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Okay friends, I need some prayer, and maybe some advice. I have a job offer which I am actually considering. I wasn’t looking for a job, I have a full time job at home! But the Lord has presented an opportunity which I feel He is leading me to seriously consider.

A local Church is in need of a Daycare Director, and a dear friend of mine called me and told me that she thinks I’d be the perfect person for the job. They aren’t advertising the job opening, they have just been praying (for the past 7 months) that the right person would come along.

The only reason I am even considering this job is because I would be able to take all of my children to work with me. The office is a nice sized room, with an equally nice sized room right off of it, like a side office. I could set up Jada in the side room to do her homeschooling in. And there is plenty of room for me to keep baby Xia with me too. The 2 yr. old room is directly across from the Director’s office; that’s where Ty would be.

The hours are flexible. They said they’d like me to be there 30 hrs./wk. The current Director has been there for like 25 yrs. and will be retiring in the end of December. They are looking for somebody young and fresh to come in and modernize the facility. I am actually full of ideas, and excited about the possibilities!

I’m surprised that they are even considering me, seeing as I’d be bringing three children to the table. But, they are. I think I would really LOVE the job. I think.

And a huge blessing would be that it would almost double our current income. We could put all of my salary towards paying off our home. That would be awesome!

So, anyways, please pray that I make the right decision. Pray that the Lord will make  it abundantly clear after I visit the daycare this week. Pray that I don’t get into something that I can’t handle.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if I got the job and everything worked out nicely!

We’ll see.

*I feel the need to add that if I do get this job, I still plan on continuing everything I am trying to do at home. I will still be striving for a more self sufficient lifestyle. This job would enable us to achieve that dream even sooner. So don’t worry, the blog will continue!!

Update: Although they did end up wanting to hire me for the position, I decided not to take the job. It would require too much time away from my family and my goals here at home. Thank you for your prayers. As nice as a second income would be, I know I’m making the right choice.

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  1. Kendra,
    I have also done both. The problem is when you make more money you usually find a way to spend it. I paid off my house and cars before staying home with the kids. It has enabled me to relax a little more financially but it was hard to cut our income in half. I regret the time I missed with my older children. I had mornings when I ripped a small child off my leg and had to walk away. Sharing the raising of your children with someone, even if you are right next door, is really hard. Like it or not you will have to negotiate things you don’t whole heartedly agree with. It will also be hard to keep the 2 with you “occupied” while still being available to your work. It was also tough on my marriage. Like it or not women get the bulk of house work. I really regretted that my husband didn’t do as much of the housework as I did. It really put a wedge between us. I love being home and I regret that I didn’t make the decision sooner to be home with my older children. My thoughts may be old fashioned but I believe that women should be home with their children. I don’t believe you can put a price tag on time spent with them.
    I’m praying for you!

  2. Things happen for a reason. If it’s a great fit and you feel good about it, score! (I was going to say that kind of schedule may put a crimp in canning 200qts of applesauce come apple time in the fall, but I’m sure you’ve already thought of a plan for that.) 😀

  3. Kendra,
    From the sound of the other comments I don’t think my thoughts are going to be very popular but I’ll share them all the same because you’ve been on my mind after I read this. I realize that we are all different and have different lives and even different seasons in our lives but as an older mom who even tried working from home, I would encourage you to sacrifice and stay home if you can. I found that even working from home that my kids were neglected my attention and care, as was my home. I feel passionate about being home if it’s do-able because our children are only little once, they need us to raise them, they get their sense of “home” from their mamas, and it’s hard to manage our homes when we are not there. I have regrets and I realize that they are my personal regrets, but to do over again, I wouldn’t trade my few years home with my littles for anything, even more income for our family.

    That’s just me but I thought I’d share my heart with you. Again, I realize that you may come to a different conclusion and that’s okay because we all have different needs, different seasons of our lives and different circumstances. I just wanted to throw out my thoughts for whatever they are worth. Do keep praying and pray that God will give you perfect peace as to what will glorify Him. Always filter your decisions through whether or not you are making a pro-family and pro-marriage decision.
    Much love,

  4. The only thing that I would add to those comments (as a mom and teacher who’s done it both ways and is glad to be back home again now–and my kids have all been in school for a few years now) is to remember that all of the chores you are used to doing around the house and yard throughout the whole day will now have to be done in those evening hours when you are back home, when you are tired from working all day, when the kids are getting tired and hungry, when supper needs to be prepared, and when your husband wants some attention. That is not meant to discourage you in any way, as this opportunity may be a true blessing from the Lord. Like you said, it may ultimately allow you to pursue other dreams even sooner. I just know that one of the toughest parts of working away from home was that those evening hours, when I was tired myself after being at work all day, seemed to be like coming home to another full time job shift to work, instead of being a more relaxing, winding-down-the-day type of evening that our family prefers. Even now, working at home as a writer for an educational products company, with the ability to take on as much or as little work as I want to, I find that I’m more content and peaceful doing less writing and having smaller paychecks (and yes, we could definitely use the money!)coming in as part of our income. My husband I both agree that, for us, it leads to better family life if I can still have some of the daytime hours to get my homemaking and homesteading chores done, so that when the kids and husband come home, I can still have energy left for them and not be going crazy trying to get “caught up” on everything around the house. I was tempted by a recent job opportunity, too, to teach just three hours a morning in one of the kids’ school, and I know I would have loved it. But when I brought it up to my husband, he rightly reminded me of what a relief I had felt when I was able to stop teaching again couple of years ago to write at home. Pray, talk to your husband, and open your heart to God’s will. People talk about the “seasons” of our lives a lot lately, and as much as you value being home, God might have a new season in store for you that you will love just as much, and that may work out well for your family! Best of luck with your decision!

  5. If my wife got an offer like this, I would ask her to go on the job site with the kids for 1 week before accepting. Maybe you should ask the church if you could do this.

  6. yes, if you get the right feeling, I would say take it. It would mean work getting 3 kids up and ready to go everyday, but lots of people do that everyday too. dont let the idea throw you off. money is money, everyone needs it and this may be a meant to be thing. they seem really willing to work with you considering your kids too, which even for a daycare, is rare. everyone I ever heard of would charge for your kids even though you work there.

  7. Oh, I’m so glad that everyone is okay! I was scared opening this!

    I really hope that this works out for you – it really does sound ideal!!

  8. Well, I can only tell you what I would do, and that is I would take the job if I got the right “feeling” after visiting. A job where I could bring my daughter would be amazing. I would feel more like I contribute to the household, and still be there with my child constantly. But then again, it is a commitment, and since you bring your children, you do have to leave the house when they are having off days, which maybe you don’t do now.
    I am sure that the Lord will lead you in the right direction!


  9. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! I would even FAST if I were you. A FAST of any kind is POWERFUL! I have never been able to do a complete food fast (health reasons) but will often do a partial fast or fast from a non-food item. God will give you the right answer!!!
    I am sending up a prayer for you, too!


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