Our New Guard Dog

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We think she’s a German Shepherd mix. She’s so sweet! Jerry found her two days ago. She had been abandoned in a parking lot. We’ve been looking for a good dog for the kids, and to protect the animals. I hope this is the one. We are putting her dog house in the goat’s lot so she grows up with them. Hopefully she’ll learn to protect them. The goats are scared to death of her right now though, it’s so funny! Maybe they’ll get used to her soon.

The kids adore her. We’ve named her Missy.

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  1. you can buy dog vaccine shots at the local feed store much cheaper than the vet. try to find some wormer that gets hooks and rounds for the pup. from an experienced dog breeder since 1987

  2. Kendra, Watch that the puppy doesn’t start playing with the goats later. If she has shepherd in her she may start “herding” your goats. Just stay on top of her about bad behavior around the animals. She is cute.

  3. We had a shepard mix and she taught herself how to herd cows. My dad sat in the truck and honked his horn and poof cows rounded up. We really miss her.

  4. She’s adorable!!! She does look like a German Shepherd mix! She looks exactly as what my German Shepherd looked like when he was a tiny pup! I’m sure she’ll make a great dog for your little ones! What’s her name???

  5. SHe is beautiful! I remember speaking to you a few weeks ago and you were thinking about getting a dog. Sounds like this one was ment to be yours!

  6. She looks like our dog when she was a pup…Ours is German Sheherd/ Husky mix….Our dog is now 11 years old and she is the sweetest thing. She is a protector. Especially me..of course I am with her all day long..I will say that German Shepherds LOVE to talk to you..I love it when Holly is trying to tell me something…She stamps her feet and starts this talking growling…it’s not a growl like you think. You will love your new pup….She has found a real good home and they know that to and she will be more dedicated to your family…they know when they have a good home and just by the picture she is one happy pup….Have fun and enjoy your new addition…Lisa

  7. ooooooooooh (big smile). She is so cute!!! She definitely looks like she has some German Shepard. My brother has one and he is so sweet. He walks us to the car and everything. Have you guys thought of a name yet? May I suggest cocoa?

  8. We have a Shepherd/Boxer mix, and she is THE smartest, sweetest, most protective dog you can imagine. I’ve had crap for luck with dogs in the past, but Ellie… wow. Words can’t express. Shepherds are extraordinarily intelligent (penning them is a CHALLENGE). If yours is mixed with something smaller, that’d be a GREAT thing for you – less of a chance of hip displasia, more compact (easier to handle), smaller poo(s).


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