chickens-002-mediumOver this past weekend we were finally able to bring home our new chickens. My sweet Mother-In-Law bought them for us a couple of weeks before Easter, but they were still too little to put out in the coops. Since she knows a lot about raising chickens, and was already set up with baby chicks under heat lights, she kept ours for us until they were big enough to stay outdoors.

They are White Leghorns; supposedly really good egg layers. We have six of them. We would name them, but they all look identical! Oh well. They aren’t old enough to lay eggs yet, it will be several more months before they are ready. I can’t wait!


Since we brought them home, Jada has been sitting with the chicks a lot, feeding them chicken feed that has dropped onto the ground, or other things she’s found (like the flower she’s showing them). It makes me smile to hear her down at the coop, laughing at something funny they are doing. She told me today that the chickens are kinda like the goats, “They eat anything… even their own poop!” She’s so silly. She’s dying to hold them, but they freak out every time I try to touch one. I think they just need to get used to us.

It will be so neat when her and I can collect eggs every morning. I think she’ll really enjoy that. I know I will. Eventually, we will get a rooster to go with them. I think I’ll just get used to my hens first though! Yay, I’m so glad their here!