Starting the new school year has sorta got me behind on other things for the moment. I’ve finally got our homeschool schedule laid out to my liking. It has just been an adjustment from our busy summer months to have a time to sit and work again.

I am not one of those moms who has everything laid out by the hour throughout the day. Oh, I’ve tried having a very detailed daily schedule, but in my real world, it just doesn’t happen like that.

I need EXTREME flexibility.

And so, I don’t have a set time that we start school. I don’t have a set amount of time that we do school. And I don’t have a time when we stop school for the day.

Maybe we un-school?

I dunno what you want to call it, but it works for us.

Instead, I have certain lessons I want to do each day, and they get done whenever they work into our routine.

Whenever we’re done with breakfast, and after the kids are dressed and ready for the day, then I will sit Jada down for her lesson time. She’ll get a snack break mid-morning, and if she isn’t finished with her work by lunch time she can have a break to eat lunch as well. Of course, she’s up and down as she needs to be during that morning lesson time.

If she still has some work leftover she’ll finish it after lunch. But usually she’s finished before lunch.

Now, mind you, this is ‘book work’ that I’m talking about. I don’t count what she’s learning in the garden, with the animals, in the kitchen, helping with projects, her independent reading time (she could read for hours by herself and be perfectly content), or what she does on the computer as her ‘lesson time’. Although, I definitely count those things toward her education.

Most of the things I plan for her school day is her book and board work, with a couple of exceptions like crafts and games. The rest comes naturally with our lifestyle.

For those who are curious, here’s our schedule at the moment. Although, it’s subject to change as I feel adjustments are needed.

The “curriculum” I use is a mish-mash of used books and hand-me-downs that I’ve acquired here and there. I refuse to spend a fortune on books when it’s so unnecessary. I use the internet, and the library a ton also, especially for history, science, and geography. Usually, the only books I specifically buy are our Singapore math books.


Bible- This year we’re using a Gr. 5 Lifepac Bible unit study. So far, I like it, but we’ve only been doing it for a few days. I also have a memory verse for each week that will go along with our character building study.

Journal Writing- I have Jada write at least a paragraph about whatever, and then we go through and make any necessary corrections in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. She can also make up a story, if she wants.

Math- Singapore Math.

History- Books from the library.


Character Building- We’re working out of the book Developing Godly Character in Children (by Beverly Caruso). Book review to come.

Handwriting- Practicing cursive.

Science- Library books.

Geography- Library books.

Arts/Crafts- Something fun.



Grammar- (need to order books this year, any suggestions?) We like to do Mad Libs to practice parts of speech.

Math- Problem Solving Masters/Workbook (by Scott Foresman and Addison Weslye); or flashcards, or a math game

History- Library

Typing- Computer


Character Building

Spelling- Spelling 5 by BJU

Science- an Experiment

Geography- Library, or game

Life-Skill- sewing, at the moment


Character Building Activity- writing an encouraging letter to a friend, helping somebody, etc.

Reading- Reading for Christian Schools Gr. 5, by BJU

Math- Cooking (measurements)

Spanish- I’m using my High School spanish books, Por Todo El Mundo by A Beka.

Cleaning- Friday we clean before the sabbath.

And that’s our week!

For those other homeschools out there, I’d love to know how it works in your home! Does a set time schedule work better for you? What lessons are you teaching your child, and which are your favorite resources?