Paper Pots For Starting Seeds

paper pots

Making paper pots to start my plants in has been a real money saver. Check out this TUTORIAL on how to make your own!

If you don’t get a newspaper, and don’t know anyone who does, you may be able to score some from your local recycling/trash collecting place.

3 thoughts on “Paper Pots For Starting Seeds”

  1. How do you keep the bottoms together? Or do you not?? I looked at the website you posted and couldnt figure it out. I like the idea of using toilet paper rolls for that too!

    • Hey Jessica,

      I was under the impression that the bottoms just kinda held together once they were full of soil. Whenever I try this, I’ll have to follow up on that one… thanks!

      UPDATE: I made these today, and yes, they do just kinda hold together. I didn’t tape or glue or anything. Filling them with soil helps them stay put too.


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