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I’ve been very busy around here organizing the ridiculous amount of kids clothes we have. Since we do plan on having more children, and since baby Xia will grow into Jada’s clothing, I am keeping everything that we have. We get a lot of hand-me-downs too, such a blessing! That means that so far I have everything for a girl from newborn to size 7, plus some 8-10’s I’ve picked up to save for Jada to grow into. And I have everything for a boy from newborn to size 5! That is a LOT of clothes!

How do I keep up with it all? Well, up until now I’ve just been throwing them into a storage tub as they’ve outgrown stuff. They were somewhat sorted, but I was guilty of mixing things up as well. I spent the good part of yesterday and this morning sorting things into proper tubs, and labeling everything. You have to label!

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I found some bumper sticker paper in our office supplies, so I printed off some nice labels for my tubs. Everything has the gender, clothing and shoe sizes labeled on them. This will make it so much easier to find what I’m looking for!

Where in the world do you store all of those totes, you ask? In my husband’s storage building, since we don’t have a basement. He built a nice loft area above his workshop. That’s my spot, where he so generously allows me to store anything I want. (And I’m very grateful for the extra space!) That’s where our winter clothes and maternity stuff goes, too.

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While sorting the clothes, I’ve also taken this opportunity to pull out stuff we don’t need, clothing I know I’ll never use, and put it all into a sell/donate pile. I found a LOT of stuff to toss, enough to free up another large tub! Maybe I’ll make a little extra money selling some of it.

It will be nice to have everything all organized. This way I’ll know what I need (more 2T girls stuff), and what I have plenty of, so I won’t overbuy at yard sales. Almost finished!!

So, what about you? Do you hang onto everything, or is it easier for you to sell it and buy more as you go? How do you make it work in your home?

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  1. In my family us kids were so far apart in age that we hardly ever had hand me downs. My brother was 4yrs younger and my sister was 11yrs (styles were vastly different). The only thing I got handed down to me was when one of my dad’s co-workers daughter would send things over that were personalized, because we shared the same first name.

    My best friend from college was blessed when her second daugter was born because a lady from their church gave them enough girl clothes to last the baby… years. My friend put the clothes in vacum bags and put them under her bed. Never once has she had to buy the now 1yr old clothes.

  2. This is what I do with my kids clothes too, I started when my oldest was born I was given alot of hand-me-downs. Now with my second son I just pull out the bins when I need them, it is a great organizational thing to have. I also write on the tops with a Sharpie!

  3. I have tubs too, and they are labeled like yours are. I have two boys and one girl with another baby on the way (we don’t find out the gender ahead of time) so I save everything I can. I also try to limit HOW MUCH I have of each, and I combine some things. For example, my 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-9 months tubs each have all of my boy, girl and neutral things combined. This way I can pull out the correct size onesies or jeans no matter if it’s a boy or girl. I don’t have separate boy/girl tubs until the 12 months size when everything is pretty much gender specifc. (Though I do put my daughter in some of the boy jeans and pjs depending on what the needs are). And if a tub starts getting too full (you know, the lid won’t fit!) then I downsize and get rid of my least favorite things so I only have the things I love. It seems if I don’t like an outfit, I never put my kid in it anyway, so why keep it?

  4. The spacebags are pretty pricey. I bought mine on sale.. or clearance. I haven’t had any of them refill on me. Possibly because I put them inside containers so they don’t get handled directly unless I need something? Between mice & basement humidity the bags were amazing. I reccomend them, but best bought on sale.

  5. I’ve heard of doing it that way too. But this is something I worry about here in our area w/ our very high humidity. My stuff/clothes get moldy quick & how are you going to be sure that it doesn’t do that when you stick it in the attic or storage??

    Besides that, I think that is a great idea!!
    But for me, because of the humidity & lack of storage I’m just going to sell at consignment & yard sales what I can, then give away the rest. And buy what I need at those same places. I’m one where less works better for me anyway.

  6. Yep – w/foster kids coming and going, I save a lot of clothes. Right now though it seems our family will be set for a few months so I’ve ‘shared the love’ w/a few others. A lot of our clothes were hand-me-downs in good shape and I think it’s important to pass some things on rather than letting them sit in storage when there is a need. It’s a good balance for us =) I am curious to see what people think about the cost of the space bags vs. the bins…??

  7. We did labled space bags inside totes. We have mice (seems to be a neverending battle) and I liked the added protection of the space bags. Though, recently I donated all our stored stuff that our boys have outgrown. We may want more kids eventually, but there was so much sitting unused (my baby is 4 1/2) it seemed almost wasteful. There was a family on freecycle expecting a surprise, and I decided to bless them with the things we weren’t using. We’re trying to get organized and trim down so we can get repairs done here and sell this palce to get a homestead of our own. So it seemed like the right thing all around for us.

  8. We have 2 boys and a baby girl, so far I have saved everything from my oldest son to give to my youngest son and it has been an extreme blessing as to not to really have to worry about clothes for the second one. I still buy him a few new things each year when we do back to school shopping and also for holidays.

    Our baby girl is almost 8 mos old and so far her clothes, the majority have been from yard sales and hand me downs.

    We are good with our family size and so now I will be passing my daughters clothes onto a friend who is due with her first child-a girl- in September.

  9. What a good idea. I knew about storing them in storage tubs but not labeling them by the size and putting the shoes in with them to. I always just throwing them in a trash bag. Now I just need to go and get some totes. Thanks for the ideas.:)

    Have a great day.:)

  10. I just did this a couple of months ago. I used space bags, though. You know, the bags you suck all the air out of to take up less space. Then I labeled the bags and put them into labeled totes. My husband put a floor down in one attic that had been unusable, and now we store all those clothes as well as baby toys in there. So far I’ve saved everything that my older daughter has worn, and my sister has given me all of her girl clothes, so my younger daughter will have lots to choose from! 🙂

  11. I had my kids fairly close together, so clothes only take a quick hiatus before ending up in another’s dresser. And my girl? Rocks the boy clothes. She doesn’t need an *entirely* different wardrobe when plain boy jeans or bright colored shirts are already in the house to mix and match with.

    Each of my kids has one 18-gallon tub of future clothes to grow into (the next size or two, give or take), and I have one tub of things to sell/donate. Easier for me to just have their name on the tub than sizes, since, well, sizing is subjective to most companies.
    Then one tiny little box of special outfits, and I may end up with a medium tub of keepers for the grandkids or when my sister has kids. But, in part, this only works because I don’t overbuy clothes. Now that my 6yo isn’t getting every. single. outfit. dirty every day, he only has about 7-9 pairs of jeans/shorts and about the same in shirts. We do his laundry weekly, but it all fits into one dresser. 😀

    It is nice that I have quite a handful of things that have made it through four children that I can still [potentially] sell at a consignment sale or whatnot. Can’t beat that.

  12. That’s exactly the same way I do it. I have three girls in a row and by the time DD#3 is has grown out of the clothes, they are pretty much done for. That’s what you call getting your money’s worth! My 4th child is a boy so I get to start all over for him.

  13. Love it!! thats what I do with my kids clothes too, I started when my oldest was born I was given alot of hand-me-downs and needed a way to keep track with a newborn, so I now have totes for each size and gender (girls 2T, boys 18 mo etc.)and it is a life saver! I usually write on the lid and fronts with sharpie and if I need to take it off I remove it with nail polish remover. great post!!!


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