Organic Eco “Un-Paper” Towels Giveaway!

*This giveaway is now closed. I wish I could have given some of these to every single one of you!!! But, at least they are very reasonably priced, so go get some at Natural Linens while it’s still fresh in your mind! A big congrats to our winner, Amy (homesteadr…@gmail)!!

100% Organic Birdseye Unbleached Cotton Reusable Towels.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Let me tell you, they’re super soft, too.

Carmen from Natural Linens sent me a pack to sample, and I absolutely Fell. In. LOVE.

We gave up buying paper towels years ago, but as much as I’ve enjoyed them, none of my cloth napkins even come close to the quality of Carmen’s Eco Friendly Towels. Not only are they super soft for wiping smashed banana off my baby’s face, they’re also absorbent enough to effortlessly soak up my toddler’s spilled milk. My other cloth napkins… not so much.

If you’ve been looking for a good quality set of washable “un-paper” towels, you need look no further ’cause Natural Linens has exactly what you need!

And I’m super excited to share that Carmen is generously offering up a set of 12 Eco Friendly Towels for one of my lucky readers!! Woo-hoo! (I just love giveaways.)

Alright. Ready to get in on it? Here’s how:

You can do any or all of these entry methods. The more you do, the more chances you have to win! Please be sure to leave a separate comment for each completed entry. I will choose one random winner on Sunday, June 10th at 9pm EST.

I’ll make it simple for ya:

  • Follow Natural Linens on Twitter.
  • Share this giveaway on one of your favorite social media sites, or your blog.

Be sure to leave a comment telling me each one of these you’ve completed!!

Open to US and Canada only, due to shipping restrictions. Best of luck to ya!

And a really BIG thanks to Carmen for this amazing giveaway!! May Yah bless you and your efforts to use the talents He has given you for His glory.


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  1. I just liked them on Face book and made them an Etsy favorite. I just love the organic napkins! We too have a toddler and a 6 month old and have recently given up paper towels. These look perfect for wiping their little faces and hands. They look SO soft!

  2. The little tea bags are so neat! I have a friend who drinks tea who might love them, so I am going to keep them in mind for a gift for her.

  3. My favorite is definitely the un paper towel, I’ve been looking for some. But I might have to invest in one of the coffee filters for my husband.

  4. I am delighted to have just discovered your website while looking for “make your own” soap, deoderant, etc. It’s been an interesting journey! I don’t do social media but I did enjoy the trip down memory lane while reviewing Natural Linens on Etsy! This is the way life used to be when I was a little girl, until we thought store bought was better than homemade. Somehow we were more successful if we could buy what could easily be made, grown, etc.! I really liked the idea of reusable coffee filters & tea bags. It makes so much sense & is something I hadn’t even considered tho now at least I buy the unbleached filters. I’ve been learning about urban farming and planning to replace my ornamentals with edibles. Natural Linens are just another way of greening all our lives. Thanks for raising my consciousness! I look forward to learning more

  5. I visited the shop but she was closed for Sabbath so I guess I will go with the reusable cloths. 🙂 I will check back there later. I LOVE anything reusable. We use wash cloths for many things here.

  6. Love the un-paper towels! I hate using paper towels. Love the red edging too. Next would be the natural tea bags/ coffee filters. Brilliant!!

  7. Following on twitter.
    Product I like best: Reusable tea bags! Love that idea! and of course the un paper towels! 😉

  8. I drink a lot of tea so the tea bags would be very useful! But I think my first choice for useful would be the cloths for the giveaway!

  9. You mean besides the reusable towels? 🙂 I like the reusable coffee filters. We don’t drink a whole lot of coffee, but those would be nice for when we do. Awesome give-away as usual Kendra!

  10. I like them on Etsy, not only that but I added her shop to Pin Interest. Love her stripped kitchen towels. We are in the process of redoing the kitchen I and added these to my must have list.

  11. I really like the “paper” towels but the tea bags are really cool too! You could do a lavender & oatmeal bath “tea” with them.

  12. I liked Carmen’s Eco friendly towel Facebook. Now everybody will see I like Eco friendly products and this would be a wonderful add to anybody’s kitchen because this would be one less thing to throw away.

  13. I liked the ”Reusable Un paper Eco Friendly Towels with the purple edges. The purple edges gives them a special unique touch to them. I love the color purple because its a color that is used by the Proverbs 31 woman.

  14. My fav’s? Would be a toss up between the eco-un-paper towel (In a colored binding, like blue or green) or else the lunch bags (when I didn’t see but saw an announcement about). I already have a reuseable coffee and tea filter. Thanks!

  15. What a great product! I can’t really decide on just one item, but the ruffled hand towels with the fraud edges are way cute! I think that I would get a lot of use out of the un-paper towels, though. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love all of the different edges it comes with! One for counter tops, the other for floor pick up, another for face, and so on!

  17. The ‘un-paper’ towels would be great to own, as are all of the other products at The Natural Linen Shop…….hurray for them!!!!!!

  18. It is too hard to decide on just one product I love from her Etsy shop!! I LOVE the idea of the tea bags and coffee filters, but I think I would get the most use out of the napkins! We go through a TON of paper towels!

  19. Hi again,

    I wanted to tell you this story–When growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, we didn’t have paper napkins!
    We had a wet dishrag on the table and it was passed around as needed! We would say, “passez la lavette”
    Pass the dishrag! (Cajun French of course)
    Think it is time to go back to the “lavette!”


  20. Hi Kendra!

    I visited the Natural Linen Shop on Etsy and chose the ruffled towels–so pretty!


  21. The towels are my favorite and would use as napkins. Been looking to get rid of the napkins as well as paper towels. A simple thing to do, really

  22. I liked her on etsy. I have been wanting to get some unpaper towels for forever. Just haven’t done it yet. I like hers. And the fact that you said they are actually absorbent…I need these! 😀

  23. The *un*paper towels, for sure! I’ve been looking for a good alternative and these sound like it!

  24. I visited the Natural Linens Shop and I REALLY like the linen handkerchiefs and here is why:

    I had pneumonia for one month (Dec. thur Jan.) and went through at least one box of tissues/day. When I got well, I went out and bought 20 boxes of Puffs and Kleenex and though “That will last us a year under normal conditions!”

    I DID NOT open 3 or 4 boxes and place them in various rooms…thus encouraging the family to use them (after all, they are expensive in quantity…even with coupons!) Instead I stashed them away in a Rubbermade tub in an out-of-the-way place, with multiple heavy boxes stacked on top of them.

    And despite all the inconvenience of getting to those tissues, only 4 of the 20 boxes were left in May!

    Americans are CONSUMERS and not producers and this has got to change.
    So three cheers for the linen handkerchiefs!
    Hip hip hurray!
    Hip hip hurray!
    Hip hip hurray! Ah…chooooo!

    Please pass me the Kleenex….uh…I mean a Natural Linen handkerchief!

  25. I visited the site and really like the simplicity of the napkins with a touch of color on the edges. They look very soft, would be wonderful to use on my baby’s face. Thank you!

  26. I love the towels!!!! We are mostly free from paper towels except for my mother who watches my children. I think these might convert her!

  27. I think I like te Reusable Un paper Eco Friendly Towels the best! Thank you for sharing. 🙂 Crossing my fingers I’m a winner!

  28. I usually don’t heart shops on Etsy until I have done business with them. I just have a feeling about this shop. I feel I’m going to be doing quite a bit of business with them so i went ahead and hearted them now.

  29. I really like the linen wash clothes. Linen is so absorbent. With two grandchildren around, one of them learning to eat, I’m always going through washcloths. This is a wonderful giveaway. I haven’t bought paper towels in seven years.

  30. Oooo, I have been looking at un-paper towels recently on Etsy! I don’t know if the un-paper towels would be my favorite item, or the tea bags!

  31. I’d love the ones you initially linked — I love the simplicity of the white on white and I’m sure I’d find a million and one uses for them. As my current dish towels are getting a little mildew-y smelling, these would be great. =) Thanks!

  32. I visited their website, and am intrigued by the reusable coffee filters. Thank you for pointing me towards these products.

  33. I love her tea bags, and hankies… I have my eye on many products – I just love them! So please enter me… would love these!

  34. I’m not entering but thanks for sharing about Natural Linens. I’ve checked them as my favorite on etsy so I can find them again on payday. The towels look soft.

  35. You mean I have to pick just ONE item that I love??? Not possible! I’d love to try out the tea bags, the snack bags, the hankies, the unpaper towels… And I’d love to see if I could talk my hubby into the coffee filters… PLEASE PICK ME!!! Pretty Please? 😀

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