51 Pear Recipes for Smoothies and Desserts

Pears have been used as culinary treats for years, and the sugary flavor ensures that’s not going to change anytime soon.

The soft texture can be quite pleasant, and the flavor makes it great for smoothies and desserts. With that in mind, I thought we’d look at 51 recipes for pear desserts and smoothies.

stewed pears
stewed pears


1. Pears in Custard

Yes, it’s a bit of a cheat because it’s not really a recipe but come on, how could I not put such a simple dessert on the list?

This is a particular favorite of ours because it’s sweet and sugary without being overwhelming.

2. The Yogurt Fruit Experiment

Okay, so this one you usually do with peaches, but you can use pears and/or other fruits as well if you prefer.

You place the pears (pear slices work best) in a glass dish/container and put a layer plain yogurt over them. Top the yogurt with treacle sugar and you’ve got the yogurt fruit experiment!

3. Old Fashioned Pear Dessert

The best way I can describe this one is as an apple pie with pears instead of apples. It’s made in a similar way, a crust with a pear filling with more crust to be topped with the remaining filling. Sounds good to me! Here’s the recipe!

4. Honey-Cinnamon Baked Pears

This one is a bit of an acquired taste, but it’s a nice winter fruit treat. Scoop out some of the fruit from a sliced pear, fill the gap with cinnamon and pecan nuts and drizzle with honey. Then you bake them, how simple is that? Here’s the recipe for you.

5. Caramel Pear Dessert

This one is simple and tasty. Slices of angel food cake topped with pears, vanilla ice cream, toasted pecan nuts and a sweet sauce (made from boiling/cooking a mixture of sugar and cream). This is one that you and your family will love! Here’s the recipe for you.

6. Ricotta Pear Dessert

Okay, this one is probably a bit weird. A cored pear halved vertically is sliced up – with each slice only going partway through.

The sliced pear is laid on its side, fanned, and covered with a mixture of ricotta cheese and honey. Here’s the recipe for you if you want to try it.

You can also do this with apples.

7. Chinese Pear Dessert Soup

Confession time: I’m not a big soup guy. I like a cup of soup every now and then but it’s not really a favorite dish of mine. That said, this is one that I’d go back repeatedly until there was nothing left in the pot.

Pear, Chinese red dates, jujubes, goji berries, honey, and cinnamon are combined to provide a sweet, spicy flavor which is warm and rich without being overwhelming. You want the recipe? Of course, you do, here it is!

8. Spiced Pear Dessert

Okay so for this one it’s important to note that the butter might run off the plate and take the spices with it. With that said, if you can get it right this is one heck of a treat. It’s also very simple…

Pear slices coated in a mixture of brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and nutmeg and microwaved for around 2 minutes… excuse me while I put a stop to the drooling! Try this one for yourself and see what you think. Here’s the recipe.

9. Pear and Nectarine Creamy Dessert

Parents, this one’s for you. You peel, core, and slice pears and then warm them in the microwave.

After that you add some chopped nectarine, milk, and rice to the pears and puree them. If your little one’s giving you trouble with food, this might be a solution. Here’s the recipe for you.

10. Poires Belle Helene, Classic French Pear Dessert

Poached pears covered in chocolate sauce and served with ice cream? Yes, please! This is one dish that you can appreciate even if you’re not the biggest fan of pears.

The combination of the ice cream, fruit, and chocolate sauce gives us a rich, sweet treat that’ll leave you wanting more. Here’s the recipe for you to try.

11. Yogurt Pear Dessert

This dessert uses yogurt as a base, you add a bit of canned pears and some pecan nuts, and you have a healthy, sweet treat for after dinner. It’s simple, but it’s easy to make and the ingredients won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you’d like the recipe, you can get it here.

12. Red Wine Poached Pear Dessert

Red, red wine, goes through my head! I love that song, don’t you? All jokes aside, poached pears are a common French dessert that are very popular in certain places. You know what else is popular in France? Wine – specifically red wine.

I went to Europe a few years ago and during the first few days in Paris I saw a couple of traditional French menus. The top of the drinks menu? Red wine.

This recipe can be made with any sweet wine and orange juice with sugar. If that sounds good to you, then try it yourself; here’s the recipe.

13. Whole Wheat Pear & Apple Crisp

Another Apple pie type dessert, this one adds a helping of oatmeal to the topping mix to add a bit of extra healthiness and combines two sweet-tasting fruits into a flavorful treat. Try it with this recipe here.

14. Apidea (Greek Pear Dessert)

Another red wine dessert (no, I won’t sing again), this is made by simmering peeled pears in wine and sugar with a touch of cinnamon and cloves for a bit of spiciness. Try it yourself, here’s the recipe.

15. Baesuk (Korean Pear Dessert)

Pears in this Korean dish can be either poached or steamed in a honey-like mixture to provide a nice sticky, flavorful treat.

This is a common Korean cough remedy, so if you need another reason to try it – there you go. Try this one yourself, here’s the recipe for you.

16. Tuaca and Cider Roasted Pears

Pears roasted in a liqueur and cider mix served over ice cream with a cocktail – of course. I rarely drink alcohol but this dessert’s got me thinking I should at least give it a shot (without going overboard). You can get the recipe here.

17. Sticky Toffee Pear Pudding

A sticky toffee pudding with dates, spices, and roasted pears…truth be told, you had me at ‘toffee’ because I love toffee puddings (who doesn’t?) and will eat them whenever I get a chance.

This one is always going to be a crowd pleaser and you’ll be left very sad when it’s all gone – until you make more. You can get the recipe here.

18. Pear Tarte Tatin

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Gordon Ramsay knows his way around the kitchen…yes, this is one of his recipes.

Now, tarte tatin is usually done with apples and is basically an apple pie gone very, very wrong… or very, very right depending on your point of view.

This version of the French dessert uses pears instead of apples, this is one that you have to try. Here’s the recipe.

19. Squidgy Chocolate Pear Pudding

Slightly cooked chocolate cake with bits of dark chocolate, pears and if you like, almonds. I don’t need to say more, do I?

This is a fantastic treat that you can serve at Christmas, New Year, or whenever you need a treat. Here’s the recipe for you!

20. Fresh Pear Cake

A sweet pear-flavored sponge cake…yum! I like a good cake every now and then. This is both tasty and healthy and I highly recommend giving it a try. I’d even say experiment a little with other fruits (apples, peaches, etc.) and see which ones you like best. Here’s the recipe for you.

21. Pear Custard Pie

One custard pie? Let me have it!” – Tom Cat

I don’t know how many of you lovely readers will recognize the line from Tom and Jerry but I’m pretty sure we all like pies.

Likewise, I’m also sure we all like custard so when you make a custard pie it’s going to disappear quickly. When you add the sweetness of pears to the mix…well, it’s going to disappear even faster. Here’s the recipe if you want to try it.

22. Pear Crisp

Spiced pears covered in crispy oatmeal and almond topping, served with vanilla ice cream and a touch of caramel sauce. *chef’s kiss* this is a scrumptious dessert that will leave you wanting more.

Thankfully, it’s easy to make so you can make it whenever you want. Here’s the recipe for you.

23. Pear Muffins

Okay, so not quite a dessert but…who am I kidding? You can eat muffins for dessert if you want so, we’ll keep the muffins on the list!

These muffins are loaded with little chunks of pear which makes every bite a delight (see what I did there?) for your tastebuds. You know you want this recipe and here it is.

24. Maple Vanilla Baked Pears

Baked pears flavored with vanilla and maple syrup, and topped with granola or oatmeal…need I say more? Tasty and healthy, get the recipe here and try it yourself.

25. Pear Coffee Cake

We talked about fresh pear cake a minute or so ago, right? Well, if you liked that then how about a cake with crunchy topping and hint of coffee flavor? Sounds good, right? Well, why not try it yourself? Here’s the recipe for you.

pear smoothie
pear-smoothie with blueberries on top


26. Pear Smoothie with Granola

Milk, honey, frozen pears, and oats all blended to a smooth texture and topped with cinnamon or granola…I’m not a big granola fan but this I can get behind. Smooth and tasty, this one is perfect for you and your kids to enjoy anytime. Get the recipe here.

27. Vanilla Pear Smoothie

So, a pear smoothie with touches of apple, banana, and, of course, vanilla…yes, please! I’ll take six! Okay, okay, maybe not six but you get my point. This is a sweet, tasty treat for any time of day. You can get this one here.

28. Pear Smoothie with Ginger

Ginger is a bit of an acquired taste, you either like it or you don’t. The sweetness of the pear combines with the spiciness of the ginger to provide an interesting flavor for smoothie lovers everywhere. You can get the recipe for this one here.

29. Spinach Pear Smoothie

Okay, I need to know who came up with the idea of putting spinach in smoothies! It’s a weird idea that seems to work really well because it produces refreshing drinks like this one.

If you need a pick-me-up in the mornings (for all you non-morning people) then this might be the drink for you. Try this recipe and see what you think.

30. Peachy Pear Smoothie

Peaches and Pears in a smoothie…makes sense; they’re both sweet fruits and their flavors complement each other nicely.

The use of dates and lemon juice add a bit of extra sweetness and color while the almond milk gives it a nice texture. Man, that sounds so good! Get the recipe for this one here.

31. Apple Pear Smoothie

Apples, pears, and…spinach again? Well…if you say so. All jokes aside, this one is sweet and refreshing and, while you’re adding spinach to the mix, you don’t really taste it. If you want to try this one yourself, here’s the recipe for you.

32. Cucumber Pear Smoothie

Pear, cucumber, ice cubes, water, and mint leaves combine to give you a cool, refreshing smoothie that’s easy to make and great for the whole family. This is definitely one to try; you can get the recipe here.

33. Festive Cranberry-Pear Smoothie

Tis the season to be jolly! I’m sorry, I had to, it’s the festive season! So, what’ve we got? Cranberries, pear, mango, and coconut/soy milk…sounds good so far. Ginger and cinnamon spices? Sure, why not? A sweet treat with a touch of spiciness to it. Try this recipe for yourself.

34. Blueberry Pear Smoothie

Blueberries, I happen to really like blueberry muffins – they’re a personal favorite of most members of my family. Unfortunately, blueberries only grow in certain parts of South Africa, and store-bought blueberries are expensive and not all that nice.

With that said, if you’ve got access to blueberries, pears, and plain/Greek yogurt, this could be one heck of a treat for the whole family. Here’s the recipe for you!

35. Raspberry Pear Smoothie

Highly nutritious and low on calories, this smoothie blends the sweetness of a pear with the sweet/sour flavor of the raspberries to provide a healthy, tasty breakfast treat. It’s high in calcium, potassium, and protein and you’ll love drinking it. Give it a try, here’s the recipe.

36. Pumpkin and Pear Smoothie

This is a good one for around Halloween, it fits right in with all the Jack O Lanterns. The two flavors – pumpkin and pear – go together very well producing a pretty and delicious smoothie. If this is something you’d like to try, here’s the recipe for it.

37. Strawberry, Banana, and Pear Smoothie

Sweet fruits galore for this one! A sweet, creamy, nutritious smoothie made up of bananas, strawberries, and pears with a bit of cream and orange juice thrown in for good measure. If you want to try this one, here’s the recipe for you.

38. Super Green Smoothie (Green Apples, Pear, Kiwi, Avocado)

Highly nutritious, this blend of green apples, pears, kiwi, and avocado provides a vivid green color and a sharp, refreshing flavor.

Sweet and creamy, this is one smoothie you must try. Here’s the recipe for you.

39. Pineapple Pear Smoothie

This is a simple one to make. Cubed pineapple and pear blended with plain yogurt and water to give us a creamy smoothie that’s sweet and tangy.

This one tastes great and you’re going to love it – unless you’re not a fan of pineapple, of course. You can get the recipe here.

40. Spiced Pear Smoothie

Bananas, pears, milk, yogurt and honey and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg) combine to give you a sweet, creamy smoothie with a warm flavor. It tastes great, and you’re going to want to have more of it. You can get the recipe here.

41. Pear, Banana, Cinnamon Smoothie

A pear and banana smoothie flavored with a touch of cinnamon to cheer you up when you’ve had a rough week. You’ll get the recipe here.

42. Choc Pear Smoothie

This one uses pears and dates to give you a nice, sweet taste. There’s also a touch of cacao powder and chia seeds to add a hint of chocolate flavor. Chocolate and fruit combined in a smoothie? It’s an interesting combination that works surprisingly well. The recipe can be found here.

43. Pear, Cardamom, Oats Smoothie

Cardamom is one of those spices that you either like or you don’t. It’s a strong-tasting spice which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but the oats used provide a smooth, creamy texture. The pear and cardamom mixture tastes great, and you won’t get enough of it. Here’s the recipe for you.

44. Tropical Cranberry and Pear Smoothie

Cranberries and pears make a good combination, and you can get the tropical flavor by using coconut and orange juice. Sweet and a bit tart with a citrus taste to it, this is quickly going to be a favorite. Try this recipe here.

45. Rhubarb Pear Smoothie

This one is made by first preparing a stewed rhubarb puree and then chucking the puree into a blender with the other smoothie ingredients and blend into a smooth texture. Pour it into a glass and chug! You’ll find this recipe here.

46. Pear, Kiwi, Raspberry Smoothie

Three sweet fruits, pears, kiwis, and raspberries are combined to give us a sweet, fruity treat. Delicious, nutritious, and addictive, if this is something you’d like to try, the recipe is here.

47. Grape and Pear Smoothie

Grapes and pears in a smoothie? Wow, that sounds great, and it tastes great too. The sweet and sour flavors blend well together, and the highly nutritious smoothie is a perfect breakfast start. Here’s the recipe.

48. Lemon and Pear Minty Smoothie

Vanilla flavored Greek yogurt, lemon, pear, and mint leaves blended with water and ice to provide a refreshing treat perfect for those bad days where nothing seems to go right. You can get this one’s recipe here.

49. Pear and Honey Smoothie

If there were an award for most popular garnish/dressing, honey would be one of the top contenders for the title! This blend of plain yogurt, honey, and pears is smooth and tasty. Sweet without being overly sweet, this is one that you’ll make again and again. Here’s the recipe for you.

50. Pear and Mango Smoothie

Pears and mangoes go together like…like condensed milk and coffee. Okay, not the best analogy I’ve ever given but it works.

Mangoes have a sweet and slightly sour/tart flavor to them which blends with the pears to give us something nutritious and flavorful. Try it yourself, here’s the recipe.

51. Spring Pear Smoothie

The spring pear smoothie is a mix of pears, peaches, and spinach are blended into a smooth texture. It’s choc-full of flavor and you won’t be able to get enough of it. Here’s the recipe for you.

Recipes, recipes galore!

There are so many recipes that you can try, and the list will keep growing as people keep experimenting. As always, I hope you all enjoyed the article and that it gives you some ideas.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again in the next one very soon. For now though, I’m going to go grab a smoothie! Take care!

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