Praying For Ms. Addy

It has been over two years since I last wrote about my visits with Ms. Addy. I have a hard time believing time has gone by so quickly. I figured I should give you guys an update on our friend.

If you don’t know who Ms. Addy is, you absolutely must go back through my Lessons From Butterberry Farm series to learn about the woman who got me started on this path. This is the woman who took the time to mentor a naive city girl, to teach me the almost forgotten ways of simple living. She is the one who inspired my journey.

I’m ashamed to say it has been several months since I last visited my friend. Her condition has continued to decline to the point that it is now very hard to go and visit her. The last time I went, I felt like bringing my four young children was overwhelming for her, and I’ve delayed another visit, waiting for a time when I could go without my kids. I’ve kept in touch with her children over the phone, though, to let them know I’m always thinking of them.

Earlier this week, I had to make a drive out Addy’s way to pick up some soap making supplies from another friend. I knew I couldn’t be so close without stopping in for a short visit, so I called ahead of time to make sure it would be okay for us to drop by.

As we pulled up her driveway, Addy’s children ran to greet us in front of the house, just like old times. Except now they’ve all grown so big, even the youngest towers over me. Which they love to tease me about. I was glad that Addy’s husband was there as well. He has such a warm presence about him, such a friendly smile behind that long, salt and pepper beard. It has been quite a while since I’ve enjoyed conversation with him.

The kids played outside while I went inside with baby Elias to say hello to my friend. Her oldest daughter told me that this was the first time she’d been out of bed in weeks. She’d actually been in the hospital for about that long. She was sitting in a wheelchair in the living room as I entered.

You guys, Ms. Addy is not doing well at all. MS is a nasty disease. She has lost a ton of weight, and now depends on a feeding tube to sustain her. I’m not sure she knew who I was, though when her daughter asked her if she remembered me, she did say, “Yes”. She was able to answer a few simple questions, but that was about it.

It’s so hard to see somebody you really care about deteriorating so. I can’t imagine how hard this has been on her husband and children especially. It’s heartbreaking to watch. There are times when she comes to my mind and my prayers, and I wish so badly that I could bring some miraculous cure to her, that I could find something the doctors have missed and offer some simple solution to bring her mind and body back once again.

As I sat across from her on the couch with her husband and daughters, I shared how grateful I was for meeting them at a good time in Ms. Addy’s life. At a time when her mind was still sharp, and she could pour her knowledge into my eager mind and teach me what it had taken her years to learn on her own. I will never be able to express the impact she has made on me personally, and on my family.

If you can remember, please pray for her and her family. They keep their spirits up, but I know this is an incredible burden to bear as they struggle with keeping their homestead afloat amidst all this. If you feel led to help, I’d like to bring them some home-cooked meals; if you want to pitch in shoot me an email letting me know.

I wish I had better news to share about our friend Ms. Addy. I know she has touched many of your lives as well.


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  1. Kendra, I’ve so enjoyed reading your blogs. I have a friend who’s recently been diagnosed with MS and would love to know about Miss Addy. TIA for any updates you’re able to offer.

    • Kathy,

      I’m sad to say my dear friend is confined to a bed with a feeding tube. Her family takes good care of her, with help from a nurse who comes to offer reprieve. The doctors do not expect her to get better. But we keep praying.

  2. Hi Kendra,

    How is Mrs. Addy doing?? I just found this blog three days ago and fell in love with the butterberry series. I’m SO sad that Mrs. Addy is in such bad conditions. Your series read like a lovely novel and this tragedy is so heartbreaking. How are her children and husband doing? Have they been able to keep up the farm? I assume her eldest is around 16 now?? I feel so bad for ALL of them. Mrs. Addy must be so frustrated inside and her husband…. gosh I’m just so sad. Can you give us another blog post?? Update us on her and the family and perhaps also tell us some stories of old memories that you never wrote about… maybe that would be too painful? Did u ever get to go to the herb store with her, or make soap with her?? I’m truly sorry and praying for everyone in her family. Hugs…

    • Vanessa,

      Thank you for asking about my dear friend. Unfortunately at this point, Mrs. Addy is just clinging to life. She is bedridden, and on a feeding tube. I don’t think she can say anything, but she does blink her eyes in response. She is but a shadow of her former body. It breaks my heart to see her like this, and to know how her family has to deal with such heartbreak every day. I haven’t written an update out of respect for her family, as this is a very personal experience they are going through. But please do keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. No, I never did get to go to the herb store with her, or make soap with her. There are many things I wish we could still do together. I think she would be proud of how far I’ve come as a result of her mentoring. MS is such a horrible disease. I had no idea how short my time would be with her.

  3. I just came across your blog and as our family is battling Lyme disease and you live in the country, just wondering if Addy was tested for Lyme disease. It is a misconception that it is not in the south (we are in GA) and it is often diagnosed as MS. It causes the same legions on the brain. Also, standard testing through regular labs is only about 40% accurate. We all tested negative through Quest but positive through a special lab that is more sensitive (Igenex).

    Just trying to help since if it is Lyme, it can be treated with antibiotics or herbs.

    take care! Love your blog!

  4. This is the first of any of the series I had read and my heart was just so touched. I am so sorry you’re friend has been suffering with such a debilitating disease,,But may I say you are living for her in all you do and continue to teach so many other people, the wisdom you where given by her,,,far more people than she could have reached. May God bless you for sharing with others this lost way of life,,,and for paying tribute to Mrs Addy,,,who will be in my prayers from this day.I wish I was as lucky to have been mentored by someone like her,,,instead i learn on the internet and through books. No one else around me is interested in this way of life,,,I think I was born in the wrong era,,,,I’m a very old Fashion soul,,,maybe one day I too will have my dream come true of having my own homestead. God Bless you Kendra and thank you for all you teach me 🙂

  5. Kendra, is there a more recent update on Miss Addy? I’ve come to love her through your posts and have a heavy heart as the MS progressed. She is in my prayers


  6. Kendra, I’ve not commented very often but I wanted to let you know that my husband is a hospice chaplain and when I’ve asked him what he does on visits when the person isn’t able to communicate much he said he just reads scripture to them. Maybe on your next visit Mrs. Addy would enjoy you reading to her. I don’t do well around people who are very old or very sick so I have to try really hard. But I’m learning as God gives me the opportunity to grow in that area.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about Ms. Addy. I remember reading about her when you first began blogging about her, and wishing so much that I could meet her and learn from her as well. I am glad that I had the opportunity to learn from her through your blog, though. I am so sorry to hear of her decline, and I will be in prayer for her and her family.

  8. Thank you Kendra for the update. I often wish that I had someone teach me things like that. It is so much harder just learning it all from a book.

  9. I enjoyed reading your articles about this lady and wondered what had come of her. I hope her children are now old enough to look after themselves and help with her care and the home. Sometimes we don’t understand God’s overall plan, but we just have to trust that He knows best.

  10. I came in here to be cheered up…this place always cheers me. ALWAYS. I haven’t been here in weeks and today, I NEED SOME CHEER. So here I waddle in to get a nugget of happiness….and what do I get?

    A sad update of a woman WHO COULD BE ME. My problems disappeared for altogether REAL REASONS.

    Not some happy “oh look-y, Kendra made something pretty” or perhaps, “Look at that sweet picture of Kendra’s baby.” brand of cheer. NO.

    I was made spiritually whole after the sh^ttiest week EVAH–BY SIMPLE GRATITUDE.

    Thank you for the perspective, Kendra.

    Blessings to your friend as she makes her way into the arms of our Creator.

  11. Hi Kendra,

    It’s been a while since I last commented, but I always enjoy your posts. As for Ms. Addy, my family would like to contribute to helping their family. How would I go about doing this, as we are Georgians? I feel deep sadness, but yet hope for Ms. Addy. Maybe you can now use your knowledge to help her? May YHWH bless & heal her. HalleluYah!

  12. Oh my gosh Kendra. I only started reading your blog this year & had not read anything about Butterberry Farm or Miss Addy. It all makes me really sad. But, I am so happy that you were able to become her friend. And, I bet she is happy about that as well. Nothing beats learning first hand from those that know. And, they usually enjoy sharing that knowledge. Sure sounds like Addy loved to share things with you.

    I will say a prayer for her and her family.

  13. Thank you for updating about this precious lady. I just read about her for the first time on your blog this week. I wondered how she was doing. So sad to see someone in this condition. You do have some good memories and lots of knowledge she shared with you.

    Thanks again for the update. GOD BLESS!!!

  14. The video is remarkable. What this doc did was look at the physiological cause of MS, which was a lack of a certain nutrient, and then looked at other possible food-related triggers, then avoided the trigger foods, and ate large doses of the foods which contained the nutrients that increased brain function, etc. Watch the video and see what you think.

  15. Dear Kendra, so very sorry to hear about your friend. Not sure if this link will help at this point, but I came across an article in Feb regarding a doctor who beat MS through radical diet changes. It’s an amazing article, and everything she recommends can be blendered up and put through a feeding tube. Here’s the link, a video link:

    I will be in fervent prayer.


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