’t a toy. This summer my husband will be taking our eight year old to the range with a smaller rifle so she can learn to shoot. We don’t like the idea that we will ever have to need a gun but we will be prepared if we have to.

  28. To paroadie, glad you are a black belt but, if things get as bad as Kendra is talking about Id rather have my gun on my hip than you beside me. Chances are if there is a home invasion you will only have time to point and shoot, not to do all your karate moves. And yes if things get that bad I think we all WILL have our guns with us at all times. Wake up!

  29. This sounds scary to me. I know it’s something I should think about but I just would have a hard time having that in my home with my little one. I need training in that I guess. Wouldn’t Christ return and send for us before all this chaos takes place? I guess I always imagined he’d rescue the church first. But who knows we may have to go through these awful times that might be the plan to draw some closer to him before his return.

    • Emily,

      I think that’s the problem with so many Christians, we want to believe that we will be raptured out before all of this takes place. But think of every day crimes that happen, and think of Katrina- all of the looting, raping, and killing that happened there. I’m sure the homeowners who lived through that were wishing they’d be raptured up at that time… I guess my point is, we don’t know when the Lord will return, and we don’t know what all we will have to endure before he does call up His church. Personally, I believe we will go through a lot before that time comes. Look at Japan, and the suffering those people are enduring! He says He will protect us from the bowl judgements (I think??), but we will not be rescued from any and all danger. πŸ™

  30. My husband and I have talked about having a spot near the front door that hides a hand gun so that it is easily accessible (to us but not by shorter children) and unseen from whoever is at the door, so that the gun could be trained on whoever is there without them knowing so that you had the advantage. In a survival situation though, I suspect we would have a loaded shotgun near the door in full sight. But then, my husband is in law enforcement and is an avid hunter, so he is very comfortable with guns!
    I’ve learned a lot and am definitely comfortable with the shotgun that I use when hunting grouse & duck hunting, but still need to work on my hand gun skills so that I am very familiar with how they work so that in a survival situation I would be fast enough to protect my family.
    We also have 3 large dogs, and if I am at all feeling unsure I make sure I have one or more of them with me either in the front hall answering the door, or outside. When I was single and lived in the city, I felt much safer having my large dark colored dog by my side on walks – people looking to do you harm have no idea whether your dog would hurt them or if the dog is a total softie!
    I think what I would suggest most to those of you looking for a type of gun would be one that you feel most comfortable with – whether due to its size, or weight, or whatever draws you to it – even something perhaps trivial like its color or shinyness – anything that makes you feel comfortable or strong carrying it.

  31. SHOOT to KILL…. As per a karate demonstration, I saw the value of a gun in home defense is very low in a home invasion. A home invasion is the most likely type of deadly attack. Home invaders don’t ask permission to enter, they violently enter. You would have to answer your door with the gun loaded and in your hand everytime the doorbell rings. Having it locked up and out of reach is an illusion of protection.

    Try putting a gun on your person (use a toy) and have your child or husband rush you. Try and put one in the chamber point and shoot. More than likely you will have the perp on top of you and using your own gun against you. Better to have a knife on your belt.

    I tell my bride that if anyone enters the home she should get herself and the kids in the bed with the pistol. Let the bad people take whatever they want and if they get in the bed drop the hammer.

  32. I’ve always been against guns, not necessarily hunting rifles, but AK-47s, etc. You know, high powered rifles that are designed to mow down people dead. I’ve debated many men in my life (brothers, ex-boyfriends, my husband)about how many people actually AREN’T saved by their guns every year. NOW…that being said, this Sunday I went with my husband and kids and bought my first .22 rifle. I consider it my “beginner” gun, as next I’ll be getting my own shotgun and a handgun (probably something small-caliber), after I become proficient with my rifle. My husband has also warned me about being too forth-coming about the amount of food storage and supplies we have. I also agree with taking a self-defense class. After all, if you are by yourself in a parking lot and you get jumped, you may not be able to get your gun unholstered quick enough, especially if someone grabs your arms. You have to be able to know some basic hand-to-hand combat. Ladies, if someone breaks into your home, you have to not only protect your belongings, but your babies and your body! Being a woman and mother means you have to be doubly prepared! I guess I’ve had a major change of attitude about guns, but I think we’ll be seeing more of that overall in the days to come. I’m also hoping I get good enough to go hunting next fall! I don’t eat meat due to health issues, but my kids LOVE venison.

  33. I’ve always been against guns…but now that my boys are older, and times are more unstable…I’m thinking we may need one. For hunting…and for protection, unfortunately. I could probably shoot and clean a small animal…a rabbit or something…but a deer? No. I suppose I should do some research..!

  34. We are getting set up to reload also. Not only is is cheaper, it is a good skill to have if the worst happens.

  35. A mindset must accompany the ownership of guns. You must be willing to kill. Did you know that a person who is intent on hurting you would have no problem doing just that as you find your gun, point it and cock it and then pull the trigger. You must do this against a charging animal bent on your destruction. Tall order if you ask me. A gun offers only the illusion of protection.

    You would be better off taking karate courses. This is a more practical source of self defense and a better way to build your family. As you answer the door and your home is invaded the gun won’t come to your defense. Self defense training will help you in real life situations in the dark parking lot with desperate people looking for victims. In my home I am surrounded by black belts. I pity the fool who enters here.

    Fear is a terrible thing. We walk through our lives afraid and fearful of our fellow man. This fear has permeated our lives and more importantly our childrens lives. Arming ourselves is in direct conflict with Christ’s teaching from the “Sermon on the Mount”. Better to love thy neighbor then to arm against him.

  36. Very nice article. I agree with it and the comments others have made. One point you made is very important and overlooked I think. The part about stocking up on ammo. The government will let us have all the guns we want once they control all the ammo!

  37. Amen!! I was never a huge fan of guns but have had a change of heart recently. Our newly purchased rural home was broken into, stripped and vandalized before we were able to move in. There are desperate people everywhere and locks (even deadbolts) do nothing to keep them out. I know first hand; our deadbolt was laying on the floor in a heap of splintered wood and door guts! We’re working hard to put our home back together now and you better believe a gun safe will be installed.

    We have also had to stop sharing our prepping plans with all but a few very close friends who are being called to prep too. It’s a very disconcerting thought that we may be called on to defend our family from other members of our extended family who decided not to plan ahead.

    • Mel,

      Oh that’s so sad. I’m sorry you had that happen!! And I know just what you mean about beginning to hush your prepping plans. At first we felt called to share with everybody, so that they would start prepping too. But now we see so many would rather be complacent, and just take what you have instead. We have to be very careful who we talk to… I keep reminding my husband not to be so open with everyone!!

  38. We have a couple guns and get ammo as we can afford it. I never used to like guns and refused to have them in my home with my children, but with the way things are going in this world, I have become increasingly ok with it. I personally don’t know how to shoot a gun(but my husband is an amazing shot!) but it is on my list of things to do and learn when the weather warms up here in the north. I totally agree that in these times and the coming times, guns are a very beneficial thing to have!

  39. I just read a few comments by another April πŸ™‚ and wanted to add….my grandmother has bars on her windows and doors because decades ago she was a single mom to 3 and wanted to protect her family. I caution everyone about that though because it can be very hard to get out quickly if needed such as in a fire. They do a great job in keeping out people but unless you have a bunch of copies of the keys it can be dangerous. If you go the bar route make sure you have access to the opening keys in many places in case you have to get out extremely quickly.

  40. My husband got his CHL last year and one of the first things the teacher told them was to SHOOT TO KILL. NEVER warn or injure but kill. So he came home and instructed me in the same way. And yes I would. If I feel threatened in the least I will do what I have to do without hesitation. I was very nervous about having a gun in our home at first but we are very cautious and have it locked up far away from childrens reach. I feel it is very inportant to be able to defend your home and family.

  41. Hi Kendra,
    I agree that guns and ammo are especially important to have around for defense and for hunting. I would also consider , especially if hunting were necessary, having hunting equipment in storage. Most importantly hunting knives. If you shot a deer for instance, how would you butcher it? A good “buck knife” is a necessity! Just a thought! Blessings for the week! And thank you for sharing your blog…it’s great!

  42. My husband is big on home defense…he made me take a conceal to carry course to get sertified to carry(not like it would matter in a collapse scenario)and he’s pretty adament about the bigger kids(14 and 11) knowing how to load and shoot.(the 14 yo girls is pretty darn good too) Not only that, he’s been teaching them fighting skills since they were small(pressure points, etc) Im trying to talk him into buting the bars for the windows, becasue living IN a city, Im paranoid like that!

  43. Oh I am SO interested in reading the responses to this one.

    I am totally ready to defend my children and home…my grandfather and husband have taught me well. Both of my children are learning the ropes and my 6 year old is surprisingly, unnervingly accurate at 7 yards.

    To back up your assertion that people are planning to rob and loot….I asked a friend/gunstore owner this weekend if she stocked up on food/water/supplies. She said no, she didn’t need to and gestured toward the rack of shotguns behind the counter. I am sooo hoping I took that comment out of context somehow, but I don’t think I did.

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