Planting Apple Trees & Raspberries

We were blessed with a gorgeous day today and I wanted to make the most of it while it was warm outside. So, I called up my mother-in-law and asked her if I could come over for some plants. She has been offering me some of the fruit bearing trees and bushes from her house for a while now, but we just haven’t had the weather for planting, until today.

We walked around her backyard for probably an hour, looking at all of the different plants that are growing back there. We also checked out all of her chickens that were happily clucking and crowing from their coops. I had no idea she has so many chickens!! She collected eggs as we visited each coop.

I finally decided on three baby apple trees, and a raspberry bush. She kindly helped me dig them up and put them in my car. I would have loved to have taken more, but being pregnant I knew I wouldn’t have the energy to plant much more than that in one day.

Once I got home though, I realized I didn’t exactly know how to go about planting my new friends. I sat down to flip through my books to see if I could find info on just how to go about doing this. I did have an idea where I wanted the apple trees to go, so once I learned all I could find about planting them, I headed outside, shovel in hand.

Here is what I found on planting Apple Trees:

  • The best time to plant is Fall or Spring.
  • Newly planted trees need lots of water, so keep moist.
  • Mulch 2 ft. around the tree to keep weeds away.
  • You need to plant more than one apple tree so that they can cross-pollinate.
  • They like full sun.
  • Do not add fertilizer, it could burn the roots.
  • Dig the hole 1 ft. deeper than the roots are.
  • Plant trees about 20 ft. apart.
  • Make sure you stay at least 25 ft. from septic lines. You don’t want roots growing into your pipes!


Here is one of my little trees. They stand about 2 ft. tall. I’m not too sure if they will do well, or how long it will even take them to grow… years I know. My front yard is straight red clay, so it was hard digging the hole, and I’m not sure how well it will grow in it. I’m really hoping that they do well, but honestly I’m a little doubtful. I put some potting soil in with them, hoping that might help. I’ll cover them with mulch tomorrow.

Anybody have any advice for me?? I’m not exactly sure… no, I have no idea what I’m doing!

So, after tackling the trees it was on to the raspberry bush. A mean thing, that one is! It’s full of very sharp little thorns, and kept snagging my arms and clothing as I tried to plant it. It was a nice, big plant… I have high hopes for it!

Here is what I found on planting raspberry bushes:

  • Best to plant in late fall, but can also be planted early spring.
  • Dig a shallow hole, about 3 in. deep and 6-9 in. wide. You don’t want to bury the roots too deep.
  • Stable manure is an ideal fertilizer, applied in Fall each year.
  • It’s best plant them in a row, trained along a wire or fence.
  • They like full sun, but will grow in partial shade.


Here’s my pretty, new raspberry bush. It’s branches are about 5 ft. tall, and it’s a gorgeous reddish color. It’s already starting to bud a little.

I didn’t really have any exact planting instructions other than the tips listed above, so I did what sounded good to me (not so sure if that’s a good idea)! I found a nice sunny spot and dug a hole big enough to cover the roots with about 3 in. dirt. Then I added some rabbit dropping into the hole and watered them. I put the plant into the hole, and added a little potting soil. Next I covered it over with dirt, packed it down good, and added more rabbit poop and water.

I hope I did it right! It’s a beautiful bush, and I’d love to get some raspberries off of it this summer! I said a little prayer for it, and let it settle into it’s new home.

So, there you go. Not sure if I did the right thing or not, but that’s how I did it. I’ll definitely keep you posted on if it’s producing come July.

If anybody has any tips to share with me, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and comments. I could really use some advice from an old pro!

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  1. Kendra, I do not have any advice for you as I am learning right along with you. I enjoy reading all your posts and learning from them. Keep us all updated on how the plants are growing!

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