Peterboro Basket Co.

When it comes to beautiful, hand-woven baskets, I challenge you to find any better than those created by Peterboro Basket Co.

Not only is their quality top-notch, they are as American Made as it gets!! Based out of New Hampshire since 1854, Peterboro Basket Co. has continued supporting their community with their commitment to 100% American materials and labor. The baskets are woven from Appalachian White Ash, harvested from Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The plastic insert accessories are also made in the USA, along with the tailor-made fabric liner and handle cover which are cut and sewn in NH from 100% cotton fabric, which is also made in the USA.

basket 009 (Medium)

I cannot tell you how excited I was when the friendly people at Peterboro Basket Co. decided to send me one of their popular hand-woven deep oval baskets to review. And yet, I had no idea what a treat I was truly in for! This basket is nothing short of gorgeous!! Seriously. I am in love.

I was immediately faced with quite the dilemma… where to display the beauty?! I ran around the house seeking the perfect home for her.

Hmmmm… I could place it on my bookshelf…

basket 004 (Medium)

It would make a handy snack center on my kitchen counter…

basket 006 (Medium)

Or a neat arts and crafts tote…

basket 005 (Medium)

Oh, the possibilities!

This particular basket also came with an added accessory: a two-piece custom-molded, food safe plastic protector insert. The large insert is the full size of the inside of the basket, and would be perfect for filling with crushed ice to keep your food or drinks chilled on a sunny day picnic. The second insert has seven separate compartments, ideal for a fruit or veggie tray. Both plastic inserts are made from FDA-approved materials and are hand-washable.

I have to say, I am truly impressed with their attention to every little detail!

basket 010 (Medium)

To the inside of the bottom of the basket, they’ve added a smooth, wooden platform for extra reinforcement. You can load it up with fresh produce from the farmer’s market without worrying that the bottom might fall out!

basket 011 (Medium)

The nails are made of solid brass, to prevent any rusting, and all of the hardware is brass coated.

basket 007 (Medium)

For easy one-handed carrying there are two swing handles, as well as a “drawer-pull” handle on each end.

basket 012 (Medium)

And they have also thoughtfully added two hand-cut solid wood feet to the outside bottom.

Its sturdy construction makes this basket extremely useful and versatile. These baskets are made to last, which is why Peterboro Basket Co. is able to offer a limited lifetime warranty on every one of their baskets!

So, now on to the best part. The generous people at Peterboro Basket Co. have extended an exclusive offer to you, my loyal readers! Now through May 15, 2010 you can receive 15% off your order by using the coupon code KENDRA when you make a purchase through the online store,

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, this would make a great gift idea! They seriously have a basket for EVERYTHING! And with prices starting as low as $18 (just a little over $15 with the coupon code), just about anybody can afford one of these beautiful AMERICAN MADE baskets!

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  1. I began buying Peterboro baskets over a year ago. I love them. I had a few of the ” OTHERS “, but I have given them to my daughter. The quality and price far exceed the competition. I am so proud to take mine to church functions and have someone compliment my basket.

  2. These baskets are beautiful. I love things like this. And by the way sorry about all the weird emails… I finally just deactivated my facebook. I hope this helps. If you cont’ to get those emails please let me know. Sorry 🙁 Holly

    • Hi Holly,

      Don’t apologize for the FB emails!! It’s not your fault that there are dumb people out there who have nothing better to do than cause trouble. I noticed that you’d deleted your account. I hope you are able to put up a new one soon. No worries here 🙂

  3. Awesome! This is the town next to where I went to high school in Dublin, NH. We often shop at Basketville. They sell American made and a lot of other stuff from China and elsewhere. I really didn’t know that Peterboro Basket Co. was even there, though I’m sure I’ve seen their products before. How exciting! I’ll have to stop by their place sometime when I’m in the area. Thanks for the tip and great review.

    I checked out Peterboro Basket’s web site. They have some really cool utube video about the company and the community.

  4. Hi Kendra,
    These are from our neck of the woods but I never had heard of them before.They sound great.:)I ordered some of the toy guns you had mentioned in an earlier post for my little guys 3rd birthday.Nikki

  5. I love that basket. I refuse to buy cheap baskets that are for decoration only. The wooden feet would make the bottom of the basket hold up really well. I’m off to check their website. Thanks for sharing.


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