Our New (Homemade) Pool

Okay, so it was only a temporary thing. The things you do to cool off when it’s miserably hot outside! It’s amazing what can be made with a tarp, some railroad ties, and a few cinder blocks! (Jerry’s a genius.)

The kids will never know we aren’t rich.

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  1. Awesome 🙂 Your kids look like they are having a blast! We had a pool growing up, but the best memories are of my brother and I filling up the sandbox with canals and streams…way better than the pool!

  2. When I was a kid, we used to fill up my dad’s wheel barrows with water and soak in them! We thought it was the BEST!

  3. Oh, but you are so rich! Richer than most who are worth millions! You know how to seize the moment and create memories for your family as a family. You may not have a lot of money in the bank, but what you do have, money could never replace!

  4. My sisters and I did the same thing when we were kids! That was the best pool ever. We were always getting into my dads tool shed and building stuff!

  5. This cracked me up so much! My husband and I “swim” in a galvanized stock tank in our backyard. And we live in the city near a country club! LOL!!! Hey, when it is hot, there’s no shame in finding innovative ways to cool off.

  6. Got to say as a kid. We had a pool but some of the best times spent was w/ the hose. I especially liked when my Pepere (french canadian form of grandpa) made it ‘rain.’

  7. Oh I had to laugh when I saw the picture!!! Good for you! You made a memory! I love to see examples of creativity and resourcefulness.

    I had my own redneck pool yesterday. In the backyard shade, my arms were immursed in 5 gallon buckets of soapy water (I had just snagged 41 free buckets from the WalMart bakery and I was scrubbing out the old greasy frosting). Then I would use the garden hose to finish cleaning each bucket, and the water would hit the hard plastic and spray back at me and I quickly became drenched. It was actually quite refreshing!

    And as I splashed and sprayed, you’ll never believe what I was listening to as background noise…some machine (bulldozer/backhoe?) digging the neighbors an in-ground swimming pool! I kid you not!

    I came in the house and told the family, “Either the neighbors are wrong or we are wrong. Either the economy is fine and we should spend with reckless abandonment OR the economy is tanking and we should stock up on food. One of us is wrong!” I momentarily questioned my sanity.

    But God was faithful to assure me that there is a reason my family makes the choices we do. Just a few hours after scrubbing buckets, I saw a huge headline on Drudge Report that said A Great Great Depression is Coming.

    I get it…stay the course.

  8. We grew up on a farm. One hot day my Dad hauled a water trough into the backyard and filled it up for us. Instant pool! Great memory!

  9. What wonderful memories they are making too! As Tancy said, Your children ARE rich! and they will never be poor with wonderful parents like you!

  10. Awesome!! Your children ARE rich!! My husband often says, “there is no shame in being poor but it can be rather inconvenient sometimes” :). The lessons we learn through these times are invaluable to us and our kids!

  11. That is so clever and the kids will laugh when they look back at that moment.I remember when my son was an infant and he was so hot I would fill a rubber tub out back and he would love it.Thats the Way We roll in the country.

  12. I remember “swimming” in an orange cooler. Not one of those big ol’ honking ones they make now, either. This was the late 70’s/early 80’s. I even invited a friend over and we BOTH got in there! We thought it was the best! 😀

  13. “The kids will never know we aren’t rich”

    completely made me smile this morning. Oh, but these are the days of our lives when we are COMPLETELY rich:)

    such a cute, cute post.

    I had to laugh when you said that your husband was a genius. Last night the belt on my sewing machine broke. Right in the middle of sewing some new curtains for my kitchen. I was so frustrated. But my husband comes in with 2 of my hair bows and attaches it to the motor and pulley. He says; “this should do the trick until we get new belt” IT DID!!!
    I say to my daughter “daddy is a genius”. she is four and she just smiles:)

    We are so lucky to have these smart men in our lives;-)

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