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Another Craigslist score!! Man, when I saw these listed online I called my husband right away and told him to run over and see if they were still available (they were first come gets them). Then I prayed that if they were meant for us that we would get them. Well, my husband got there just in time. One minute after he arrived, another man pulled up behind him in a truck, hauling a long trailer. Hubby got there just in time to claim them!

They were used for rabbits, but we are planning on using the big, 8 ft. and 6 ft. long ones for chickens, and the smaller brown one for a rabbit. We’ve been wanting to get chickens for a while now. I was just waiting for my husband to build a coop for them. Now all we have to do is clean these things out and do a little bit of modifying (like building boxes for the chickens to roost on) and we’ll be ready to go!

What a blessing! I can’t help but feel like the Lord just keeps sending these things our way to help us as we prepare for the future. Isn’t He good??

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  1. Great find Kendra. My husband and I kept putting off getting chickens trying to find the perfect coop. We finally decided just to buy the chicks and then we would have to get the coop built. Thankfully my husband is fairly handy. We found a source for free pallets (lots of great lumber to use) and built our whole chicken coop out of pallets. The only thing we had to buy were the screws and the nails that we used to put it all together.

  2. Hi Kendra! What a great find! You seem to have luck with craigslist. I’m glad someone does! I’m looking for chicken coops right now too. Pray that the Lord will bless my family in the way He has blessed yours. He truly is great, right?

  3. Those look really good! We have some just like them! Now to just get the rabbits and chickens right.
    We had some baby chicks but something ate them everyone one of them..we have had rabbits as well but they got loose and ran away! We are planning on getting more, but first we need to do some work on our cages. Ours look just like yours though..neat o!

  4. Just a little caution – chicken poop doesn’t go through the wire well – and tends to eat the wire. You’ll have to keep it washed to keep it looking good and to prevent holes.

    Also your eggs will be far better nutritionally if the chickens are allowed to scratch about and eat bugs. Corn only fed chickens produce the least healthy eggs and tend to be less healthy and live shorter lives.

    Finally, watch them carefully – chickens earned their reputation for “pecking order” honestly – I’ve never seen fighting and killing to be so prevalent among other animals or birds, and the less room they have to scratch and eat bugs – the more they fight.

    We’ve raised chickens, rabbits, goats, geese, ducks, and 1 pig. It’s hard work – but the benefits are great!

  5. That is great! We are in the process of building a chicken coop/rabbit hutch combo in our backyard.

    – Nate

  6. Yea Kendra!!!!!! Great score! Your coop is much nicer than mine and the price is great! I am seeing that I really overpaid for mine!

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