One More Week!

Yes, that’s really a basketball under there πŸ™‚Β  A thirty-pound basketball.

Well guys, one more week!! We’re so excited. And anxious. And not ready! I better get on it though, ’cause I don’t think this baby is gonna wait much longer.

What do you think? Boy or girl?

Jada says boy. So far she’s guessed right every time. I’ve told her, “Baby, you might be right. But it might be a girl, too.” But the other day she replied quite confidently, “Mommy, God has given me a gift. He has told me this is a boy, so I know it’s a boy.” LOL. Maybe she’ll be right. We’ll soon find out! As long as it’s born healthy that’s all I care about!

Pray for me you guys. That the labor and delivery goes quickly and smoothly, and that the baby is strong and well. I can’t wait to introduce you all to him or her!!

(Doesn’t it feel like I just did this with baby Xia?! I can’t believe she’ll be 2 in a couple more months!)

27 thoughts on “One More Week!”

  1. Wanna know my favorite part of this post?

    β€œMommy, God has given me a gift. He has told me this is a boy, so I know it’s a boy.”

    This tells me you are teaching your children about spiritual gifts. It tells me you believe in spiritual gifts.

    I love it. That’s so important. In these last days spiritual gifts will be poured out to young and old, male and female. I’m so thankful to hear of others who are supporting their children in developing their gifts.

    I hope that she will find strength in your support even if she didn’t interpret something correctly (at this point we know you had a boy congrats!).

  2. Looks like a boy to me. You look gorgeous! Hope all goes well, and that you get everything done you want done prior. I know how important that can be to feel like all your ducks are in a row.

  3. We hope and pray that the coming days go well for you!

    Jada may very well be correct. As soon as my 3 year old son found out we were pregnant again, he said that the baby would be his “wittle sistuh”. Time went by, and he continued to say the baby was his sister. Before the baby came, I wanted to prepare him that the baby could be a brother. We talked about it, and he said, “No, it can’t be a boy! She is my SISTUH!”

    When we told Alex it was a girl, he looked at us and said, “I already knew that!” πŸ™‚

  4. I am praying for a healthy baby and safe delivery! Good luck to you and yours. Can’t wait to find out. Blessings to you!

  5. WOW!!! Did that go fast…it always seems to go faster when you’re not the one prego! haha!=) You look fabulous, healthy and so excited!
    I can’t wait to see your new blessing!
    I’ll be praying!
    (Tell Jada I think she’s right!)

  6. I am afraid to say what I think you are having because at work this year I have been wrong. So I’ll pray for a safe delivery, say I can’t wait for pictures and the name. (My gut goes towards Jada, but I won’t say it out loud.)

  7. It does feel like just yesterday that you had Xia…my son was born shortly after. I cant wait for the name!! You are a great and unique baby namer! I will pray for you and I sure hope all goes well!!

  8. My SIL and I have a system, and we usually seem to be right. If the belly is round, it’s a girl, and if it seems more flat, it’s a boy. You look pretty round to me, so I’m going to guess girl! Good luck and congratulations!

  9. Hello, this is my first time at your blog.
    You look fabulous… truly glowing!
    (We moved south 3 years ago to begin homesteading. And I am expecting the end of June. :))

    May you be blessed with a healthy baby and wonderful birth experience.

  10. Wow! It’s hard to believe the time is already here. You definitely have my prayers. I love following your blog. Take care!

  11. I can usually tell, because boys are usually carried low and girls up high, from the picture its sort of hard to tell, but Im guessing a girl? anyway, we’ll all know soon!

  12. Praying for you!! I hope your birth goes smoothly and BEAUTIFULLY!! Can’t wait to hear about another homebirth. I’m sort of a homebirth “junkie.” πŸ˜‰ I have only had 2 unassisted homebirths so far (my first daughter was born in a hospital), but Lord-willing the rest of our babies will be born in the comfort of our home, too.

  13. Congrats on your soon to be baby!

    You look so radient. I love following your blog. Thanks for all your insight and encouragement!
    Happy Mother’s Day to ya!

  14. You look soooo beautiful!!!!! I don’t know how you do it , Ken! I always gained 70 lbs. with each one of you guys! Aaaargh-haha. Anyway, yeah, it does look like you could just pull a basketball out from under your dress & not be pregnant – amazing! I agree with Jadabug, I think it’s a boy. I love you so much! Happy Mother’s Day & please don’t work too hard-k? Love, Mom xoxoxox!!!!!

  15. Best wishes to you!!! I am due this week Wed with baby number four! Will think of you and hope that all goes well for you!

  16. I follow your Blog Talk Radio show and I’m making a guess…. a boy, definitely a boy!! Hope your labor and delivery go well and can’t wait to see the little one.

  17. Are you planning another home birth with the same midwives? My 3 year old daughter was SURE my 4th was going to be a girl…she was crushed when we ended up with a boy. πŸ™‚ But like you , we were happy God blessed us with a healthy baby, no matter what the gender was.

  18. Jesus, thank you for this new life within Kendra! And thank you for the beautiful example she is of a Proverbs 31 woman! Please grant them your grace and mercy for a gentle and healthy delivery of this new child you’ve blessed them with. I pray that this boy or girl will rise up to bless your name, glorify you all his or her days, and live with a passionate love for you! Allow Kendra to regain her strength and vigor quickly so that she may continue to serve and be an example and blessing to her family!


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