Ty’s Pirate Party

You may have noticed it has been a week since I last wrote anything. I’ve been completely consumed with planning our son Titus’ 6th birthday pirate party. When you party on a budget, you’ve gotta get creative… which means a whole lotta DIY! I wish I’d thought about hitting up the clearance sales after Halloween.

I spent hours pouring over Pinterest, gleaned tons of great ideas for the party. There were so many cute ideas to pick from! Here’s how it all turned out…

Pirate Party Invitation

My first project was to create the party invitations. This ended up being super simple, thanks to The Outlaw Mom and her printable template. I actually made mine per her instructions before I noticed that she had a printable version. The paper was stained with tea bags, and I burned the edges for a more worn look.

(Tip: if you try this, I found it worked better for me when I stained the paper first, and let it dry overnight before printing on it. When I printed the text first, then stained, the red ink ran.)

I decided to have the party in our playroom, so I completely stripped the room of every piece of furniture and wall hanging, and decorated starting with a clean slate.

pirate party

I turned one corner of the room into the dress-up area. After emptying my cedar chest of all my cherished things, I filled it with pirate paraphernalia. Earlier in the week, we took a trip into town to hit up the Goodwill Outlet. Inside the warehouse, they have bin after bin of clothing, which you pay for by the pound ($1.25/lb, I believe it was). It took about an hour of sifting and scavenging, but I found several blouses, scarves, belts, and sashes that were perfect for little pirates. They were such lightweight materials, they weighed practically nothing and were a steal.

pirate party


I made this sign to hang over the dress up chest. I used the same teabag staining technique on the paper to make it look antiqued. The fonts came from FontSpace.

pirate party tattoos

I also set up a Tattoo Parlor in the dress up area to give the kids who wanted them a temporary tattoo. I had intended on drawing a mustache and beard on the boys, but I actually forgot to do that. Jada let us use her FurReal Parrot that she’d programed to say, “Happy Birthday, Titus!”, and other various pirate phrases.

boys birthday pirate party

I bought that little treasure chest underneath the table at our local craft store with a 50% off coupon, making it $3, and painted it. We also found the goblets at that Goodwill outlet, paying pennies for them.

pirate party tattoos

Here’s Ty giving his little sister a tattoo. Which she ended up being allergic to and getting hives all over her body. (Which then prompted me to research the safety of temporary tattoos… a whole other topic to blog about. Needless to say, no more temp. tattoos for my kids.) At least she was the only one to have a reaction, though.

pirate party snack buffet

Here’s the snack table. I found a couple of red table cloths at the Salvation army, and draped them over a black plastic tablecloth.

For snacks we had “fish and chips” (tortilla chips and goldfish), with salsa and hummus, kettle corn, home canned muscadine juice “grog”, “cannon ball” grapes, and these vanilla cupcakes.

I printed the banner with Rapscallion font and repeated the teabag treatment. I had to iron the paper on a low heat setting to smooth the edges down after the paper dried from being stained. I LOVE how it turned out!

Pirate Party Cupcakes

I was able to get the cupcake decorations, a banner, the pirate ship centerpiece, cups, plates, and party hats using affiliate credits, so all I had to do was pay shipping. That was great.

Pirate party table

Bad picture quality, but you get the idea. This was the kids’ eating area.

Pirate Party Table

I found skull and crossbones goblets at Party City for $.99 each, and just had to have 8 of them for the kids table. Too fun. I used the little paper cups to hold kettle corn. I also got some gold paper plates to use as chargers for the smaller party plates.

Pirate party photo prop

Jerry’s amazing sister and her fiance made this awesome photo prop for the party. Isn’t it GREAT?! I was so excited when I saw it.

Pirate party game Walk The Plank

We also let the kids “walk the plank”. The older ones got to try it blindfolded.

pirate party

Here’s Ty, his daddy, and some of his pirate buddies. Aaaarg!

pirate party sign

Oh yeah! Jerry’s sister also painted some signs for us to put along our driveway as our guests arrived. (Please overlook the lovely garden hose there.) We put balloons on the signs right before the party.

We played pirate themed music downloaded from Playlist during the party (just be sure to screen the songs beforehand!). After we ate and let Ty open his gifts, we did some games.

Shipwrecked Sam

I printed this Shipwreched Sam letter from Birthday Blueprint (which was also a fantastic source of pirate party ideas), and gave each of the kids several strips of paper with these words on them: the largest hill, tree leaves, a wild pig, some shoes, piece of land, drums, underwear, a ship, a few belongings, a loud noise, BoraBora, my fingers, wild cats, a fish, some berry stew, a large plank, a hat, home, cannibals, my family, my lips. Sitting in a circle, I had the children hand me one of their words at random as I read the letter, kinda like Mad Libs. It came out pretty funny.

At the end of the letter, there was a clue to find a hidden treasure. This led to a hunt around the yard from one clue to the next until they made their way to this…

pirate party treasure

I had goodie bags hidden in the old chimney in the woods. To the shovel I tied a note which read, “15 men on a dead man’s chest, X marks the spot and you know the rest!”

pirate party treasure hunt

Can you see the “X” made out of sticks there? That’s where I buried a treasure chest for Ty to dig up. It was so great watching him dig and dig while the other children crowded around, hardly containing their excitement in anticipation of what he would unearth.

pirate party treasure hunt

Here’s what he found! I LOVED this treasure box. It’s made by Melissa & Doug (I found it on Amazon. It comes with a pirate flag, a bag of gold coins, and a pirate patch.) I filled it with coins and jewelry, a brass compass (a real one), a spy glass that came in a really nice wooden box, and a treasure map.

The kids were SO excited when he pulled the box out of the ground. There was one loud, “WHOA!!” as they all watched him open it and discover the treasure hidden inside. I don’t have any still shots of that to share ’cause I caught it all on video.

I was so grateful for a sunny day and nice weather for the party. It all went very well, and I think the kids had a great time. Ty was blessed with some really cool stuff from everybody,  including walkie talkies and a zipline for some good outdoor fun.


 Happy 6th birthday, Big Boy! We all love you so very much.

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  1. Hi Kendra! I delurk occasionally (really old friend of Jerry’s from the mid 90s) to comment here and there. I really enjoy your blog so I have nominated you for the Liebster award, or am inviting you to participate in the Liebster project or… anyway I am still a little fuzzy about pay it forward blog awards but you are on my list of 11. If you do decide to participate I look forward to your Liebster post!
    Best to you 🙂

  2. Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum. Looks like it was a lot of fun for everyone. I’ll bet Butch had a great time with his friends and family. I hope you got pictures of all the little blokes at the photo prop.

    Love Papa

    Oh and happy birthday to Butch.

  3. I am absolutely amazed with your talent. The party was so well planned with everything possible for your theme. The pictures came out great. Can hardly wait to see the video.

    You know, my talented grandaughter, you could get paid to be a party planner.

    Love & Blessings,

  4. Looks like a fantastic time and reminds me of a birthday party my son had about that age. He LOVED pirates! Now he is in university becoming an archaeologist….they grow so fast!

    Happy Birthday to the little guy. Hugs him lots as soon he will be 26.

  5. I can’t believe he’s 6. Next, he’ll be 16 before you know it! The party sounds like a blast. Glad you all, even the kids (minus little sister), had fun!


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