Funny Story About Potty Training Boys

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2 yr. old Titus is almost completely potty trained. He has been going all day in his undies staying dry, even through his 3-4 hr. long nap! I’m so glad he’s picked it up so well, ’cause I really have no idea what I’m doing trying to potty train a boy!

The other day I heard my husband in the bathroom with Ty, helping him off of the potty. Titus kept saying, “Daddy, can I haf a dab-dab?” Jerry obviously didn’t understand. Ty kept repeating himself, and Jerry kept saying, “What, buddy?” Of course, being Mommy, I knew what he was asking for.

I stuck my head into the bathroom and said, “Jerry, he wants some toilet paper to dab himself off with.” My husband looked at me like I was crazy! He turned back to Titus and said, “Dab-dab?! Boys don’t dab, they shake!!” He turned to me and added, “Girls dab!”

We both got a good laugh out of that one. What do I know? I’m a girl. I dab. Seemed like the logical thing to do! Poor little Ty. Now he’s all confused.

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  1. My little guy was completely potty trained one month after his 2nd birthday…I didn’t know about shaking…my husband taught him that part after my son had the basics down…like knowing what his body is telling him! Congrats! I recommend keeping old towels/rags in the bathroom because boys tend to spray, everywhere!!! Love the site!

  2. This is hysterical!! My husband and I had the SAME discussion 10 years ago when we were potty training. That is so funny…

    If it’s ever necessary…a few Cheerios in the toilet bowl make for good targets!

  3. I’m impressed that your son is potty trained at two. Every mom I talk to says you have to wait until at least three or four. If you wouldn’t mind I would really appreciate a post (or if you could email me) on how you potty trained him. My oldest is almost two (next month) and I would love to potty train him! 🙂

  4. Haha I just went into the other room to tell my husband about this 😉 I am a long way from potty training (my little man is only just 5 months) but I already look ahead to that fateful time when I will have to teach him when I don’t share his gender… I guess leading by example is out of the question lol.


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