Our First Year Homesteading


Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year that we’ve lived here on our little homestead! It was just last November when we moved in, and here it is almost Thanksgiving time again. How time flies… especially when you’re having fun!

I’ve been reflecting on the things that we have accomplished throughout our first year of homesteading. I’ve learned so much. I’ve especially learned how much more I have to learn! I would never have been able to do the things I’ve done without the encouragement, help, advice, friendship and generosity of other homesteaders.

Here is how we have slowly begun our dream of self-sufficiency this past year…

  • We finally got a water stove (for free!) to heat our home and water with fire. We still haven’t gotten it hooked up yet, but hopefully we will before it gets too cold! (more about that when it’s completed)
  • We’ve tried fresh cow’s milk for the first time, and like it!
  • Hubby got his grandfather’s old wood stove hooked up in his work building, so that I can cook on it if we are ever without power for long.

Wow, what a year! A lot of changes, a lot of learning. I hope that next year, and the year after, and the year after that we are as productive as I felt we’ve been this past year. Maybe, if we keep working hard and things keep going well, we’ll be living our dream before we know it!

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A city girl learning to homestead on an acre of land in the country. Wife and homeschooling mother of four. Enjoying life, and everything that has to do with self sufficient living.


  1. Congratulation, only courageous people do those things. Hope you fulfill your dream soon! You really work hard and I’m sure you will have success!!

  2. I want to try some of your accomplishments, but some of them are so hard to do it. we are used to adapt in simple life, such as buying own foods. I really respect your challenge and I want to join in.

  3. This is another differet lifestyle. I admire people doing this, because i know is not for everybody. But i think is the must healthier way living.

  4. Wow! You’re such an inspiration. I’m still in high school but as soon as I can I want to be a homesteader. Reading from people living my dream is just so cool and inspiring to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for having this website and blog!

  5. it is a good live because they do their own food and it if for your health… i guess i never thought how to live as a farmer but it is a hard wrk and too much fun… i will love to live as a farmer

  6. Its inspirational. long time ago , we used to live like that and in some countries, they still do the same thing. as much as the technology and industries help to discover a lot in the world, they did a harmfulf things such as polllution, hurt the environment, laziness, and got people so far from simplicity.

  7. congratulations to all the family on your first year! I wish the best to your family and your crops. It’s a wonderful and impressive story. good luck.!!

  8. My husband has been telling me about your blog. He wants us to go to that lifestyle. We were doing some of those things about 30 years ago. Since we are 71 and 69 years old I am afraid we cannot stand up to this. I do want to try though. It seems that all of my (our) time is spent going to the doctor. That is why I am afraid I cannot hold out to do all this. The Lord has been good to us. I am just not depending on Him like I should. I know I will have to with what we all are fixing to face. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I can, I can, I can.

    • Gloria,

      I firmly believe you are never too old to try new things. Your health may not allow you to be able to fully “live off the land”, but perhaps there are a couple of things you can determine to give a try! ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet there are things that you remember doing growing up, that you might be able to do again. Simple things. Either way, I’m happy to have you here joining us! Blessings.

  9. I loved reading about your Homesteading. I started our Homesteading about 6 years ago. It’s a new day everyday. I started out with chickens for eggs, finally got my 2 cows (Reba & Sara-lu) for Christmas. After the 2nd year I had them bred. They del.a week apart. Both had bulls, one went to fair, and other in freezer. 1 1/2 year later Sara-lu had her 2nd, Which is Patti, born on St.Patti’s day. Reba has had her 2nd, Stormy, born in the middle of a bad storm that day. That will be our beef for next year. And Sara-lu is A.I. again so this will be her 3rd. We plan to do Patti when Sara-lu drops her next calf. I’ve been trying to learn on how to process chickens, but haven’t found a way to do it without stressing out the chickens??? Our garden has been good to us. Learning how to can both fruits and veggie’s and meat. I’ve made the home made laundry soap for about 2 years and love it. Don’t think I’ll go back to the others. Also have a cloth line. Bake bread from whole wheat berries, cornbread from grinding popcorn. Since I’ve had the barn animals I recycle the feed bags for our trash bags. I staple shut the top to take out to the cans. I make all our meals from scratch, I find it easier and better for us. I’m a stay home Wife, Mom, & Grandma of 16 , Great-Grandma of 2. I’m Blessed with a new day everyday good or bad. I’m glad to read that there is still a lot of us out there that love the simply life and still living it to their fullest!!!! Wannabe Farm Girl still plowing on the Funny Farm. Mare, Everyone have a Great Day!!!

  10. Hey, I read your post and it sounds kind of crazy for me, but i think if that is what you really like you should keep doing it. The most important thing is that you actually enjoy it. I have been thinking on plant 2-3 bushes(tomatoes and strawberries).But i’m a little afraid that they won’t grow. I wish you the best in your new life and hopefully you will keep doing well. Blessings!!!

  11. That is wonderful!

    It will not be so difficult to do homesteading if you really want to do it. You are a great role model of hoomesteading. I will try in your way in the future. It seems interesting!

  12. they are doing very nice. and i think they really care about enviornment. i m impress by them. i m being motivated by their work.

  13. Wow good to read that you guys are having fun and enjoying your lives. Good luck with your farming and i would love to try deer meat.

  14. Impressive accomplishments, I wish to do many of those in the next months. Just getting started with a garden and some hens so far. I still have a problem killing animals, although I want to learn or go vegetarian. In any case stop buying meat that has been killed for me.
    Great post!

  15. I admire the people that live that way because it is totally different to the lifestyle to the most people. I would like to try and learn new thing like these. I guess your life is exciting!

  16. i think you and your family are doing a good job in your new lifestyle .Your family is learning too much and i hope that you continue learning more .

  17. I have learn a lot with all your experiences, I’m glad that you have achieved all those goals. Good luck raising up your kids, are gorgeous.thank you for share all your experience with us. Blessings in all your life

  18. Congratulations for achieved your goal. More people should do it, but it is a process and need time and encourage. Never give up!!

  19. If i were her, it is not easy to do those things.
    I realized that i didnt do anything for my goals. Now, I keep trying to reach my goals and I really thiks you admirable.

  20. congratulations! everything is awesome im trying to live more natural every day, i will definitely try something! goog luck

  21. I have to say…I am pretty jealous. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have been wanting something like that for years! ๐Ÿ™‚ But 3….hopefully soon to be 4…of my children have been born at home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Hie Kendra

    I just read yr article abt how you wont celebrate christmas this year, well i agree with everything you said. i also dont celebrate it too(my family as a whole). Yet i have read a few articles and yr mention on the feasts to be celebrated. Those feasts were symbolic of the Messaiah to come-they were all pointing to Jesus foretelling that he was the lamb they will sacrifice. I have studied abt the feasts and i do keep the bible sabbath, the seventh day. In prophecy line right now most have been fulfilled we are awaiting the one in Rev 14 the 3rd angels message to be fulfilled- that will bring about the mark of the beast-which really simple means which God are you going to serve- the sabbath issue will be the great test as always been through history . i dont know if you have studied the history of the waldenses which entails persecution for keeping God commndments.At this point when the sabbath test comes , we know the end will be near and so the anticipation is the 2nd coming of Jesus of course to take us home.You are doing well to prepare fr the end of time-the time of trouble- inspiration tells us those who will be having land will be kings and queens because when you cannot buy or sell at least you have the land to farm and get produce. we too are on this journey of preparation not only physically but spiritually too. If you have studied the sanctuary message in the old testament you do realize that we learn of the priest being in the most holy place interceding for his people and that is where Jesus is right now not only that the 2nd agels message in Rev14v7 has been fulfilled. We are going through the judgement hour right now. it is the most solemn time -soul searching for sure to be sure you know whom you believe in.I see the holy spirit is speaking to your family abt certain things that everybody takes for granted like christmas.I hope that you will continue in all honest to search and the Lord wil bring you new light-he came to serve thhat which was lost. thought i would share and encourage you in this journey. i think you have my email ,if you want us to chat more on this subject drop me one and will respond. stAY blessed


  23. Congratulations on the first year! Looking forward to seeing how much you achieve in the next!I hope your homesteading will be better every each year.

  24. God bless your family!I am very happy to find people like you who can enjoy a simple life with great pleasure. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  25. Congratulations on the first year!
    I will spend my next vacation at homestead because of your article and I think it is intersting experience.
    Thank you for your interesting article.
    I hope your family stay on blesed.

  26. ohh wow !!! you have a lot of fun and you are learning new things in life …. it was a challenge the first year ..ahahaha
    i wuold like to read more about your new aventures =

  27. Wanderfull family!!

    It’s great.This family is happy because they have proudest accomplished throughout in their first year of homesteading. This family has proud accomplished, especially with their baby girl Xia!!. They have a self-sufficienty. This is very good experience because it’s encouranging. Thank you so much. God Bleess You.


  28. I really appreciate what above all things you have accomplished in your first year of homesteading. I think that above all things are not simple to do them, but this is a success to be self-sufficient lifestyle. I’m really interested in what you are raising a simple life and thinking about how to do that. Your family has a lot of learning and a lot of changes for next year, but I believe that your family has more successfully in your future’ life.

    Hopefully to hear something new from you.


  29. May God continue to guide you in this journey after all we are going back to our roots. God gave adam and Eve to take care of the garden. Work is a blessing from the Lord. Have my own story of how the Lord told us to move from the city to the country side . I would love to share that some day. Until then stay blesed

  30. Its great that you are trying to become self sufficient and it has been interesting reading about your journey. Might I suggest that you look into a website called thesurvivalpodcast.com run by Jack Spirko. Much of his show is related to self sufficiency and has a very large number of resources at his website that could help you on your quest. Best of luck!

  31. Congratulations for your intelligent decision! I think everyone should do the same thing. We would live better.God bless you!

  32. this text is very interesting. When i read your blog, you give me some ideas to make some changes in my house. congratulation you have done a lot of things in only one year. keep it going. Bless you.

  33. If I were you, I couldn`t give up TV. Except for this one, I want to experience this life!! But for just a few days ๐Ÿ™

  34. i really enjoyed the description of that new life made by the author.It is unusual what they made.It is unthinkable what people can do or made with their hands without using technologies.

  35. I hope your homesteading will be better every each year.
    I think you are very brave person. most people scared about homestead because they are already used to their modern life.

    Have a good life~~~Bye!

  36. keep it up guys. the nature will take note for all your sacrifices and won’t harm when it is upset. you are really helping the environnement to be how it was before. good job

  37. oh.. Thatโ€™s nice that you are living simple and get whatever you want within your reach like your milk, meats and fruits. That is nice and keeps up the good work. Keep blogging of your experiences for your homestead life..
    god bless…

  38. I would be very interesting to join this way of life.It sound really nice ,and very experienced.It is nice to be self-sufficient.

  39. first, i want to thank you for sharing this information with us.i really admire your lifestyle and i wish i can live the same way as you do because i really love to have a simple life.i want to say congratulations for what you estabilished in your first year, and i want you to keep up living this amazing life.
    ghita seffar,

  40. If you are looking for great home-made cleaning and home care recipes, look for “Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping” I have found some WONDERFUL ideas, and it is a fun read. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have had a lot of fun reading your blog. So much luck and many blessings to you and your family.

  41. The text is very interesting. I would like to pass every holiday in a homestead.I would like to have a homestead to relax when I want to focus on an important project.I think it is a good idea to have a homestead.

  42. The neglect of the mind-body link by modern technological agricultural industry is actually a brief exception when viewed against the long history of the farming and industry. In Korean traditional farming and in Modern technology from its beginning, the need to consider the potential of Plant’s mind has always been recognized. Until 1960, Korean farmers rarely failed to consider the influence of grief, despair, or discouragement on the reason and outcome of dropped-productivity further. However they has gained so much power against disease on plants through chemical drugs or genetically modified organisms that the farmers has forgot affection for their grain after in 2000.

  43. Great! I am living in NY and I had 2 Chickens. The funny story was on first day of new house, one of chickens laid egg. So my family thought we will have lucky day. But when I heard this story from my mom, that egg was in my fatherโ€™s stomach.(I heard this story at night)
    I never see that โ€˜lucky eggโ€™!!

  44. i like what you have done and using water stove to heat house that’s great. And i like your thinking. but i hope it’ll work out, the water stove. And thanks for sharing this information.

  45. I congratulate you on a fine achievement.Your post is readable and catchy.It prods me to simplify my life and escape from the technology.Thank you for your fascinating idea ,soI am looking foward to read more from you.

  46. My family have been living a hybrid life for 26 years. we have small farm, wildlife and fresh home grown vegetables and eggs, Our goal over the next few years is to continue to simplify life as it is now and revert back to the life of the 50’s and 60’s that were simple and fulfilling with some of the technology of today. There is nothing better than going out the back door and picking fresh tomatoes and peppers to use in the evening meal, Keep the goal in mind and it gets easier each year. yours, dave

  47. My sister introduced me to your site as my husband and I are in the beginning stages of homesteading ourselves. We just bought two acres of land and its all tree and bush right now. You have inspired me to keep a journal of our journey. Your site have some of the most fantastic ideas I have come across and my hubby loves the ‘build it yourself’ stuff.

  48. I just love reading your stuff! We are beginning our homesteading journey next month (well, we’ve been prepping for it in our spirits for years) and I’ve even turnned my hubby on to your stuff. Thanks soo soooooo soooooooooo much for sharing with us!

  49. I haven’t even read this post (or any others yet) but I can already tell I’m going to love it here!! Our dream is to homestead as soon as possible. I’ll be back soon! But I have to get dinner on the table now. ๐Ÿ™‚


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